How to teach my cat not to bite

Cat biting

All of us who have adopted or acquired a cat as a puppy have received the odd bite. This is completely normal, since in the end, kittens also use their teeth to explore everything around them. But this does not mean that we have to let him bite us; in fact, It is very important to teach him that he cannot do that to us to avoid problems in the future.

How to get it? With a lot of patience, and with the advice that I am going to give you below. Discover how to teach my cat not to bite.

From the first day the cat comes home, you have to play with it always using a toy: a feather duster, a rope, a stuffed animal ..., or whatever we prefer (except cords, because later it will play with the shoes, and see who tells him he can't do it 🙂). It is very, very important that we keep this in mind: the toy has to be between the cat and our hand; In other words, it must serve as a "shield" of protection.

In no case should you put a stuffed animal between its legs and move it abruptly from one side to the other, since otherwise what we would do would be to encourage him to attack, not only the stuffed animal, but also the hand, so once he was an adult he would do this to us:

Cat playing

Something that hurts a lot. So, under no circumstances do we have to make you nervous if we do not want you to remove your nails and leave your hand with the occasional scratch and / or bite.

What to do if it bites me?

The first thing you have to do is be patient. If for whatever reason it has caught your hand and has it, as seen in the image above, between its legs, close it and do not make any movement. Little by little it will calm down, and you will be able to recover it. Once you have it, do not yell at him or hit him, it would be useless, just to make him afraid of you. Just ignore it, and after five or ten minutes start playing with it using a toy.

If you want to avoid being bitten, I recommend treating him with respect, being calm. Cats, in general, are calm animals, who do not like sudden movements, so if we do not want to be bitten, it is convenient to remain calm.

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  1.   Virginia said

    Hi! A month ago I adopted a cat about 4 years old and it has a habit of biting just like the photo. I try to stop him but he continues with the same habit, what can I do !!! ???

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Virginia.
      You have to be patient. Every time he tries to bite you, give him a toy, or walk away.
      It won't take long for you to learn that you can't.
      A greeting.

  2.   danelly said

    hello .... it is normal for a healthy cat. sleep so much …… thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Danelly.
      If you sleep between 16 and 18 hours, it is normal 🙂
      A greeting.

  3.   Mercè said

    Well, I have bad accustomed to mine. When they are little, some of them like to play with everything they find, and of course, the hand is another toy and also interactive, I let them do it, it is their instinct, it is like telling a hawk to fly, but not very high. Some clenches their teeth more, another takes out more or less the nails from the back legs ... but hey, I tell them oh! Oh! that you make me a pup ... then, he stays still, he stares at me and continues to bite, but looser haha, Dog puppies do the same, they bother their teeth when they come out / grow.

    Another thing is that the mother comes to defend her son. Just today, I heard a kitten complain, it turns out that it had one of its legs tangled in a rope that held the lining of a tube scraper (gentlemen manufacturers, an expensive plush tube and the sea of ​​monkey, I had to throw it away because Washing it inside was almost impossible, and the rigid tube / scraper / door accessory that came with it almost loaded my kitten's paw), because while I untangled the rope from its paw, it was still complaining (thank goodness it was there to "save" him) and his mother cat came running to see what was happening, and poor thing bit my hand, without hurting me, as if to say, What are you doing to my son?

    Perhaps as I was used to playing with my hand as a child, as they were nibbles (a couple) of warning only. I don't know, I say.

    Today we are going to give kitten number 18, how bad / good I feel. Mixed feelings. Good because we are going to give a «special» kitten (it is a precious beauty, Siamese like albino, the parts that should be black, are vanilla / pink), it is very affectionate and playful, to a special girl too, for a health theme. Bad because you love them and a bond is created.

    I hope you love it like I have.

    1.    Laura said

      Hello, some nights my kitten gets on the bed in attack position, hovers over the duvet and ends up giving me some very painful bites on my arms or wrists. He drives his fang deep into me. What should I do? Thanks.

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Laura.
        If you don't already, I recommend that you play with her throughout the day, with a rope or a ball. If she is tired, it will be difficult for her to bite.

        In any case, if it does bite you, you should leave your hand, arm (or whatever is biting you 🙂) as still as possible until the force of the bite loosens. Then remove it slowly.

        It is also important to avoid playing roughly with it, and above all never use your hands or feet as toys. Little by little it will be understood that these are not toys.


  4.   Mercè said

    I just took a photo of them, of this beauty, together with her clone, together sucking with her mother (they are 2 and a half months old). He's going to miss these moments and the ones he's been spending playing with his brothers. But in return he will receive a lot of human affection and exclusive everything for him.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      It will be well taken care of for sure 🙂. Cheer up!!

  5.   Lina said

    I picked up a newborn kitten and we fed it until it was strong, only now it is pure biting the hands, arms, legs, feet and it is always treated with affection and it only bites me, not my husband. I have another older cat that is the same small rescue and she is very calm, she sleeps with me, the other one destroys my toilet paper, breaks the nylon bags, and not to mention that it bothers the cat and my dog, I do not know what to do for that do not bite, because it has already left me many scars on both hands

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Lina.
      When you see that it is going to bite you, stop the game, and leave it only a few minutes until it calms down. Always play with a toy - never with your hands - several times a day. Each session has to last about 10 minutes.

      You can also consult with a feline therapist, such as Laura Trillo (from

      A greeting.