Why is my kitten panting

If your cat is panting, you should take him to the vet

When an adult cat pants, the first thing we have to do is worry, because it is not normal for these animals to pant. But if the one who does it is a kitten, the case could be even more serious if possible, because his life could be in danger.

With this in mind, we have to know why is my kitten panting and what to do so that the situation does not get worse.

There are some physiological causes why your cat may pant with its mouth open. It is necessary that you take it into account to know if it is a reason why you have to go to the vet or if it is not necessary.

High temperatures

Kittens can pant for a number of reasons. The most common is that of high temperatures. If we have a garden and we are in the middle of summer with 35ºC or more, if we see that they pant at first we will not be scared, since that is a way they have to regulate their body temperature. Now, if they are panting indoors and their rectal temperature is 39ºC or more, then we will have to take them to the vet as they will have a fever.

Heart or breathing problems

There are several reasons why a cat pants

Another cause is that they have cardiovascular disorders. Although they are not common in kittens, it is advisable to do a check-up if we suspect that they have a heart problem, especially if they come from the street, as they could have heartworm disease (filariasis), caused by parasites.

You may see him pant continuously or frequently, and always, it will be necessary to see a veterinary professional to make sure it is not a worrisome heart or breathing disease. We cannot rule out respiratory disorders, such as asthma. The kitten's body has to make a greater effort to be able to inhale the amount it needs of oxygen, for that reason, it is necessary to consult a professional as soon as possible.


Whether it is a kitten that goes outside or not, another cause of panting is poisoning. In the home and outside there are several products that are toxic to him. Once you ingest them, in addition to panting, you will have trouble breathing, excessive drooling, difficulty standing, nausea, and / or seizures. In these cases, the animal must be taken urgently to the veterinarian.

Flehmen's reflection

You may have ever seen your cat with its mouth open ... but not panting. This it usually happens when you have smelled something that you liked or that simply caught your attention. This is called the Flehmen reflex.

It is a reflex that occurs in cats thanks to their vomeronasal organ u Jacobson's organ. This organ is located between the palate and the nostrils of felines.

It is a reflex where the cat smells from its mouth and uses its tongue to move it towards this very special organ. This way you can analyze the smell deeply, although your goal is to analyze the pheromones in the urine of other cats and this way you know if it is male or female, if a feline is in heat, or if a territory is already owned.

Although in your home you can see your cat do this after smelling a blanket or a sock, for example. In this case, it is not necessary to take him to the vet.

He's very tired

Dogs do pant because they are tired but cats do not, since they always breathe through their noses. Therefore, panting is rare for a cat and it is normal for owners to be concerned if they see their cat pant.

Although cats, when they are tired because, for example, they have done a lot of exercise in a short period of time or when they are very hot, they can pant from time to time and will open their mouths. Once he rests, he will return to normal and close his mouth and stop panting.. In this case, you don't need to take him to the vet either.

Feel a lot of stress

Stress can make a cat pant

Cats can also feel very stressed at certain times, for example when they are in the carrier on the way to the vet. This acute stress can cause the cat to pant. Once the stress subsides and your cat is feeling better, it will stop panting so it's not something for you to worry about.

Pathologies that will make your cat pant with its mouth open

The points that we have just seen are not worrisome because they are punctual gasps and that pass by themselves when the cat returns to an optimal state of calm. But, on the other hand, there are some pathologies that can make cats gasp with their mouths open and that in addition, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

Has something in the mouth

For example, may have mouth problems, in the jaw, when something strange is stuck in it or if an insect has bitten it in the mouth. When this happens you will see how your cat eats less, has its mouth open all the time, panting or drooling. You may even have bad breath.


If your cat is panting and / or has an open mouth, it may be caused by anemia. The cat has fewer red blood cells (responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood) and must breathe faster and pant to achieve this. In this case, it is important to go to the vet to know how to help him.


If your cat is over 8 years old and you have noticed that he is panting, it is important to go to the vet to rule out hyperthyroidism. If you suffer from this disease you will also have noticed that you are losing weight but have not lost your appetite, but you eat more but lose weight.

You may have realized that there are many reasons why your cat may pant and / or have its mouth open. Some reasons are reasons to go to the vet and others are not. Sometimes it is something natural and in others it is necessary for a veterinary professional to assess his health to rule out any problem and above all, so that you can find the appropriate treatment in each specific case.

If your cat is panting, you should be concerned

As we can see, there are several reasons why a kitten can pant.

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  1.   they fall said

    my cat squirms and gasps someone can tell me what's wrong I'm scared

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Caren.
      You may have ingested something toxic. You should take him to the vet for examination and treatment.
      Much encouragement.

  2.   marian giraldo light said

    Hello, my name is Marina, I have a cat rescued from the street, I brought her to my house in December and today we are in February, she is already vaccinated, dewormed and operated on, she is approximately 7 months old, for a few days, she has run away, she writhes, gasps, drools, remains in a catatonic state with dilated pupils, in the process the furniture legs collide with the walls and does not complain, then she becomes tired, looking into the distance and contracts she begins to complain with sounds very sharp, then his breathing becomes very tight and after 5 minutes everything passes, this lasts about 10 minutes.

    I wonder my cat may have epileptic seizures or something similar.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Luz Marian.
      I can't tell you, I'm not a veterinarian. But it is certainly not "normal" what happens to him.
      I recommend taking her to a vet, just in case.