What do I do if my cat urinates everywhere

Black and white cat in an apartment

The cat, in general, is a very clean furry, which learns easily and quickly to relieve itself in its litter tray; however, sometimes we can find one who urinates anywhere.

If yours is like that, then I will explain to you what do i do if my cat urinates everywhere.

Give him a grain-free diet

Cereals are ingredients that the cat not only does not need but can also cause Food Allergy. One of the symptoms of this disease is, precisely, urinating all over the place, so that one way to prevent this from happening is to feed them high-quality food, rich in animal protein and free from grains.

Keep the tray clean

If a cat relieves itself anywhere, it is usually because it has a dirty litter box or in a bad place. To get him to stop doing it, we have to remove their stools daily and do a thorough cleaning once a week. But also, we have to place her in a quiet room, away from the laundry room, but also from her food since she doesn't like having her feeder near her toilet.

Take him to castrate

The neutered cat, that is, one from which the reproductive glands have been removed, is an animal that you won't have as much need to mark your territory. And that's not to mention that his character becomes much calmer.

Take care of it as it deserves

When the animal lives with Stress you will urinate where you feel safest. This can be on the bed, in a corner, ... wherever. For your own good, and also for ours, it is important that we treat him well, that we give him affection and reward him from time to time with cans of wet cat food.

Seek professional help if necessary

It cannot be ruled out that the cat has some disease, such as the cystitis. If nothing we've done so far has worked, we'll need to take him to the vet for a check-up and treatment.

Gray Tabby Cat

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  1.   Almu said

    Hello Monica!
    Our fourth cat was a cascade of urine all over the house. The three that we already had didn't take it very well being an adult as she is; especially the other female. Over time it began to subside, but every few days, and even from one day to the next, the bed appeared wet (which did not happen at first). It is already solved, but it cost us. With a mixture of Felyway in spray and closing the door when we are not, so that they notice that we control the access to the room, the problem has disappeared.
    Greetings and congratulations on your blog!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Almu.
      I'm glad you could solve the problem 🙂
      A greeting.