Common cat ear diseases

Bengal cat

When we take the cats home it is very important that we bear in mind that from that moment on we take responsibility for them, which means that we are the ones who have to worry about their well-being. And there are many diseases that they can suffer if they live in the wrong environment and / or if they do not receive the necessary care. Even if they are happy with the family, it is impossible to protect them 100% from all dangers.

Therefore, this time I am going to talk to you about the common cat ear diseases, since although they are not usually serious, they are very annoying.



Is the inflammation of the inner ear tissue called the epithelium that protects the organ from external microorganisms. Its causes are diverse: mites, bacteria, fungi or foreign bodies. Affected cats will shake their heads and can scratch and seriously injure themselves.

The treatment consists of giving them antibiotics, putting an antiparasitic on them or removing the object depending on the case.

Feline notohedral mange

It is a very contagious disease caused by the mite Cati notoedres that nests in the skin of felines causing intense irritation, redness, restlessness and wounds. It is treated with antiparasitics, such as pipettes or injectable medications, although it is also advisable to give them some cream for cats so that the skin can heal better. You have more information here.


It is a very contagious disease caused by a type of fungus that affects the head, paws and ears of catsespecially in young people and those with long hair. The most common symptoms are itching, hairless patches, and circular lesions.

Treatment consists of applying ointments or creams, as well as giving oral medications in severe cases.

Solar dermatitis

It is caused by constant and prolonged exposure to the sun. They appear in cats that spend many days and a long time exposed to the star king, since the levels of melanin -which gives the coat its color- are reduced. Thus, scabs, ulcers, scaly skin appear on the ears. All this causes pain and itching, which will lead cats to scratch frequently causing injuries.

It is treated with specific ointments for cats, and of course not let them expose themselves to the sun. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

Pemphigus foliaceus

It is an autoimmune disease -that is, the body destroys itself by not differentiating the good cells from the bad- that affects the head of cats, especially the ears. Symptoms are: sores, shedding, lethargy, beak, discomfort, and pustules.

Treatment consists of giving medications such as corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, antibiotics, among others, as well as applying ointments to the affected areas.

Erimatous discoidea

It is another autoimmune disease that affects the nose, eyes and ears characterized by the appearance of open wounds, loss of color of the affected area, shedding of the coat and ulcers. There is no cure. Treatment consists of giving them antibiotic and immunosuppressive medications, as well as creams or ointments to relieve itching and / or pain.


It is a disease that affects the pinna of the ears, as a result of sudden shaking of the head or scratching very energetically. It is treated either with anti-inflammatories, or with surgery depending on the severity.


As you can see, there are several ear diseases that cats can have. To avoid them, there is nothing like taking them at least once a year to the vet for a check-up, and of course clean them carefully from time to time.

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