My cat staggers when walking, how can I help it?

Cat walking

The way the cat walks is elegant, and very curious since in reality it is the toes of its paws (and not the feet themselves) that support the entire weight of the animal; something very similar to what ballet dancers do when they are demonstrating their art 🙂.

However, when problems arise, it is impossible to avoid worrying. So if you are wondering why my cat wobbles when walking, Next I will explain why this can happen and what should be done so that the furry improves as soon as possible.

What is balance?

Cat walking

The equilibrium, that is, what keeps us all in a suitable position taking into account our body, is closely associated with a fluid found in the middle ear. When we get dizzy, it is because something has happened that has destabilized said liquid.

To understand it better, let's imagine that we carry a glass of water. We are very careful not to drop it, but before any unexpected push, that water moves a lot and some of it may end up precisely on the ground. The liquid that we have in our ears would be like that water that the glass contains.

Why is my cat wobbling?

There are several reasons why the cat can stagger:


La otitis is an ear infection caused by multiple reasons: Mites, presence of foreign objects (such as spikes), trauma in the area or a lowering of defenses. Symptoms are: severe itching leading to scratching a lot, general malaise, head shaking, self-induced injury (from scratching), in addition to those you may have if you are sick (loss of appetite and / or weight, vomiting, etc.).

In any case, you have to take him to the vet to tell us what he has and what to do to help him.


That the cat always lands on its feet and that it has seven lives is a big lie. In order for it to fall on its four legs, it must fall (or jump) from a height that allows it to rotate its body, but we must not forget that it is a living being that, like everyone else, has only one life. If you fall on something or if at that moment a car passes and hits or runs over you, you will have a hard time.

If you are always at home, it will be difficult for you to suffer such serious accidents, but it may happen that, without realizing it, we step on it, for example, or that we drop a heavy object. In most cases, rest will be enough, but if he complains a lot, if he does not support his leg or if we see him really bad, he should be taken to the vet to get an X-ray, give him pain reliever medicine, and sell the leg if necessary.

Spinal problems

If the cat has hind limb weakness or hardly uses its hind legs, it may have spinal problems. And it is that both the cerebellum and the peripheral nervous system are responsible for the mobility of the cat, so if there are problems in those areas, such as a herniated disc for example, it can be wobbly when walking.

So if you show those symptoms you have to urgently take him to the vet since it could require a surgical intervention.

Inadequate diet

Cat eating

We are what we eat. If we give our cat a diet rich in cereals, it is most likely that he will end up having health problems for lack of nutrients and proteins that your body needs. We cannot forget that it is a carnivore, which means that it must eat meat.

So to avoid problems it is important to read the label of the ingredients and stay only with those that have, at least, 70% animal protein (and not vegetable).

And with this we are done. We hope that the article has been useful to you and that you can know why your cat is wobbling.

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