How to regain the confidence of a cat?

Cats need to follow a routine

The relationship that the cat has with the human is almost the same that it has with another member of its species. What does this mean? The feline will behave in the way it deems appropriate depending on the treatment it receives. Unlike the dog, if something is done to him that greatly displeases him, we will have to make an effort - more or less, that will also depend on the furry himself - to regain his confidence.

For this reason, day by day, counting from the first, we have to do everything possible so that he lives happily with us. After all, we are the ones who have decided to live with him. Still, problems can always arise, so if you need to know how to regain the trust of a cat, do not stop reading.

Why can we lose the trust of a cat?

Cats need to feel loved

First of all, it is important that we know why that trust has been lost, since otherwise it will be quite difficult for us to know what to do to regain it. The most common reasons are the following:

  • The cat has felt ignored: the most typical situation is that the cat spends all day alone at home, and when his human family returns they hardly pay any attention to him despite the fact that he loves him very much.
  • Has been mistreated: abuse is not only physical, it is also verbal. It is true that the cat does not understand the meaning of our words, but it does know a lot about tones and voice volume. If your humans yell and / or hit you, if they play loud music, if they harass you,… the animal will live in fear and, of course, it will learn not to trust humans.

And, ultimately, if we do anything that may upset him such as forcing him to be in a place where it is evident that he does not like it, for example, or if we do not show affection or play with him.

How to regain the confidence of a cat?

Firstly, we have to be aware that a cat is a living being that will need care throughout its life. By "care" I don't just mean water and food, but also a safe and comfortable place where you can live. In addition, we have to show him, on a daily basis, how much we care with games, caresses, and also with the occasional can (wet food) for cats from time to time.

If we have adopted a cat that has been abused, or if for whatever reason lately we have not paid due attention to it, we have to be very patient with him y observe your body to understand what it is trying to tell us. You should go slowly. We must never force the situation.

When we go to caress him, we will first let him smell our hand and then, if he has not snorted or been nervous, we will gently and slowly caress his back. And if you still do not want to receive pampering, nothing happens, there will be time for it. We will invite you to play every day and little by little you will understand that we will not do you any harm.

Is your cat happy or not?

You can regain your cat's trust with patience

It is important that although we have given you some advice above, you know how to identify whether your cat is happy with you or not. If when he sees you, his pupils are dilated, his ears are flattened, and his body is crouched, then he is probably not at ease. with your presence and will want to flee.

If he is afraid, he will hide in a corner of the house. If you have never done it before, it is because something has happened that has caused you fear and you are scared… it is possible that you have lost your confidence.

It is important that you find out what your cat did not like and that you control what you do not like. Although if you are not sure what can happen to him, then you can follow the following tips to try to gain his confidence again.

Give it space

Give your cat space to feel safe and encouraged to feel your affection and affection again. Your feline will come to you when he feels ready, but you should not force him to do so if he is still suspicious. Respect the time when it can be ready. You must have patience for it.

Never take him in your arms if you realize that he does not want to, because you could take a good blow. If you catch him and he squirms, let go of him and let it go its own way. It is a sign that you need your own space.

If he doesn't want you to ever pick him up, then let him tell you when you want to be caressed and do it with all your love once he lets you do it.

Be gentle

When he allows you to caress him, it is a way of telling you that he trusts you again, even if he does not let you pick him up. Spontaneously following you or rubbing against your legs is also a good sign.

You can try stroking him while he sleeps on his head or between his ears and even his chin to see if he accepts it. But if your cat doesn't want to, avoid it. You can also try brushing with gentle and slow movements. This will make him feel good around you.

Play with him

When you notice that it begins to approach you, it will be a good idea to start trying play with him. You can do this to rebuild trust and make your feline feel that you really love him., you respect him and that you like to spend time with him.

You can use a cat toy or something that he likes to play with like a rope or a roll of cardboard ... anything for him to enjoy with you is welcome. Remember that it is playtime and that you must give him your full attention so that he truly feels loved.

That routines are not lacking

Routines are important for humans, but also for cats. They like to know what will happen next. Therefore, look for a routine in different spaces of your home to pass it by your side.

You can combine play and rest. The schedules with your cat is important so keep it in mind in your day to day.

Lunch time

Giving your cat treats every now and then (cat-friendly treats) is also a good idea to keep her trust in you. You can reward their good behavior.

Also, feed it yourself and thus you will establish a very close bond with your cat, since they always prefer those people who care about their food. Give him prizes in your hand so that he knows that you are the one who loves him.

Interactions should always be positive because if your cat is afraid again because of a reprimand, trust may be broken again and that recovering the bond will be even more difficult.

If he does not want to or hides, do not chase him or force him to eat from your hand. Be patient and allow him to do it when he feels ready.

You have to give the cat food to gain his trust

If, despite our efforts, the months go by and we do not get any improvement, it is highly recommended to consult an ethologist or feline therapist.

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