Can my cat sleep with me?

Cat sleeping in bed

When we decide to bring a new animal home, before we finally have it with us we have to talk with the family to make a series of decisions together. One of the most importants is whether or not we are going to let the cat sleep with us in bed.

It is often thought that it is better for the furry to have its own, since it is an animal that sheds hair (except those breeds that do not have it, such as the Sphynx 🙂) and that therefore could cause us an allergy, or even infect us with a disease. But to what extent is that true? Can my cat sleep with me?

Sleeping with the cat, sleeping with a furry cushion

Dreaming cat

Spending the nights with your best four-legged friend is an incredible experience, you can already have a bed for two people that he will only put himself in a corner: next to youEither on the feet or on the face. They love to sleep with that human being who takes care of him, who cares for him, and who cares about him. And the person ... usually corresponds, since when you have spent a night with your cat, it is difficult to forget the so pleasant moment that you have spent together.

Hygiene's norm

Cat cleaning itself

But of course, we must take into account a series of basic hygiene rules so that we can continue to dream together with our furry ones without having to take unnecessary risks. So, which are?

  • It is very important that let's brush it dailyThis way we will avoid the accumulation of hair on our sheets. In this way, we will keep the bed clean and free of hair.
  • We will change the sheets once a week. Blankets and bedspreads at least once a month.
  • Likewise, our sleepwear should also be washed frequently.
  • We will put pipettes or some insecticide product (either natural or chemical, although preferably natural as they protect the animal's health more as there is no risk of poisoning) to repel and / or eliminate both internal and external parasites.
  • We must make sure that you have all the vaccinations up to date, especially if we give him permission to go abroad. Thus, in case you have contact with a sick cat, it will be very difficult for our friend to become infected.
  • It is equally important and advisable clean the bedroom "thoroughly" once a week, and daily at least sweep. If any member of the family has an allergy, or thinks they may have, it will be much more recommended vacuuming so hair and lint don't 'go' from room to room.

As you can see, there is nothing that you will not do already. So you should not change anything. However, you must remember to brush it daily to remove dead hair, by the way "you take weight off" your furry, making it feel lighter, and also helping to avoid excessive heat in summer.

How often do you have to brush the cat?

Cat lying on the bed

The hairs of a cat can end up anywhere: clothes, furniture, shelves ... and of course on the bed. One way to reduce the amount that our friend releases is by brushing him daily, as a puppy. For it, We will take a soft bristle brush if you have short hair, or hard if you have semi-long or long hair and we will pass it between 1 and 3 times a day. During the hottest months, as it will be in the molting season, it will be necessary to brush it between 2 and 5 times each day. So that, it is very advisable to get used to it from a young age, since we are going to have to do it often, throughout your life.

But this is much easier than it sounds: you just have to help him associate the brush with something positive (food, toys, caresses). So we will put the object on the ground and when he comes to browse we give him the prize. In this way, we will get him to understand that nothing bad is going to happen, quite the contrary: he is going to receive something that he likes, so he will feel more and more comfortable with the brush nearby.

After a few days, we will brush it, but very little, and soft. We will make very short passes, observing your reaction and giving you prizes after each one. Like this for a week, until we can finally brush it completely.

Of course, although it has already gotten used to it, it is advisable to continue giving prizes for at least one month to make it such an enjoyable time that as soon as you see the brush you want it brushed.

How many beds does a cat need?

Sleeping cat

Whether you decide that you are going to allow him to sleep with you or not, you have to buy some beds so that he can rest. These are animals that sleep in any corner that is comfortable for them, they do not have a single rest area.

Thus, I recommend that you buy a cat bed itself, and at least one scraper that has at least one post with a bed cushion.


Tired cat

Letting your cat sleep with you is a very personal decision, but you should know that it really only special precaution must be taken if the animal is sick. In this case, it is recommended that you have a bed, but it does not necessarily have to be in another room if we do not want to, unless it is a contagious disease, such as scabies.

My tip is sleep with your cat if you wish. From my own experience I can tell you that it is one of the best moments of the day (well, the night 🙂). I sleep with 2 cats, and sometimes another one joins. In winter I sometimes find one of them right in front of my face. See that there is room in the bed, well no, they have to sleep close to me. And happy. They are the best alarm clock one can haveWell, they draw you a smile every morning. If you don't believe me, we leave you with a video of cats who decided it was time to get out of bed:

Have happy dreams, you and your cat.

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  1.   Gustavo said

    I have chickenpox, it can be spread to my cat.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Gustavo.
      In principle no, but it is best to consult a veterinarian to confirm it.
      A greeting and you get better!

  2.   Mauritius said

    I have a cat and a cat ... and they sleep in our bed. It is the maximum. Feeling them close gives an incredible feeling of peace.

  3.   standard said

    I have a kitten and one day the kitten got excited and began to meow as if someone had attacked her and came out terrified from where she was in a way she was spoiled from her hair and she was like a hunchback and as she spoke she was saying nononono and so she was x a for a little while and I was thinking that who attacked her could happen to her? ……………

  4.   Monica sanchez said

    Mauricio: yes, indeed, sleeping with them is wonderful. An incredible experience.
    Norma: what you say is curious. What was he doing at the time: sleeping or just observing what was going on around him? If you were sleeping, maybe you dreamed something that made you feel bad and react that way, like when we have very vivid dreams. And if it's the latter ... maybe there was something (sound, a person passing by, ..) that scared you.
    It also occurs to me that he was playing. Sometimes cats have a behavior that, in our eyes, is strange.
    Greetings and thanks for following.

  5.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Ines.
    Yes it's normal. It is the maximum expression of happiness and comfort.
    A greeting!

  6.   ariadne garcia said

    Hello, how are you? For a few months I have a kitten and at this moment she is pregnant, and I have just adopted a sterilized cat, but they cannot see each other, they want to fight although I have not left them, is it because she is pregnant? ?… Will I return the kitten I adopted?… They are both about a year old

  7.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Ariadna.
    This behavior is normal among cats that do not know each other. Keep them in separate rooms, with a blanket, and every two-three days you exchange them. When you see that they feel comfortable with it, then you can move on to the next step, which is to see them, but from a safe place. In a corridor you can put a barrier of those for babies, which will allow them to see each other but being safe. Little by little you will get them, at least, to be accepted.
    A greeting!

  8.   Florence said

    Hello everybody! I sleep hugging my Siamese cat for 8 years: I lie down and he comes with me to hug and cover him. Until I get up, he doesn't get up. It is a pleasure to fall asleep listening to its purr, the feeling of peace is unique. Greetings!

  9.   Catalina said

    Hi. I have a 3 month old kitten, and she is used to sleeping in my bed. Soon my parents will come to visit and I have to donate the bed so that they can sleep there, since it will stay for 1 month. The problem is that they don't like to sleep with cats. What I can do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Catalina.
      I would recommend that for a few days, you put a blanket or even a cat bed on your bed so that your cat gets used to sleeping on it. After a week, put the blanket or bed where you will have to sleep when your parents arrive, and ask them to keep the bedroom door closed. It can also be useful to put a little cat repellent in the entrance of the room.
      This way your cat will not approach the room.
      When they leave, you only have to clean with soap and water to remove the smell.
      A greeting.

  10.   Gisela said

    Good afternoon, I have a two-month-old cat and he wants to sleep in the crib of my son who is two years old, they told me it's bad but you say thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Gissela.
      Well, I'm not an expert 🙂, but I can tell you that my two nephews have been with my cats a lot when they were babies, and nothing has happened to them.
      The important thing is that both - the baby and the cat - are in good health, and that the feline is dewormed, both inside and out. But otherwise, it doesn't have to be bad, on the contrary. The furry one will like to sleep in a warm bed next to a little human. Of course, you have to watch them from time to time to prevent them from hurting themselves - obviously, if it happened, it would be unintentionally.
      A greeting.

  11.   Nataly Patino said

    I have a little kitten who doesn't want to sleep in his bed and I'm worried about how I make him sleep in his bed, tell me xfvor.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Nataly.
      It takes time, but little by little you will get it 🙂. You have to prevent him from getting on your bed, and grab him to take him to his as soon as he does. Afterward, give him some cat treat to associate his bed with something positive - the treat.
      You will have to do it many times, but in the end he will understand that he has to sleep in his bed. You can spray the furniture and your bed with a cat repellent in the meantime; so it will stop climbing.
      Cheer up.

  12.   Joel perez said

    Hello!! Blessings!! I have a kitten since it was days old. Today he is almost 2 months old and although he has his bed and also sleeps on the furniture, sometimes he wants to sleep with me in my bed. I am concerned that you say that there is no problem if you are vaccinated. My question is, at what age can I vaccinate him? How many vaccines are recommended? Can I sleep with him if I have not vaccinated him yet? It is very clean. I live on the second floor and do not know the street. His name is Mohamed Ali hehehe

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Joel.
      It depends on each country. In Spain, for example, 4 vaccines are given, the first at two months of age. But in other places they put 2.
      Regarding your last question: if the kitten is okay, there need be no problem. I myself sleep with a kitten who came home also days old, now she is going to be seven weeks old, and without problem.
      A greeting. 🙂

  13.   Cristina said

    Hello Monica. I have a two month old kitten and he has already slept about 4 days with me. However, he has taken too much confidence and now he is hitting me with his little hands in the face at night and catching on my back. As I see it, he wants to play but he hurts me… .. and he wrinkled my nose with his super sharp nails…
    What do you think, is it normal for babies to do this or am I teaching it wrong?
    Thank you very much
    Hugs from Bogotá, Colombia

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Cristina.
      Yes, it is normal for him to behave like this. But of course, when you hurt yourself you have to teach him that he cannot do it. The question is, how?
      With a lot, a lot, a lot of patience. Every time he does that to you, get him off the bed. It will go up again, it will go back up, and you will lower it again.
      You will have to lower it as many times as it misbehaves. You can be like this for half an hour, but in the end you will end up learning, I tell you from experience 🙂: one of my kittens -she is now 4 months old-, bit my hands and scratched me when I was in bed. After putting it down countless times, now it doesn't.
      It is a matter of being constant and, above all, patient.
      Cheer up.

  14.   Sun said

    Hello, I have two 4-month-old cats, they are already vaccinated and I put a pipette on both of them because they had fleas. 4 days passed and today I already saw a single flea on each one. Vacuum my apartment until today, every day, apply ecthol. Do fleas take a long time to be exterminated? I don't know whether to spray larvox with ease, or is that okay?

  15.   Mario said

    Good morning, today I just adopted a new 2-month-old kitten, the first thing he did when he got home was to hunt a mouse and start playing with his corpse, the kitten is very attached to me and does not sleep if it is not by my side.
    I would like to know if this could have an impact on me, an illness or something.
    Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Mario.
      Not at the beginning. In any case, it will be enough that you clean his mouth with water, and take him to receive the vaccines. But nothing else.
      I myself sleep with hunting cats, and nothing has ever happened. 🙂
      A greeting.

  16.   Maria Guerda Cespedes Bañon said

    Hi! I have two cats, the adult cat has just had babies and my other 7-month-old cat stopped approaching her when she gave birth (with babies it is worse) they fight and I have noticed that he is a little sad and does not want to eat. That's normal? Will it be jealousy? What I can do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria.
      Are you neutered? I ask because at that age cats begin to have heat, and it may be that he is aggressive with her and with the puppies because he wants to mount her.
      My advice is to get him castrated. This will calm down and the situation will improve.
      A greeting.

  17.   Grace said

    Hello, I have a cat and a cat and I am going to neuter my cat this Wednesday. Could you sleep with me this week or not? Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Grace,

      Of course, no problem. All the cats that I have had and have have slept and always sleep, well, where they want hehehe After castrating them I like to have them close at night, to have them more controlled.

      The only thing, when they cast it, put an old blanket on your bed or, if you have, a bedspread / soak so that the sheets or anything else do not get dirty, and above all so that the animal is in a sterile place and there is still a risk minor infection.