Why does my cat eat plastic

Green eyed cat

There are some behaviors of our cats that are extremely rare, such as eating things that are inedible. When this happens, there is always a cause behind that must be addressedBe it stress, anxiety, or even an eating disorder known as pica, which leads you to eat plastics, cloth, sand, in short, things that you shouldn't put in your mouth.

If your furry has started to do it, keep reading as we are going to tell you why does my cat eat plastic.

The cat is a much more sensitive animal than it seems, and any change in its routine can be traumatic, to the point that it can end with depression and / or anxiety. But also, it must be taken into account that you need to have your basic needs covered: both food and physical exercise.

And it is that we rarely think about it, but if you do not do any exercise, if you spend the day at home without moving, you are going to get so bored that you are going to do whatever it takes to unload that energy that you carry inside. One of those things can be eating plastic. So, Why do you eat these kinds of things?

Relaxed cat

There are many reasons why you can do it, which are:

  • Boredom: since he has nothing better to do, he chews on plastic.
  • You like the sound: so much so that sometimes instead of playing with it, you can ingest it.
  • It has a pleasant taste: there are some plastics that have a taste that cats like.
  • You feel pain or discomfort in your teeth: so he chews the plastic for relief.
  • You have anxiety or stress: If you are very anxious or stressed, that nervousness can cause a reaction to lick or chew on the plastic.
  • Seeks to clean your teeth: sometimes you might just try to wipe them off.
  • You want to ease digestion: When you eat much more than you are used to, you may lick or chew the plastic without swallowing it in order to relieve the feeling of heaviness in your stomach. And it is that this way the digestive enzymes arrive somewhat faster to said organism, reason why the food begins to digest before.

Still, if you see your friend eat the plastic, it is important not to let it go. It is not normal for him to do so, and in fact it can be very harmful, since he could choke or end up having problems breathing, so it does not hurt to pay a visit to the vet.

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