The common European cat, the mongrel of the streets

Mongrel cat

El european common cat it is the domestic feline animal par excellence. All those who decide to have him as a furry companion affirm that he can be very affectionate, but that he will only offer his friendship if you know how to win it.

In addition, there are no known serious diseases, except those that can affect cats, such as colds, flu, and others. But even so, it is a very resistant animal that we will hardly see getting sick. Let's know more about this beautiful cat.

The body of the European common cat

This furry man has a robust, strong and muscular body. Males weigh around 4-5kg and can reach 6-7kg, while females do not exceed 4kg. The head is rounded, with straight and well separated ears. The eyes are large, very expressive, of a color that can be green, yellowish-green or brown. The fur it's very diverse: it can be long, short or semi-long, and of very different colors, to the point that it can be only one color, two colors (two-color) or three-color.

Behavior of the common European cat

This is an ideal cat to have especially in rural areas, where he can go out for a walk and perfect his hunting techniques. But it must also be said that adapts to living in a flat; Of course, it is highly recommended that we provide you with a scratcher and toys, so that in this way you can have a great time while you are away.

By the way, you should know that he takes a lot of love and trust from the person who takes care of him, to the point that you might even think that he behaves like a dog, wanting to follow you everywhere. It can thus become very affectionate, but only if as a puppy he has been properly socialized with people.

European common kitten

Do you dare to live with a common European cat?

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  1.   Virginia Jimenez said

    I have two common Europeans and the youngest is extremely affectionate. He always wants to be close to me. I love it but sometimes it tires me. haha .. I love him anyway.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Yes, sometimes they don't want to be separated from us for a moment 🙂

  2.   Patricia said

    My son one day arrived with a common European kitten, the truth is I had never had a pet cat and I have to confess that I did not like them, but this kitten has stolen my heart, she is very affectionate, she follows me everywhere, super adorable , already in our home it is the most spoiled .. It is part of our family.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      These animals are very loved. Congratulations 🙂