How to eliminate lice in cats?

Cat scratching his ear

Lice are external parasites that affect cats very often, especially if they are strays or have access to the outdoors. While they are not as contagious as fleas, they are just as annoying and must be removed to protect our friends.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to get rid of lice in cats.

How do I know if my cat has lice?

Lice are wingless insects that they measure a few millimeters and do not have wings or the ability to jump. There are about 3000 different species, and they are quite selective about the animals they make as hosts. The one that affects cats is Felicola subrostratus, that although it does not attack other animals or humans, it does harm other felines.

But how do you know if it has or not? For that, we will have to see if it shows these symptoms:

  • Intense itching: As a result, the animal scratches and could injure itself.
  • Wounds or thickening of the skin: due to scratching.
  • El hair is dirty and matted.

How are they removed?

Pipette for cats

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Lice are external parasites that can be removed with deworming pipettes that we will find for sale in veterinary clinics and in pet stores. Pipettes are like very light plastic bottles inside which is the antiparasitic liquid. They are opened, and it is applied on the cat's neck, in the part that joins the back. Generally, the treatment will have to be repeated once a month, but there are pipettes that last up to 6 months. Check with your vet for more information.

Another thing we can do is give him a bath with an antiparasitic shampoo, but if we have never bathed him before and, above all, if he is already an adult, I do not advise him since it would be a VERY stressful experience for him. And that's not to mention that our relationship with him could get cold. In the event that it was a puppy, we can bathe it by following the steps described in this other article.

I hope it has been useful to you 🙂.

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