Character of cats according to hair color

Character of the cat according to its hair color

Although not all animals are the same and, therefore, we cannot classify them in the same way, the truth is that there are some preponderant characteristics according to the color of their fur. Each black, white, gray, orange cat ... it is unique and unrepeatable. A masterpiece of nature that, cared for and treated as it deserves, becomes the most adorable and beloved creature by all.

In this special article I'm going to talk to you about character of cats according to hair color so that it is easier for you to opt for one or the other.

Black cat

Black cat

And let's start by making a special mention to those who have been feared for too long: black cats. They have been victims of the fear and ignorance of humans, and perhaps because of this they have evolved into an animal that, in general, is usually shy.

One of my cats, Benji, is black. It is, as I like to say, my 'panther'. And beyond the fact that it belongs to the same species as my other two animals, that is, all three are cats, little by little I began to notice that his character is a bit special. At first I thought it was a thing of his past, because from when he was born until we picked him up when he was two months old, he lived in a restaurant. But, to confirm it, for a while I was observing how the furry blacks in the feline colony that I am taking care of behaved.

And they all have something special. Anyone would think that, being in the field, these cats would be 'wild', nervous or even aggressive. But none of that. They are shy, yes, but also very calm and, above all very very loving, unlike those with lighter fur. And that everyone receives the same treatment.

If you are looking for a faithful, sociable and calm friend ... put a black cat in your life 🙂.

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Orange cat

Orange hair cat

Often called Isidore or Garfield if male, the orange cat can aspire to be the playful one of the feline family. Ideal for families with children, it is the typical animal that enjoy playing with children and adults. He is also very often labeled 'extremely affectionate', which means that loves to be caressed and will do anything to get it. But calm / a, they will always do it in a peaceful way, like rubbing down your legs and then lying on your back next to you, and / or meowing and looking at you as they only know how to do even if you are working with the computer.

Still, early socialization will play a huge role in the character of this cat. While it can be very sociable, if it doesn't spend time with humans during its first two to three months of life it will grow up fleeing from them. Now, I must say that in the event that you meet one on the street or in the neighborhood, With time and prizes, you can at least accept you. How? A) Yes:

  • The first thing to do is ignore him. Leave the feeder for him and stay 3-4 meters away from him. If you can, get behind a tree so he doesn't see you. Do it like this for a week.
  • After that time, it is likely that he has already related you to something good - the food that is in the feeder - so he will get closer and closer to you. Now you can watch him while he eats, but keeping a distance of 2-3m for a new week. If you feel scared or uncomfortable, take a few steps back, slowly and without making any sudden movements.
  • In the third week you can reduce that distance, to 1 meter or 2. It is important to see how the cat acts to know how far we can get close. And, yes, we will do it for seven more days.
  • The fourth week will be the most interesting. You can start playing it, but always as 'the one who does not want the thing'. Watch your movements and, if it seems that you don't like it, as the days go by Increase the caresses and alternate them with treats (or cans) for cats.

The chances of a feral orange cat living in a home are high if these steps are followed, so It's worth a try.

White cat

White cat

White cats are very elegant furry cats. They spend hours and hours keeping their coat healthy and shiny. However, they are very shy, probably due to the fact that in nature light-colored animals must be very careful of predators, as they are easily distinguished from weeds.

While those who live at home have no such need, the reality is that the survival instinct is very strong. So, anyone who wants to have a white cat at home should know that it will need a lot of love and patience from day one so that your friend can live happily.

Likewise, it is also recommended sterilize them. Sterilizing and neutering cats is highly recommended to avoid more abandoned animals, but it will also help us to have furry ones that will live more calmly.

The white furry ones They will be very good companions for those who live alone, because they will give them a lot of love and company.

The white cat can be deaf
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Gray cat

Gray cat

What to say about this cat? His character is very, very special. He knows how to reach your heart with just a glance or with a simple gesture. Loving, loyal and mischievous. You might think that it has characteristics of all other felines, and we would not be wrong. Of course, although he can become a little shy or distrustful especially with people he does not know, immediately his confidence increases and he approaches the person, first to greet them (or, rather, smell them) and then to allow themselves to be caressed.

But as we said, as a puppy it is tremendous 🙂. He runs around the house, jumps where he can (and where not also when we do not see him), in short, he is a little rebellious. But as it grows, it relaxes. Also, the affection that you give to your caregiver is hard to forget.

If you give him permission to sleep with you, you will see how well you wake up in the morning. It's a wonderful experience, and if you don't believe me ... try and see. By the way, let me tell you something: even if you have a very big bed, he will only sleep in a corner, next to you.

Cats are amazing animals. Regardless of the color of its coat, you choose the one you choose ... or the one that chooses you, it will surely become your new hairy best friend 🙂.

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  1.   Claudia said

    I find it interesting and how would a puppy with blond and cream hair be, he is a very beautiful pussycat, he likes to always be by my side and he likes to bite me on the neck, and many times when I am sitting he just wants to be by my side, he has two months of being born and almost 3 weeks of living in my house, already purring, I would like to know what kind of food you can give even a pussycat puppy. Hope to have some good information for your diet from my TOFFEE…. Thanks Claudia

  2.   Anto said

    I have two black cats, the mother and the son .. the mother is the most jealous kitten in the world and that is why she is grumpy .. but when she wants it is a love .. and the son who is my baby is the most affectionate in the world and the cat with the most patience, it is loving and tender .. that bad luck is a lie, it is just a hair color .. they are better than many others: ')

    1.    Soledad said

      Ooooh I have a gray kitten one day or she did not leave anymore ... She has done me a lot in her company since I have depression, there are days that I am sick and I cry and she approaches, she lies on my chest and when my tears fall she puts her nose and he says miuau very soft as if saying quiet you are not alone I love my kitten her name is xixa she is gray

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hi loneliness.

        Cats can be very special animals. Thank you very much for sharing 🙂


  3.   Enzo Lupano said

    I have 2 black cats, which I found inside a box on the street, I picked them up with the intention of giving them away but I liked them and I kept them, they are great male and female, they are little brothers and they are ultra affectionate and very playful.

  4.   Anna Canary said

    I have one and it is the most affectionate cat in the world although also very scary as they say, it is a love of a bug! I took him from the street with a broken tendon (he could never recover even though we tried) I thought he's black with his little leg so he doesn't have many opportunities ... And I took him now he's a very happy cat and I am even more of having him with me ... Bad luck? I think good luck that I have 😛

  5.   Monica sanchez said

    Black cats don't deserve the bad name they've had for decades. They are very, very special 🙂.

  6.   monica said

    Thanks for the note, there should be more about black cats, I had a black cat years ago, a sweetheart, I will never forget her I listened to Beethoven with me and meowed with that music nothing more, we adore and love each other a lot, today it rests in my garden. Almost 4 months ago, a 9-month-old black cat puppy appeared, meowed and I told him what happened to you? Did you make a mess and they abandoned you? I approached and let himself be touched, today Teo is the King of the house, black, affectionate like no cat I have ever had, I bought him many toys, doormats, a spectacular bathroom, the best food, vaccines and He is neutered, he plays happy and is quite calm for a puppy.

  7.   Mercè said

    I think that more than color, race influences character. I have 9, 4 are gray striped, 2 are identical, and each has its own personality. The way a cat behaves has to do, and a lot, in how you treat it, they live in the present, but remembering the past, you have to know how to treat them with great caution, they are very sensitive.
    They are like children, they play with everything, and they can break things without wanting to, and they have to be scolded the right way, they do not understand that this is worth money, if you punish them for behaving "badly" (or simply as we would do if we were a cat curious and playful) will remember and be suspicious of you.
    They like to climb on my shoulders to observe what I do, how many times have I seen the stars when I notice how they nail their nails to climb! and What am I to do? I cannot scold them, they are not to blame for having nails, they came like this, and the full game has to be accepted.

    1.    Viki said

      I had (she is still I moved) a long-haired black cat, very affectionate companion and intelligent, she is not docile, she does what she wants but she grew up with dogs so she takes care of the house (I don't think she knows that her growls don't scare passersby ). His daughter, a gray and white cat, was like a complaining, talkative baby and very very affectionate, docile, and at 5 years old, one day without further ado, she left never to return.
      Then I had a beautiful short-haired black cat they gave me already neutered and old. He was affectionate but never fully adapted to our family. He disappeared in a storm, I think looking for his old home.
      I had a very calm and docile yellow kitten but he was not meowing nor was he very companion, he was almost a piece of furniture. With that experience I adopted an orange 2 years ago ... It is a terrible spider and it bites it makes a tantrum meows all over it plays but does not allow itself to be caressed it attacks it escapes it breaks things in retaliation it does not hunt, it tripped more than once ...
      Now I am thinking of adopting a tabby to keep him company. I do not know. I'm afraid my evil Garfield will hurt her.

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hi, Viki.
        I recommend you castrate him if he is not yet, and teach him -with patience and affection- to not bite and do not scratch. It is also important that he discharges all that energy while playing, for example, you can make a small aluminum foil ball and throw it to him to go after it. Or play with a rope.

        With this you will get him to relax.


  8.   Mercè said

    Each cat is different, and the color is indifferent, the genetics influence the base, calmer or more moved, the softness of its hair, etc. But whether it is "good" or "bad" depends on your experiences.

    1) One of the cats I picked up from the street, is pretty, light tortoise color with "color point or Siamese-like" features, she's good, but very suspicious, and I can guess why. He has injury marks on his nose (a small piece is missing) and on his lip (scar).
    The "Siamese" breed has a deep and powerful voice, and when it meows it is noticed ... and more so if it is in heat (which also happens more frequently than the rest of the breeds) and can be exasperating for some ... In short, I think she was kicked all over the nose before leaving her ... you have to be more patient, meow for a minute and then shut up, or castrate her.
    And by the way, after 2 months of giving birth, she was already in heat again ...
    However, another gray and white striped cat, also from the street, when she was in heat, we hardly found out, she didn't meow at all, she was only slightly friendlier with the other and that's it.
    A daughter of this «color point-turtle» was born completely white, and the «point» colors have gradually come out, it is the same as those of the Royal Canin packaging. It is beautiful, soft, squishy, ​​very calm, good and calm.

  9.   Mercè said

    2- Each cat is different, and the color is indifferent, genetics influences the base, calmer or more moved, the softness of its hair, etc. But whether it is "good" or "bad" depends on your experiences.

    2) Another white, furry, beautiful cat with big blue eyes, which we found abandoned by the mountain, followed us, and when he gave him food, he no longer separated from us. We take it home to "get it back."
    He was very affectionate, we fed him, we cleaned him, we brushed him, we dewormed (it is important to put the deworming pipette on any cat that comes from the street), in short, everything.
    It was so good that my daughter and her friend played with it, put dresses on it, combed it ... and well the cat was happy (or not)
    And the beautiful white cat began to recover ... he began to chase my two cats, insistently, imposed his "masculinity" and took over the cat food and grooming. My cats started to feel quite uncomfortable. He peed on the marriage blanket that I had a hard time cleaning. The precious white cat was starting to be a problem.
    Until suddenly one day he threw himself on the leg of my daughter's friend and bit her. He drove his fangs deep into him. We did not understand that sudden change in attitude,
    After the girl left (okay, you just had to disinfect the nail and tooth wounds well, with alcohol or similar and check that she did not go through swollen and reddened skin - according to the vet, who is the one who understood the most about this issue -), the cat continued as usual, but I lost confidence in him, I did not dare to hold or caress him as before, I was afraid that he would suddenly pounce on me or my family and attack us (I was confused, we had been taking spiked balls of his furry tail without him having complained at all, even pulling his hair a little because it was all tangled) I thought maybe the girls would have bothered him too much ??
    I was thinking what to do with it now, I could not allow it to bite us, there are limits that cannot be tolerated, this was not breaking a vase or destroying your decoration. And that's what I was doing when my husband passed by him, the white cat, started to bite his sneakers or sneakers, he bit him viciously and forcefully, like crazy, my husband was perplexed, it didn't hurt but the Situation was creepy. My husband would jerk his foot away, but the cat would attack again.
    Well, the decision was made, the cat would leave the house, I spoke with some farmers who have a few cats to hunt the moles that eat their roots, and they agreed to keep the cat, I would give them food too, at least I would not go hungry .
    I was very sorry to take him out of the house, he was a beautiful cat and he was super good at first! but we could not tolerate the biting. And until I took it away, we found out the reason for that rage. no doubt, at some point that cat had been kicked, and probably with sneakers ...
    If we passed him wearing any other footwear, nothing happened, but when he passed the cat in sneakers, he attacked the sneakers.
    Obviously, the behavior of that cute cat was due to the bad treatment he received, and it will cost to repair the consequences of the abuse. That is why it is very important to treat animals with affection and respect, so that they do not become distrustful and defend themselves from possible attacks. You have to earn their trust little by little, and find out what is bothering them.
    A cat that lives calm and confident, requires your caresses, which it loves, and begins to purr just when you approach. Now we have 9 and none of them have behaved strangely, of course we also treat them well.
    And by the way, when compared, dogs act the same, only they are bigger.

  10.   GABY said

    I found a black kitten of about 3 months old in the backyard of my house wet and very hungry and I decided to keep it, it is the first cat I have, I never thought I had a cat, because my adoration was only dogs but now I die for cats, I already have one year three months with me I adore him he is very affectionate only he is very scary and when someone comes to the house he hides and has a very bad time I do not know why he is so afraid of people he does not know and disappears something that then I have to go looking for him The whole house would like to be sociable when I want to show it to someone, it even scratches me because of how nervous he gets, but well, I still love him a lot and I would not change him with another because each cat is unique and special

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Gaby.
      Give it time. Surely you end up getting used to visits 🙂.
      And by the way, congratulations!

    2.    tue said

      It was not for that. White cats with blue eyes are deaf. They are violent out of nowhere because, lacking a sense, they can lose their orientation for a moment and attack. In any case, the attacks are never deep, because they are oriented again. You just have to try not to change the place where they live much, so they can find their way more easily. And keep in mind that if it happens, it is not malicious. Little kiss!!

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Sea.
        Just a detail: not all white cats with blue eyes are deaf 🙂 Here we explain it.
        A greeting.

  11.   Monica sanchez said

    Each cat is unique, but they all love each other 🙂. Congratulations on your two white furry ones.

  12.   karin_cilla said

    I recently lost my kitten, she was black, European, I read there, it was my adoration, it is taking me a lot to learn to live without her, she had been with us for several years, she had a very kind character, she was very faithful, despite being very free, never I was away from home for a long time, I had a lot of patience with my little daughter, they grew up together so they were like sisters, in my experience they are the best cats, their character is ideal if you like to have them on your legs or around for many hours, they are very gregarious ... the best thing to have a black kitten in life, I had always had whites with gray / medium brown and I never managed to have the relationship with my Frida, my beautiful black 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello karin_cilla.
      I'm sorry for the loss of your kitten 🙁. It is terrible to lose a loved one, whether they have two legs or four.
      Black cats are amazing; very, very special.
      When you're ready, it might be a good idea to adopt someone else 🙂.
      A abrazo.

  13.   Divine said

    I do not agree with the black cat. I have raised one, blacker impossible, since the day he was born. And he is the smartest, cheeky, mischievous, affectionate and buggy that I could find. Before I had a black cat and shy at all, the first at the door when they knocked. They are super curious. What Lucas has done to me, break things, empty my drawers, take apart my bouquets of flowers, his brothers, Kira and Pitu, a three-colored tabby cat and a big white cat with blue eyes that take away the hiccups, did not. But Lucas, my black dwarf, is sometimes he would eat you and other times he would kill you as the song says.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Yes, it is that each cat is a world. 🙂

  14.   Andrea said

    I have two cats, a cat that will be 3 years old, all white and with long hair, she is very affectionate and good, but since I also have a dog, they do not get along ... So my parents kept her. It will be about 7 months ago, I took in a kitten that was 2 months old, and little by little I was making him get along with the dog ... Anyway, they don't stop playing now? by the way the dog is black and the cat (male) of 3 colors, white, gray and brown with tabby. One love, always sleeps with me.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Congratulations on your furry family 🙂

  15.   Ángela said

    Hello, in January I found my kitten, she was on a garbage container, wet, dirty and scrawny, she will be a year old, I approached and picked her up, apart from having a very swollen tummy due to parasites, she had a uterus infection with mites in her ears, now She is recovered and castrated, she is very affectionate, you caress her, hug you and lick you, hands on your face… addition, she is very smart, I know that she has suffered a lot. My cat is white with brown spots, I adore her

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      It has fallen into very good hands 🙂

  16.   mavel said

    I have three kittens in my family and a cat lovers with a giant heart who is my son Julián, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is insulin dependent for all his life, his kittens, male and female have been his best therapy , I imagine that they take care of my son, they watch over his dreams daily and my son says that it is listening to his purr that gives him peace of mind, especially in his moments of stress when he must inject himself, I love them because they love my son.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      What a nice story 🙂

      Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17.   Theodolinda said

    I have several cats, that is, I have a feline colony, she was fourteen, two died of cancer, another because the vet gave her a tramer, a remedy for the pain that left her in a coma.
    And another cat of sudden death.
    And mine are of various colors, the best of all the cats that I knew and know, her name was Misha, I never met such a good animal, and she was tricolor, she never fought with another cat, she was very affectionate. And a true angel.
    The black cat that I have is very good and affectionate, his name is Lucas and all the other cats adore him. He is shy around people. And he is good with all cats.
    The gray, is affectionate with all people, but does not get along with cats, except with two gray and white and a furry black and white cat.
    The most intelligent are the black cat, the gray one, Misha who died, Chiquito who was white and tabby, super good and super intelligent, and Fideo who was tabby and died, Fideo only loved Lucas the black and Chiquito, he loved all the people and he was so smart and knowledgeable that he attracted attention.
    The brindle that are several, Nicolas is super shy and does not defend himself, he is not very intelligent. and run away from all people. Luciano is tabby and white, he is cute, but elusive, shy and very intelligent, Laurita who is another tabby, only loves me and does not let any of the cats approach her, she is always alone and manages to be always alone and is not afraid of people who come to my house ..
    And Juan, who is another tabby and white, is tremendous, he investigates everything, touches and throws everything, takes all the plates out of the place and arranges them four by two, two close to the other plates.
    He is very affectionate and gets along well with all cats.
    And little monkey is white, black and furry, she is totally mobile, she cleans all the cats and she is very good, but she is not sociable either. And Cristina is gray and white, she's very scared, she only comes if I'm sitting down, if I stop, she runs away. And when I sit down it is the first ready for me to caress her. It is also not sociable.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Thank you for your comment, Teodolinda. Surely it will be useful to readers 🙂

      By the way, what a large family you have hehe


  18.   laura vernaza said

    My cat is gray with white and he is very naughty, he makes me laugh on some occasions and on others he gives me a bad temper but I love him as he is ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Cats are like this: they make each other love each other in a very curious way hehe 🙂