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The abyssinian cat

El Abisinio It is one of the oldest known breeds of cats and there is some uncertainty as to its history.

The Abyssinian resembles cats in the Ancient Egypt as shown in paintings and sculptures. The name "Abyssinia" is not related to its origin, but it is considered that the first Abyssinian was imported from Abyssinia.

The first mention of the Abyssinian cat is found in a British book of Gordon Staples published in 1874 accompanied by a color lithograph of an Abyssinian cat that was put in the UK at the end of the war.

However, there are no records that the cats were imported from the United Kingdom and there are some who today have the opinion that the Abyssinian was created through crosses of different races in the United Kingdom.

But there are studies by geneticists that show that the coast of the Indian Ocean and parts of Southeast Asia are the most likely areas of origin of the Abyssinian cat. The Abyssinian cat was imported into North America from the United Kingdom in the early 1900 and in the late years 1930 They were imported into America from the UK.

The Abyssinian is smart, alert and active, is a cat that likes to be busy. The Abyssinian likes to be with people, but he is independent and will try to dominate at home. He is elegant and with a muscular body.

It has large, almond-shaped eyes, but the ears are slightly smaller than normal.