What to do when a cat has a fever

Sad cat

We all wish our friend was always healthy, but unfortunately, there will be times throughout his life when the animal will be sick. One of the symptoms that we will notice immediately is fever. One day, when caressing him or when picking him up, we will realize that your body is hotter than normal.

Therefore, it is important to know what to do when a cat has a fever. This way we can start treatment as soon as possible, preventing your health from getting worse.

Causes of fever in cats

There are several reasons why a cat may have a fever, including: flu, cold, cancer, viral or bacterial illnesses, viral infections, lupus, or even some medications may cause you to have these symptoms.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that fever is just that, a symptom. The cat could be having a very serious illness, which could be life-threatening.

How to know if my cat has a fever

The body temperature of a healthy cat must be between 38 and 39ºC; when it is higher, it is because your body is fighting viruses, bacteria, or because you have a tumor. To take its temperature, you will need a digital rectal thermometer, lubricant (like Vaseline) and a clean cloth.

Then follow this step by step:

  1. Clean the thermometer.
  2. Cover the tip with a little lubricant.
  3. Lift the cat's tail, and insert the tip into its rectum.
  4. When the thermometer stops, carefully remove it and observe the temperature.

If necessary, have someone hold the cat by the front leg area.

Treatment of fever in cats

If the thermometer indicates that the feline has a fever, it will be time to start treating it. How? As follows:

  • You have to keep the cat hydrated. If you see that he does not drink, you will have to give it to him with a syringe without a needle. Give it little by little, keeping the animal standing on its legs or lying down; You should never put it in an upright position, as it could choke.
  • Feed him canned cat food of quality, without by-products or cereals. They smell a lot more than dry feed, so you probably won't hesitate to eat.
  • Put it in a warm room and comfortable.
  • Twice a day, place cold wet compresses on its forehead, legs, abdomen and groin. Leave it to act for a few minutes, and then dry it well so that it does not get cold.

Sick cat

If in 48 hours you do not see any improvement, you should go to the vet.

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