How to prevent my cat from leaving home

Poorly cared for cats want to go outside

How to prevent my cat from leaving home? That is a question that all of us who live with a feline have asked ourselves from time to time. And it is that, no matter how long we dedicate to him, no matter how much affection we give him, the curiosity he feels will drive him to go out the door as soon as he has the opportunity, right?

Well, the truth is that it depends. Actually yeah We can do many things so that the furry feels so comfortable inside the house that he will not have that strong need to go outside, so it will be easier to have it controlled. You do not believe me? Read on, put these tips to the test and you will see how sooner rather than later you will begin to notice changes in your furry.

How to make your cat not want to leave the house

An unattended cat will want to leave the house

Cats (especially males and even though they are neutered) may have the urge to go out and explore the world. Although if you follow the following tips, you may discover that suddenly, your cat will want to stay home because he has everything he needs.


Cats are social beings that need stimulation and interaction, so if you offer this daily, they will not feel the need to go outside to look for it. Spend quality time with your pet every day, prioritize this on your daily to-do list! There are some signs that can tell you that your cat is feeling extremely lonely:

  • Follows you around the house and constantly seeks attention
  •  Aggressive behavior
  • Urinate on your things as an indication that he is mad at you
  • Excessive grooming


Cats, like people, are routine beings. This is why they need routines to be in their day-to-day life and to be by your side. Waking up, time to eat, etc. They love their home and if their routine changes for whatever, your cat may feel stressed or even anxious. Changing routines and leaving your cat alone for a long period of time can also be a negative routine change experience and finding a way to change that by going outside.

Give him everything he needs

Give him play, affection, companionship, routines, a cat companion if possible ... your cat, if he feels totally comfortable and stimulated in your home, will not feel the need to leave the house. In addition, letting him out is to run the risk of something bad happening to him, such as an accident, fights between cats, getting sick, being hit by a vehicle, etc.

Spend quality time with your cat

It is not the same to be in a room, you sitting in an armchair and your cat on the floor, than to be both together in the armchair or on the floor interacting. There are people who think that a cat does not need this type of attention, that it is very independent and that to be happy it is enough itself, but to think that is a mistake.

If you do not interact with him, if you do not play with him and if you do not give him affection, we cannot expect him to want to be with us when we feel like it. Therefore, if we want it to be a happy cat, as well as sociable, we have to spend as much time as we can. In addition, we have to know that with a simple rope or small ball both he and we can have a great time.

Sleep with him

Sleeping with a cat? Yes why not? If you are concerned about parasites, veterinary clinics and pet stores sell antiparasitics that will eliminate both external parasites (ticks, fleas, etc.) and internal ones (earthworms). Just in case you have allergy the animal or that the furry is sick, the best option will be to prevent it from getting on your bed, but otherwise ... sleeping with a cat is the perfect excuse to strengthen the relationship.

And a cat that spends the night with its human is a furry that feels very loved. So you will not need to seek affection outside.

Give him a partner

As long as we can afford it, and as long as we have a sociable cat, it may be interesting to give him a cat companion that he can play with while we are gone, and why not say so? So that housing is twice as fun. I myself live with 5 felines that, although they have permission to go outside since we live in a quiet neighborhood, they go out for a little while in the morning and another little in the afternoon, and they spend the rest of the day sleeping and playing.

The youngest (Sasha, who was born in 2016, and Bicho, in 2017) do not go out at all, and it is a joy to see them run. When the adults arrive (7-year-old Keisha, 5-year-old Benji, and 11-year-old Susty), they act like a close-knit family; well almost. The truth is that Susty is more street than home, and is very, very independent. But with the others they have a great time.

So, really, if you can take care of a second cat and you are interested in the family growing, do not hesitate. Of course, so that everything goes well from day one, I recommend you follow our advice.

Protect your cat

There are cats that look out the window

If we do not intend to let the cat ever leave the house, either because we live in a city or a very populated town, or because we are concerned that something could happen to it, we have to do everything possible to prevent it from leaving. And how is that done? Putting a net on the windows that we can find for sale in animal product stores, both physical and online. Here we leave you with some offers so you can get it easily:

Likewise, we have to have the door of the house always closed, since at the slightest carelessness the furry could go out.

How long can you leave your cat alone?

One reason a cat wants to leave the house is because it is alone and needs to have experiences. In addition to taking into account the advice that we have given you above that it is a good idea to have a cat companion for your cat and that they keep each other company when you are not there, too it is important that you know how long you should leave your cat alone, in case you cannot have more than one cat for whatever reason.

Although it is true that cats are known for their independence, the reality is that they need company and affection all the time. If they spend long periods of time alone at home, they can become unhappy and even be depressed.… And it is a reason why some run away or want to leave home.

Actually nothing happens because you leave them a day or two alone if they have their basic needs taken care ofBut longer they can have a hard time emotionally and more if they don't have a playmate. Your cat doesn't have to be left alone for long periods of time.

If you go on vacation you don't have to leave your cat alone for too long because even though it has access to its litter box, water and food, there are other reasons that could make it want to leave home and explore the world.

What to do if you go on vacation?

A bored cat will want to explore its territory

If, for example, your cat has a chronic disease and needs medication, the ideal is to leave it in good hands such as in a veterinary hospital where they can give it all the care it needs.

Another idea is that if you plan to leave the house for a longer time and your cat does not have any chronic diseases, you can tell friends or neighbors to stop by your house to take care of your cat. It is the least stressful option for the cat and the most profitable for you. You can also pay for a trusted professional pet sitter to take care of your cat in your home while you are away.

I hope it has been useful to you.

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  1.   Gloribel Perez Hernandez said

    Hello, I am fascinated by cats and I have two, a small three-month-old and a four-year-old and they don't love each other, the little one is very jealous, he can't see that I give affection to the big one, he gets to bite him, and if I have that problem that he drools a lot but only when I cuddle him and they lose me and that is painful did I miss one that even at the same time I cry for him when I remember him, I love felines even if they make me disasters.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Gloribel.
      At three months the kitten wants to play, and to do so it nibbles and bothers the adult because… it is a puppy. Over time, the adult cat will be able to stop his feet (or rather, his paws). You can also teach not bite and do not scratch with patience and perseverance.
      A greeting.

  2.   Camilla. said

    Hello, I have a (male) cat who is just turning one year old, but he is very stray, my mother began to dislike him since the cat was full of hair but ... one day I took him out to the patio and then I let him sleep out there The cat started to get used to it but it was only about 15 days, then I bathed it etc etc and let it in again but there started to be more problems, and I take it out again ... but now it chases the cats I put on its sweater because of the cold I leave him his very warm cassia and FOOD and then there are cats that come to take it off and invade him and that causes them to fight, but since my cat is very spoiled, he does not fight and because sometimes they hurt him and also a cat that by not wanting to be pregnant she beats him then because when I started to see that kind of inconvenience until I told my mother that they hurt him, so we decided to keep it at night (we have an apartment in the garden), and there he began to be calm but now my Mom decided to take it out again and today will be her firstday out and it scares me to leave it there because the cats hit him or the cat and because the truth is that he is very spoiled he does not know how to defend himself a hundred, ta, well I am afraid that he eats something or something happens to him or instead he does not return, for that reason I went here, I thought about castrating him but even so my mother does not want him inside or in the apartment, what can I do ?, please reply promptly.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Camila.
      Neutering him would be the solution. It would avoid problems derived from the behavior of heat (such as other cats fighting with it), and incidentally it would also reduce the risk of the animal leaving.
      A greeting.

  3.   rai said

    Hello, I have a 5-month-old Siamese and she is very homeless, but I don't have a house of my own to close the windows and is that any other option so that she does not leave? something homemade noc as a remedy?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Rai.
      It is advisable to take her to be castrated, since this way she will not have so much desire or need to be outside.
      You can also put net on the windows, which are worth very little and can save lives.
      A greeting.

  4.   Margaret Valencia said

    Hello, I have a 3-month-old kitten and a 1-year-old small dog, they tolerate each other and sometimes they play they know that both are part of my home ... my question is ... only a feline can be a good companion for my kitten or it can also be a dog?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Margie or Hello Margarite.
      That depends on each cat. Just as we do, not all cats like all cats and dogs.
      Now, I'll also tell you that if you get along with the dog, putting in a second cat could spoil everything.

      Sometimes it is better not to risk it and leave things as they are.

      a greeting

  5.   Maru said

    My cat was home, he got sick and I had to give him medicine by force, and from there he started to become a stray and only gets to eat, I do not know how to make him come back and do not want to leave, please help me

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Maru.

      You have to take advantage of the time you spend with him. Sit next to him, caress him gently while he is eating (and only a couple of times, it is normal that he does not leave more than that), open and close his eyes slowly while you look at him (so you will tell him that you love him), Sit or lie on the sofa and invite him up, play with him with a ball or a rope.

      With patience, you may regain their confidence.