What does it mean to have a white cat at home?

The white cat can be deaf

Humanity, especially during the last century, had a tendency to give meaning to everything, even colors. This practice has caused and is still causing many problems for some animals such as black cats, but it is also benefiting others.

This time I'm going to tell you what does it mean to have a white cat at home, both from the traditional point of view and from my personal point of view.

What did it mean to have a white cat at home?

The white cat can be sociable

White is a color that has always been associated with innocence, purity, goodness and good luck. This is why in many countries of the world it was considered to bring financial or sentimental good fortune. I couldn't tell if they wanted them as companions or rather as "amulets."

Now, what I can tell you, and it may surprise you, is that in England they had a totally different meaning. In fact, they were symbols of bad luck, and it was even believed that they heralded a tragedy or demise if you encountered one. And it is that, as it does not have color (white is the superposition of all colors, so it is not considered as such) they thought it was a ghost.

What does it mean to me to have a white cat at home?

Well now I'm surely going to be fatal, because I've never had the opportunity to live with one 🙂. Everyone who has passed through my life and everyone I have now have been and are orange and gray, black and tricolor tabby. But I am one of those who think that color does not make the cat. I mean, in the same way that you don't judge - or shouldn't judge - a person by the color of their skin, you don't have to judge cats either.

So for me if you have a white cat at home it is because:

  • You like white cats.
  • His gaze made you fall in love when you saw him for the first time.
  • Or, plain and simple, because you want it.

The symbolism of the white cat

The white cat is normally deaf, but regardless of this, having a white cat has always had a certain symbolism throughout history. White is the color of purity and cleanliness: the symbolism of the white cat is the same. White cats symbolize happiness, virtue, and good fortune. Anyone who has a white cat in their life is more than likely to feel any of these things.

In general, the cat is the symbol of patience, freedom, independence, sensuality, mystery, curiosity and rebirth. Cats are an adventurous animal; they spend most of their time exploring things or sleeping. They have been living with humans for centuries, and during every age, cats are domesticated for private purposes.

The symbolism of the white cat is quite a diverse topic. These are some of the things that cats have symbolized throughout the history of their coexistence with humans:


Cats are said to have nine lives and each life is the sign of a new beginning. White cat means rebirth like any other cat.

Good luck and bad luck

White cats are widely regarded as the symbol of good luck. In many countries of the world, white cats are the symbol of positivity.

If you meet them on your way, you will get success In whatever I'm going to do But, it is not necessary that all regions of the world consider them a good luck charm.

In some countries, meeting a white cat on the road is the symbol of problems and difficulties. Mainly in the UK, they are not considered good luck, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Characteristics of white cats

In addition to the above, white cats have certain peculiarities that are worth commenting so that you get an idea of ​​not only what they symbolize, but also what they can attract into your life just because you are your owner:

  • They are quiet. As white cats are considered more shy and calm, they are said to be the symbol of tolerance and control. People who have white cats in their lives are more likely to withstand the harshness of life to the best of their ability.
  • Money and prosperity. If a white cat visits your home, it is considered that money is coming to you. It is believed that you will get more money and success in the times to come.
  • Achievement sign. In Mediterranean countries, it is a common belief that if a white cat gets along with a child it means that this child's life will be full of goodness and achievement.
  • Sleep better. White cats like to spend most of their time sleeping. If you see a white cat around, it could also mean that it needs a break from whatever it is you're doing. It also symbolizes that sleep is essential and that you should also think about it. Don't be so hard on yourself and rest more, your body and mind will thank you.
  • Support and healing. White cats are human supporters. They have their connection to nature and spirits, and so they tell humans to use their power to heal. White cats not only look cute, but they possess great spiritual powers. They are known to enhance the psychic powers of their owner.

It is not easy to see a pure white cat every day, but when you see it, see clearly and try to decipher the message it is giving you. But in general, the white cat is the sign of positivity, no matter what it is considered in different parts of the world, they are the symbol of good luck and happiness.

White cat superstitions

The white cat is very popular

You've probably heard of superstitions about black cats too, but what about white ones? Like black cats, white cats have certain legends, symbolisms and superstitions that revolve around them. In this section we are going to talk about this.

White cats and good luck

In many myths and fables, black cats they are considered harbingers of bad luck. It seems that the opposite is also true: in many countries, white cats are seen as a symbol of good luck, and believed to also represent purity and positivity in many regions.

White cats and bad luck

That said, as we've discussed above, in some regions, white cats are the ones that are supposed to bring bad luck and trouble (depending on when and how you find them). For example, switch to a white cat on your way to work can supposedly predict the next unemployment or problems at your job.

White cats and children

A superstition in North America believes that white cats and babies should not be together, as your feline may feel threatened by the purity and innocence of the child and may curse the baby. However, in some Mediterranean countries, As we discussed above, a child who gets along with a cat is a sign of prosperity for the little one.

White cats and money

In Russia, white cats are considered to be good for your wallet and having a white cat in your home is supposed to bring money. If someone else's white kitten visits you, this is usually seen as a sign that money and prosperity are about to knock on your door!

In the UK, however, the opposite is true. Having a white cat in your home is considered an indication of tough times ahead, and a white cat that comes out of the house is believed to bring all luck with it.

When a white cat crosses your path

If a black cat crosses your path it means bad luck, what about white cats? Well the superstitions surrounding this may vary from region to region, but it is generally considered good luck to meet a white cat on the streets, And even more so if he greets you and you receive a "meow" in return!

White cats hold a grudge

In England, it is believed that white cats can hold a grudge for years, and it is considered extremely unwise to offend or annoy a white feline! However, showing kindness to a white cat by offering treats or food will give you the blessings of the cat and bring you good luck for the rest of your day.

The white cat has a lot of symbolism

So, enjoy their company 🙂.

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  1.   MARIA P. COMORERA said

    For me it means company, affection, loyalty, although it is independent, when it receives affection it appreciates the daily food being cuddly and gentle. It is called "Queen" because its walk is like one of them.

    My cat is 9 years old, she is tabby and very affectionate, I have lost my husband recently, she is still waiting for him when she hears the key at the door, she waits to see if it is my husband, and she will receive whoever arrives in this case my daughter , and she was by my husband's side throughout the illness, they give a lot in exchange for almost nothing, she seeks your caresses and has no qualms about approaching and starting the pampering herself.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Your Queen is lucky to have you 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

    2.    Belén said

      I have a 9 month old baby yet. totally white with pink skin and sky blue eyes and his constitution is fine how he is, he is a cat that when I get home he is very talkative and meowing and he gets very happy and does not let me in with the grocery bags, his effusion makes me nervous because one day it will make me fall, I have to leave the bags on the table and caress him for 10 minutes and when I go to the kitchen to put things away, he climbs on the kitchen cabinet and puts his head in to see if I have brought the sweets and when he gets tired he yells at me to open the window and I leave the blinds slightly open with the latch, he sticks his head through the hole and watches what the neighbors are doing.
      When I watch television he is always by my side, I curl up, dozing and warm with the stove in front of him, when I eat something he likes I offer him and he eats it but many times because of thinking so much his brother takes it away from him.
      At night he always sleeps with me at my feet, on the other hand his brother comes and if I move he goes and goes to the trough and other nights he spends almost all night playing hide and seek and they do not let me sleep with the races that get in and out. jumping on the furniture and when I get up I find the litter box that is 5k in the middle of the room. In short, it is a cat that does not seem to like to bother. And if he likes it for him alone and he would be on my lap that is what he likes most in the world and the least thing is to cut his nails and go to the vet who luckily is nearby and can go in his carrier with his brother and is accompanied , with the shopping cart because they already weigh.?

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Belen.

        You have a very special cat 🙂

        But yes, be careful when you enter your house hehe


  2.   Patricia said

    My two white cats are my treasures, especially the deaf one, they are my joy, my laughter, and my laughs simply by seeing them all my joy and tranquility is with us

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      We are glad to read that 🙂

  3.   Alice said

    A white cat died 20 days ago of 22 years. Fantastic, they are different in character from other cats, I clarify that I have several. Very knowledgeable especially with my son. Coincidentally, 4 days before he Tomi died in distraction from his hospitalization and the bullfights, we had not noticed that another white cat appeared that entered through the window and lay down on my bed. In short, he is installed at home, he loves air conditioning and he is with his first heat and it drives us crazy. You can't get a time for castration until January 27, we toured everything, but vacations here in Argentina are sacred to professionals. So we have to deal with his jealousy until February 3. Let's hope we get well because he fights a lot with the castrated cats in the house that are older.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alicia.
      22 years is an incredible age for a cat. Congratulations, although I feel like I'm gone 🙁

      With the 'new' patience. February 3 is almost around the corner.