Why does my cat's eyes cry

Adult cat gaze

The eyes of a cat are, without a doubt, one of the parts of the body of the feline that attracts the most attention. They are able to see at night, something that no human can do without a night vision device.

When they are not healthy it is easy to worry; in fact, this is what every responsible caregiver should do. Therefore, if you are wondering why my cat's eyes cry, then we will tell you what are the possible causes and how you can fix it.


Our furry friend may have an allergy to… anything: pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, etc. When that happens, the body reacts with sneezing and coughing, but also with eye discharge. To find out exactly, you have to take him to the vet to do the necessary tests.


The cat, like human beings, can fall ill from time to time throughout its life. Vaccination, high-quality food (without grains or by-products) and a safe environment where it is cared for with care can greatly reduce the risk of this happening. But it is a living being and viruses and bacteria can infect you at any time.

It is important to take him to the vet to find out the origin of the infection to start treating him, if necessary, with antibiotics.

Lacrimal blocked

The feline has a tear duct that is a tube that is at one end of the eye where the tears come out towards the nose. If it becomes blocked, regardless of whether it is from an infection, scratch, or inward-growing eyelashes, there is an excess of tears that remain around the eye. If it is not cleaned or treated, a scab ends up.

If we suspect that he has a blocked tear duct, we should take him to the vet. In some cases, it may not require treatment, but if you are losing vision or if an eyelash is growing inward, you will be given antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or, in the latter case, the eyelash will be removed in a surgical operation.

Strange object

If the cat leads a completely normal life and has healthy eyes, that is, they are not red or appear to have an infection, it is most likely that just have something inside, like a hair. The eye reacts by producing more tears to get rid of this object, in the same way that ours have more ocular secretions when, for example, an eyelash or a grain of earth falls inside us.

In these cases there's nothing to do. In a matter of minutes to a few hours the animal will have managed to get rid of that annoyance. Even so, if we see that the problem persists for more than a day, we will have to take it to the vet.

Tabby cat eyes

As we can see, there are several reasons why our friend may have more eye secretions than normal. You have to be attentive and observe it to detect any possible problem. This way, they will be able to diagnose it early, which will serve to start treatment as soon as possible so that it improves.

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