How to earn a cat's trust

Cat pawing a human

Would you like to be your cat's best friend? If so, you should know that, although it is a task that can be quite easy, it requires time and patience. You cannot expect to gain the trust of a feline in two days.

Still, I guarantee that after all the effort, the rewards will come. For this reason, I am going to explain to you how to earn a cat's trust.

Give him security

Before talking about petting, it is important to make sure that the furry will live in a quiet and safe environment. Has to be able to camp to your heart's content, see and explore everything in your new home (except dangerous objects and cables, of course) without being disturbed by other furry people or people. Likewise, you never have to force him to anything, but what you have to do is let the feline himself be the one to set the rhythm of the relationship.

In addition, it is very necessary that he can go to a room by himself whenever he wants. In it there must be the essentials which are toys, a scraper, bed, food and water, but also some piece of our clothing that carries our scent.

Spend time

In order for us to earn your trust, it is important to spend as much time as possible and be patient. It is essential to learn to interpret your body language Well that will be the way in which the furry will tell us what he wants and how he feels at all times.

Daily we have to play with himeither with a rope or a ball, and let him snuggle close to us. The first few times it is more than likely that it will not come very close, but nothing happens, we will wait. Sooner rather than later we can be sure that he will want us to pet him.

Don't make noises

Cats are able to hear the sound of a mouse from 7 meters away. If we yell at him and / or make loud noises, we will scare him and the animal will not be happy. If you do something wrong, we don't have to mistreat him (Actually, mistreating an animal is forbidden by law whatever the reason that leads a person to treat his, what should be, four-legged friend like that), Instead, we must say "NO" firmly but without shouting at the moment, wait 4 seconds and redirect their behavior with treats or toys.

Cat with human

The human-cat relationship must be a relationship between equals. Only then can we both have a good coexistence.

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