What are cats

Young tricolor cat

Cats are incredible animals. They have been the only members of the feline family who have wanted to live with humans, thus building a unique relationship between the animal kingdom. We believe that we have domesticated them, but in reality the friendship that unites us is maintained because we accept their norms in exchange for the great love they give us.

But Do we know what cats really are? 

What are cats like?

Bicolor cats

Cats belong to the species Felis catus, that is, they are felines, in the same way as lions, tigers, pumas, among others. The body of these animals is made by and for hunting, so they are carnivores, which means that to survive they must hunt their prey and feed on them. This is something that is not too difficult for them, since they can hear the sound of a mouse from 7 meters away thanks to their evolved sense of hearing, and they also have excellent night vision.

They are compact, agile and have a very good memorySo much so that they can learn new things through observation and experience. They weigh between 4 and 7kg (or more, if it is of a special breed, such as the Savannah, which is a hybrid cat of up to 11kg).

They are generally solitary and very territorial animalsBut this may change if they have been abandoned or have a very sociable character. Although, yes, you should know that they will always want to have a place where they can go every time they want to spend some time alone.

Life expectancy is about 20 years, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the diet they are given, whether they are neutered or not (neutered cats live longer than those that are "whole", since they do not need to go looking for a partner and , therefore, they do not fight), and whether or not they go outside (generally, if they stay at home they live longer than those who go out).

What is the cat's habitat?

Currently, we find cats close to where we live since that is where they have safe food and possible shelter. But in the past they lived in forests, dense thickets and weeds, which is where the wild or mountain cat lives (Felis silvestris) direct ancestor of the feline who shares the sofa with us.

Where do cats live?

Cats live all over the world

Today we find cats around the world: on the coast, inland, in the mountains, in the desert ... The problem is that humans have urbanized the planet so much and created so many dangers, that often the best home for the feline is precisely ours: home, floor, apartment, but not the street.

Be careful: there are cats that cannot be locked up, such as feral cats, for example, which are animals that were born and raised outside, with almost no human contact. In order to ensure that they live happily and safely, it is convenient - whenever possible, of course - to take them to a very large park or garden, or to make them a wide shelter closed on all four sides.

What do cats eat?

The cats They are animals that are made by and for hunting small animals, especially rodents and small birds. We often see them play and even kill other types of animals, such as insects or even small snakes, but it is not very common for them to feed on them.

When they live with humans, or when they are cared for by humans, they eat feed, either dry or wet, or rarely Barf or homemade food. The latter is the best that can be offered, since it is to take care of their body, their instinct, and ultimately of them as predators that they are.

But of course, feed is very convenient for us, as we simply have to open and serve. And nothing happens: they will be very good if they do not contain cereals (They do not have the necessary enzymes to digest them well, which can cause health problems in the short or medium term) or by-products (no one in their right mind would eat skins, spikes, fats, ..., unless they were fooled with dyes and often artificial flavorings).

Once this is known, a question arises: do we always leave food freely available or do we give it divided into several doses? Well, there are opinions for all tastes. Me I recommend having their plate always full for various reasons:

  • It is very comfortable and reassuring: especially if you are a very busy person or who spends several hours outside. Keep in mind that cats eat several times a day, a little at a time.
  • The cat can eat whenever it wants: if the food that is given is of high quality, it will regulate the amount of food it consumes, which by the way will be small because being rich in animal protein, it will be satisfied soon.
  • Food anxiety is avoided: what can happen to cats that eat only when their people want.

Cat breeds

There are more than 40 breeds of cats, but the most popular are:

Common european or roman

Black common cat

It is what we see in the streets, shelters, etc. They are magnificent animals, weighing up to 7-8kg (Females somewhat less), with a coat color that can vary greatly from individual to individual; in fact, it can be bi or tricolor, black, white, orange, gray or orange tabby, ...

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The Persian cat is calm

It is a breed of cat characterized by having a long coat, of varied colors, a rounded head and a flat nose. They are medium to large in size, and their character is usually calm, so much so that if you are used to dealing with European cats, for example, it may surprise you (I speak from experience 🙂).

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The ragdoll is a beautiful breed

It is a breed originally from California, in the 1960s. They have a reputation for being very loving and dependent, as well as precious. Its fur is white, with the head, back and tail of shades of brown.

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The sphinx cat has almost no hair

Known as the sphinx cat, it is a breed that is the result of a natural genetic mutation that occurred in Canada. In the 60s some breeders began to select kittens and later cross them, so today we have cats without apparent hair with triangular heads, large eyes, and a medium-sized body to medium long.

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