Who was Don Gato, the faithful pet of Auronplay

Don Gato, Auronplay pet

Losing a pet, when you have been with it for several days, weeks, months or years, is a sad situation that makes all animal lovers shrink. And in this case, when those stories go viral, even more so. Auronplay announced on April 26, 2021 that his faithful pet, Don Gato, had died of an illness.

"I am devastated and at the same time full of rage and anger", were the words that the youtuber published on Twitter about the death of his feline. But who was Don Gato? How was the coexistence between Auronplay and his cat? We'll tell you then.

Who was Don Gato

Who was Don Gato

Don Gato was a black cat with green eyes. He was 8 years old and was Auronplay's mascot. Together with Roma, another of his pets, they have starred in his streaming videos from time to time, either getting in the way, or even making the youtuber participate.

Thus, the followers were getting to know how this feline lived with the youtuber, and how the two had fun at their home in Andorra.

Don Gato came into her life in November 2013. His first photograph, on Instagram, was published on December 7, 2013, while he was still very young. In fact, the cameras and him have always been closely related. And it is that he also shared with him a presentation video in which he introduced his followers to his new pet, a small kitten that almost fit in the palm of his hand, black, playful but very patient as he had it in arms.

Have you ever asked Auronplay what he would do if Don Gato escapes and he has replied: Let's hope that never happens. But if this happens I will fall into a depression. I'd cry for like 3 months. I don't know how you can love an animal so much.

In addition, he has also had to face another tough question: What would happen if Don Gato dies? «The day my cat dies, I die too. Only those of us who have pets know the pain that the death of a pet can cause.

How was the life of the Auronplay mascot

Don Gato was one of Auroplay's best "friends". In fact, many are of the opinion that It changed the life of the youtuber and the feline has been a star in many of his videos. In fact, on YouTube we can find some videos in which Auronplay played with him, or The Adventures of Don Gato, a video in which the undisputed protagonist was him.

He lived next to him, along with Roma, another of the pets that the youtuber has and he has always been well cared for, as a good animal lover that he is. You could tell that he loved him very much and that he was always by his side, especially when he needed him.

Of course, in the words of Auronplay himself, the cat had learned to "pass from him" and ignore him, but we already know that in felines they say much more than words and in the videos you can see how it was capable to communicate through them.

The day to day of Don Gato he loved to sunbathe, naps and did not like to go outside. Despite having many toys, scratchers, etc. the normal thing is that he was always near Auronplay, either next to him or on top of him, a sign of the affection he had.

There are many funny moments between Don Gato and Auronplay. He has always been part of the videos, even without wanting to, since he was able to get into them without even being invited, but enchanting the followers, who came to see him as another protagonist and asked him when they did not see him.

Unfortunately, and despite the fact that Don Gato was not a "very old" feline, since he was only 8 years old, an illness caused him to be admitted to a veterinary hospital in Andorra and, finally, it could not overcome the gravity picture.

We send all our encouragement to Auronplay in a difficult and sad time like this.

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