Editorial team

Noti Cats is a website that has been informing you since 2012 of everything you need to know to take care of your cat: diseases, things it needs, how to choose its food, what are the diseases it can have, and much, much more so you can enjoy your company for many years. The more the merrier.

The editorial team of Noti Gatos is made up of the following editors. If you are interested in working with us, you just have to complete the following form and we will contact you.


  • Monica sanchez

    I consider cats magnificent animals from which we can learn a lot from them, and also from ourselves. It is said that these little felines are very independent, but the truth is that they are great companions and friends.

Former editors

  • maria jose roldan

    Since I can remember I can consider myself a cat lover. I know them very well because since I was little I have had cats at home and I have helped cats that had problems… I cannot conceive of a life without their affection and unconditional love! I have always been in continuous training to be able to learn more about them and that the cats that are in my charge, always have the best care and my most sincere love for them. Therefore, I hope that I can transmit all my knowledge in words and that they are useful to you.

  • Viviana Saldarriaga Quintero

    I am a Colombian who likes cats, of which I am extremely curious about their behavior and the relationship they have with people. They are very intelligent animals, and not as lonely as they would have us believe.

  • Rosa Sanchez

    I can say that the cat can be man's best friend. Always surrounded by them, they impress and amaze me for their great capacity for adaptation and, above all, the unconditional affection they show you. Despite being very detached and having a reputation as independent, you can always learn a lot from them, if you have the patience to study them.

  • Maria

    I feel a great curiosity about the world of cats which leads me to investigate and want to share my knowledge. Knowing their character, their body language, and their way of life is important for a good coexistence.

  • Encarni Arcaya