Why does my cat eat eagerly?

Cats eat eagerly sometimes

Mealtime should be a quiet time for everyone, whether they have two or four legs. But sometimes we come across a cat who seems to be in a hurry to finish his food and start doing other things. What can be done in these cases?

When my cat eats eagerly, I know the time has come to worry. It is not normal for me to eat so much and so fast. To help you, it is important to first know why you do it.

Why does my cat eat eagerly?

Cats may eagerly eat when nervous

Next we are going to see the reasons so that you can understand other reasons why your cat may be having this obsession with food and that is why he eats so eagerly.

It has been an orphan kitten

The cat that has not been fed by the mother, regardless of the reason, usually grows up giving the impression that it is always hungry. This is because while we bottle-feed it, we overprotect it so much that we don't want it to starve for a single minute, which is logical. A) Yes, The little one grows up knowing that he will always have food at his disposal and that no one is going to say anything to him about eating, so he takes advantage of it.

However, the mother does let the kittens go a little hungry. You have to if you want them to learn to look for their food on their own since she will not be by your side permanently.

Is suffering harassment

If in the home there is another living being (cat, dog or person) that does not leave you alone, that is, that chases or watches you all the time, that wants to always hold you in your arms and, in short, does not let you carry a calm life typical of a cat, it may feel that it has very little time to eat. When he finally finds a moment he eats quickly because he knows that sooner or later he will be bullied again.

He is nervous by nature

Nervous cats they tend to eat their food more quickly than the rest, not because they are leading a bad life but simply because they are like that. You have to be patient and try to find a solution to avoid choking.

Go hungry

We must ensure that the cat eats quietly

Your cat may have become obsessed with food because not being fed enough, because he is hungry and when you put him to eat he almost takes his breath away to finish everything.

It may be because he is very hungry or because if you have more cats, other times he has been left hungry when other cats have eaten from his feeder. So It is important that if you have more than one cat at home, each one has its own feeder and drinker.

Possibly later, everyone eats where everyone else eats, but there will be enough so that everyone eats their fair share and does not go hungry.

Normally, cats can eat on demand without problems because they ration their own food and they stop when they are satisfied. But if you have a cat that is too gluttonous, then you will have to ration the doses of food.

If this happens to you, you should know that cats can eat once or twice a day and it will be enough for them if the amount is enough.

Low quality food

You may think that the I think you are giving your cats is of good quality, but in reality it lacks nutrients and essential vitamins for them to have good health or to at least feel satisfied with having eaten.

If this is so, if the I think you are offering your cat is of low quality, it is normal for it to look for or ask for more food. You are not feeding him well and he needs nutrients! Talk to your vet for advice on a feed that really makes him feel satisfied and at the same time, take care of your health both internally and externally.

Cats need protein and food that is of good quality. It does not matter if you are young or older, the food must be appropriate for your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Cat eating
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Boredom and emotional problems

It can also happen that your cat wants to eat because he is bored, or that he has an emotional problem known as "psychogenic abnormal eating behavior". This means that your cat is addicted to food, with all the consequences that this can have on your health.

If this happens to you you will have to train him to modify his behaviorIf necessary, you will have to speak with a feline behavior expert to redirect this behavior. But this will only happen if you have symptoms such as:

  • After eating he wants to eat the food of other animals and even yours
  • Jump on the table to eat what's on it
  • He seems desperate when you are putting food in his feeder
  • Seeks constant attention from their owners
  • Eats objects or chews them even if they are not food

These symptoms are very important to take into account because in this way you will be able to know if it really is what happens to him to remedy it as soon as possible.

Other causes

Although what we have seen so far are the main reasons why a cat can eat with anxiety, there are others that we do not have to rule out:

  • He loves his foodHe enjoys it so much that he can't help but swallow it as quickly as he does.
  • He is sick: There are some diseases, such as hypothyroidism, suffering from thyroid imbalances or having diabetes, whose symptoms include an increase in appetite. But you should not be scared most of these ailments are treatable.

What to do to help you?

Cats should feel satisfied after eating

Once the cause is discovered, it is time to act. One of the things that usually works best is buying a special feeder for anxious animals, like this:

So the little you will have to work a bit to get your food, which will force you to eat more slowly. But in addition, it is very important that a safe and quiet place is provided where he can feed himself without having to worry about anything, such as your bedroom for example.

Also keep in mind that if you are being harassed we must establish certain limits so that everyone in the home can live together happily. We have to respect each of the members, otherwise problems will arise. If you have doubts about how to understand your cat, in this article We give you the keys so that your relationship is profitable for both of you.

If none of this helps your cat, then talk to your vet or an expert in case things don't improve. In the meantime, you can keep these tips in mind:

  • Pay attention to it and spend quality time with your cat
  • Give him good quality food
  • Give him wet food a couple of times a week in addition to his dry food
  • Add more water for him to drink and not get dehydrated and feel full for longer
  • Maintain some daily feeding routines (for example, twice a day), or give it more times during the day, but in smaller amounts
  • If he begs you for food, ignore him
  • Try to adapt your meal times to theirs to avoid conflicts of temptation
  • Don't give him extra food because you feel sorry for him

With these tips your cat will be better, for sure.

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