Nosebleeds in Cats


Does your cat bleed from the nose? There are many reasons why a feline can have a nosebleed: from a simple blow to something much more serious, such as poison or even cancer, so in any case, a visit to the vet is very important .

Let's know more about nosebleeds in cats.

Why does my cat bleed from the nose?

A cat can bleed from the nose for any reason, the most common being the following:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Tumors that grow in the nose, especially if it is a cat that has a white nose (here you have more information on this topic).
  • Having ingested something you shouldn't, like rat poison (what to do if you have a poisoned cat)
  • Parasites
  • Oral infections.
  • Trauma to the nose as a result of cat fighting or accidents.
  • Presence of a foreign body.

Treatment of nosebleeds in cats

It will depend on the cause, but as first aid you can take a sterile gauze and press for 5 minutes. But if after that time he does not stop bleeding, or if he presents other symptoms such as sneezing, fever, seizures, loss of appetite, and / or breathing problems, we must take him to the vet as soon as possible, since his life could be in danger.

Only he will be able, through tests, to know exactly why he has the nosebleed, and to give him the most appropriate treatment, which may be, among others, to administer an antiparasitic, perform surgery, or a stomach wash.

Cat nose

Cats can sometimes bleed from the nose, especially if they go outside. In these cases, I advise you not to let them go out except during the day, since in the evening they are most active and, therefore, when there is more risk of a problem arising. Anyway, I insist, if he has any bleeding, take him to the vet. The sooner a diagnosis can be made, the sooner you will recover.

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  1.   Daniela said

    My tiger cat does not stop bleeding and I don't know what to do, she has been like this for 4 days and I see improvements and the worst thing is that there is no money for a vet she has 7 months and 3 children with skin problems from birth my cat is from the street and She always goes out and knows how to eat cockroaches and mice she was very active until she started with small drops of blood but now the blood reaches her mouth she can eat tuna, seeds and water and milk or it makes her worse. I NEED HELP

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Daniela.
      You can clean it with hydrogen peroxide and then add iodine, but it should be seen by a vet if it doesn't improve.
      A greeting.

  2.   yury munoz said

    Good morning, my cat was down, she was unwell and had a fever, I took her to the vet and she told me that they would do some tests to see if she had an infection, the results went well, then I returned home the next day blood began to come out of her nose and I can't. take her to the vet I call him and he tells me that it is normal but for me it is not normal
    what could i do in this case

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yury.
      I'm sorry but I can't tell you, I'm not a veterinarian.
      Try to stop the bleeding with sterile gauze and water.
      Hopefully it improves.
      Cheer up.

  3.   Ana said

    Hello, this month I have taken a cat that I gave him food and took care of, to the vet because he has not come for a month, I thought he was dead, and he appeared with his tail without skin and without hair, he was from the street, But he was very handsome and strong, I took him to the vet and after looking at him a lot, they told me it was better to euthanize him, the cat was sedated, and I was with him the whole time until they told me that they would euthanize him Well, they wrapped it up with two diapers and I took it to the farmhouse to bury it, I took off the diapers and I saw that it had blood in its nose and a lot, and it is strange because I have seen how they euthanize cats that I have found run over and badly and I have never seen blood in the nose, I would like to know why that blood, first they sedated him and then they sent me out to euthanize him, which I have never been scared when it comes to taking away their suffering, but they sent me leave. Please tell me what that blood is due to, thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      He may have had some internal bleeding. I don't know, I'm not a veterinarian.
      All I can do is send you encouragement.
      A greeting.

  4.   Lourdes said

    Good morning there is a stray kitten that we have been taking care of for a long time, he had a cold and I take amoxicilane, special syrup for hoarseness and also echinacea to increase his defenses, he is recovered, but even when obstructed by a nostril he has mumps with a bit of blood, thank you very much for your advice,

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lourdes.

      We recommend you take him to the vet. We cannot prescribe any medication because we are not veterinarians, but also because it is dangerous to give medication to an animal without knowing it.

      Greetings and encouragement. We hope you recover.