Allergy in cats

Cat with allergy

We all know that cats cause allergies in some people, but they too can be allergic to something. And, in addition, practically everything that gives us an allergy, also gives it to them.

Do you want to know everything about the allergy in cats?

As allergic to pollen, I can tell you that this "disease" can be really very annoying. Also for cats. But do we know what allergy is? Allergy is just one overreaction immune system to an allergen. This reaction is caused by an immune system that is a little weak (enough for the person or animal to show symptoms such as sneezing or tearing, and even in severe cases, asthma, but not so much that it cannot fight viruses, fungi or bacteria that could harm the health of the 'victim').

Cat with normal eyes

Allergy symptoms in cats

The most frequent symptoms are:

  • Sneezing: It is important not to confuse sneezing caused by allergies, which you can do when you smell a very strong smell (like cologne, for example). The first will always be one more symptom, not the only one.
  • Tearing: especially if you have allergies to pollen or dust, we can often see that your eyes are very bright, wet, as if you want to cry.
  • Itchiness: This is a very common symptom in cases of flea allergy. You have to watch the cat well since it can make an injury trying to relieve the itch.
  • Clear nasal discharge: The cat's nose must always be slightly damp, but when it begins to secrete transparent liquid for several days in a row ... we will have to start worrying.

What can a cat be allergic to?

Unfortunately, to many things:

  • Cleaning
  • Insecticides
  • Plants
  • Poland
  • Some meals
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Flea saliva
  • Mushrooms

Thus, if your cat has permission to go outside, it is advisable to keep it indoors, at least during the days or weeks in which it is not well.

Treatment of allergy in cats

It will depend on what you are allergic to, but generally avoid coming into contact with the allergen that is causing your symptoms. If you think your cat is allergic to something, don't give it to him anymore; and if you have an allergy to fleas, put insecticides to keep it protected.

Allergy in cats

Allergy can be a very serious problem, but with patience and pampering your furry, it will surely feel much better 🙂.

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