Why doesn't my cat meow

Meowing cat

One day you wake up and notice how something happens to your cat. He tries to tell you something, but he can't make a sound. Will you have throat problems? It is certainly a possibility, but there are others that should be kept in mind.

So let's know why doesn't my cat meow, and what we can do to help you recover as soon as possible.

When do cats meow?

Cats start to meow from babies

The meow is a characteristic sound of cats, but although we find it difficult to believe it, it is one of the skills that they use the least. They start to meow when they are very small, since they are born, although it is true that at such an early age more than a meow is a shriek for their mother to approach them so they can suckle and / or be protected from the cold.

With the passing of the days and especially the weeks, that shriek, that very high-pitched desperate cry, will become a more developed "meow". And as the little ones continue to grow, they will use oral language whenever they want / seek / need something.

The meow of cats, what does it mean?

In the same way that humans use different words to express ourselves, cats use different tones of voice. Thus, for example we know that:

  • Long low meow, like a howl: It is a threat sound, to try to avoid a major conflict (fights) that could end badly.
  • Snarl: be it short or long. They do it for the same reason as the previous one, but in this case, it is more common for the most fearful cats to do it.
  • Scream of pain: It is a very high-pitched, sudden, and very loud scream. They do it when they feel pain (for example, when a human steps on it accidentally) or after mating.
  • »Miaou» to dry: a short meow, normal tone of voice (neither high-pitched nor low-pitched). It does not have a single meaning: it can be a simple greeting, or that you want someone's attention, or that you meow because you have seen something.
  • Short but continuous meows: Some may be a little longer, but the tone of voice is cheerful, it is a bit sharp. It is what they emit when they know that we are going to give them a special meal (can of wet food for example), or when they are very happy to see us.

My cat meows when alone, why?

When a cat meows when feeling lonely, he does it precisely to stop being it. The meow becomes a wake-up call, a "come to my side" or "don't leave me alone." If he is older, that is, if he is ten years old or older, he may be senile dementia.

My cat won't stop meowing at the door, what to do?

The cat that meows at the door is because it wants to leave

If it is the front door to the home ...

If it is an animal that at some point in its life has been abroad, that feeling of freedom will never forget it. Therefore, when he meows at the door, it is usually because he wants to leave. Then, to avoid getting frustrated, what you need to do is spend quality time with him, play with him for at least one hour a day, let him accompany us to the sofa while we watch television or rest,… In short, let's make life with him.

If it is any other door in the house ...

No cat likes closed doors, since you need to control your »territory», in full. This gives you security. So if he meows at the doors inside the house, and unless there is something dangerous for him in that closed room, open them 😉.

My cat meows when it goes to the sand, what is the cause?

The issue of sand and the tray is more complicated than it seems. It is important to understand that cats do not like that their private toilet is right next to the garbage container, or their food, or in a noisy or busy room.

In addition, the more natural sand and the less dust it releases, the better. Let's avoid scented and low-quality ones. It is better to spend a little more than to buy one that does not absorb urine or bad odors. There are several types, and it must be borne in mind that each cat has its preferences, so to avoid spending too much money, I recommend you take a look at the offers that they usually have, especially in online stores of animal products so that you can try .

And by the way don't forget to remove urine and feces every day, and cleaning the tray once a week or so.

But if everything is fine and he still meows, do not hesitate to take him to the vet as we could be talking about some cystitis or infection.

Why do cats meow at night? And how to avoid it?

There are two possible reasons:

  • It's mating season, with which the non-neutered cats will be in heat and the cats will try to find them.
  • or is it that they feel lonely.

If it is the former, they can be castrated (that is, the reproductive glands removed) and thus they will no longer have that need to mate. But if it's the latter, you have to do what we said before: spend quality time with them.

Why doesn't my cat meow?

Adult cat

There are several causes:

He is sick

Cats and humans share some diseases, and one of them is laryngitis, which causes an inflammation of the throat. If you eat or drink something that is too cold, especially if you do it in autumn or winter, the risk that you will end up with aphonia is very high. Now, the normal thing is that it happens in a few days.

Have stress

Another reason may be that it is stressed. Yes, it may seem a bit strange, but a high degree of stress will cause your friend to lose his voice. If you hear a hoarse meow, this is likely their way of responding to a change in their routine and / or environment. For example, if there is a new member of the family, or if you are moving, it may show symptoms of illness ... even and being healthy. This means that, in addition to aphonia, you may have vomiting, diarrhea, and / or loss of appetite.

Stress in cats
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How to avoid stress in cats?

However, sometimes it happens that the aphonia of the cat does not stop. It will be then that we have to worry, since you may have a disease that needs to be treated. One cause of a serious respiratory infection is the inhalation of irritating gases, so it must be taken to the vet for examination and appropriate treatment.

In no case will you be self-medicated, since medicines for humans can be deadly for him. Remember that, if it lasts more than 5-6 days, it is advisable to have it examined by a specialist.

It is a cat that does not meow

There are cats that do not meow, or that do it but in a very low tone of voice, or that are simply not talkative. This does not mean that they are sick. And, although there are furry ones that meow a lot, there are others that may be shy or have gotten used to not meowing.

Thus, if we adopt a cat that, although it has lived with a family, it did not pay much attention to it, or if it is an animal that has been on the street, it is normal that it does not meow or do so very occasionally. I will even tell you that my cats, Sasha and Keisha, you will only hear them meow in a perfectly audible tone of voice when they hear the word "latita"; and my cat Bug when he really wants to play (and has his stuffed duck in his mouth). The rest of the day, nothing. You can already call them in a desperate way, they will not meow. More than once I have taken the mobile to see if they are really in the house or not (the cats carry a GPS necklace).

The cat's meow has several meanings

So nothing. Do not worry. If it is a cat that has always meowed and suddenly stops, or starts to be hoarse, or you suspect that it is sick, then take it to the vet; but if you have never done it and lead a completely normal life, nothing happens.

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  1.   Jessica said

    Hello, they gave me a birthday kitten and since I have never meowed, I have had it since I was little and it does not produce any sound, we thought it was mute 🙁 but I did not know that it could have a problem, the weekend we will take it to the vet for his first vaccinations, I hope all is well 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jessica.
      Don't worry if he doesn't meow - not all cats do.
      If he leads a normal life and looks good, I don't think he has anything 🙂
      A greeting.

  2.   Leo said

    My cat does not know but meows when he looks out the window and when there are closed doors, otherwise he does not meow at all he is almost a year

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi leo.
      There are cats that do not meow or do it very rarely.
      If you lead a normal life and are fine, there is nothing to worry about.
      A greeting.

  3.   silvina said

    My cat began to make guttural sounds, it does not meow, I know, I notice that it makes an effort to meow and a snore comes out. Eat and do the same as always

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Silvina.
      You may have swallowed something you shouldn't have, or you may have pain somewhere in your body. If he has not improved to date, it is recommended that you see a veterinarian.
      A greeting.

  4.   Paula Castillo said

    Hello, two months ago they gave me a kitten, now it is 6 months old and it has never meowed like a normal cat, at first we thought it was mute, when it wants something it follows us everywhere and opens its muzzle as if it were meowing. . . He is super cute and does things that many cats do not do
    He likes to ride in the car, in his arms and wears clothes. . . But I'm still worried that he doesn't meow

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paula.
      There are cats that do not meow. If you lead a normal life and are happy, you are most likely healthy.
      A greeting.

  5.   Magali said

    Hi! Four months ago we had a kitten that came home practically newborn, she never meows, she just makes a guttural sound ... the rest is perfect ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Magali.
      There are cats that hardly meow. It does not mean that they are sick, but that they are just like that 🙂.
      One of my cats doesn't meow like other cats do.
      A greeting.

  6.   Paula Andrea Ruiz Serna said

    Hello, good morning, I have a cat and she has been vomiting for several days, I do account and it is since I found out that I am pregnant that 4 months ago and now I stop meowing ... I do not know if I will take him back to the veterinarian

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paula.
      Yes, its the best. So you can know what is wrong.
      Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂

  7.   rosa ester sibulca fonts said

    Hello, I have a kitten that the 3-day-old baby is 4 months old but she has never meowed, she only purrs at me, they tell me it's because she didn't have a mother to teach her, I don't know what to do because when I can't find her, I start calling her she runs She stands tall or runs to my feet so that I can see her, she was wearing a bell to know where she was, but I know that it was bad, I don't know what to do, please, if someone knows something, thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rosa Ester.
      There are cats that never meow, regardless of whether they were raised with their mother or not. It does not mean that they are not healthy, but that they just do not meow 🙂.
      The bell yes, it is bad. In the medium term it can cause them a lot of discomfort. It must be taken into account that the cat is able to hear the sound of the mouse from 7m away; having a bell on does not do you any good.
      A greeting.

  8.   Isabella Hernandez said

    I found a 2-month-old kitten on the street alone but he walked but he meowed but when he was 4 months old I let him meow and charismatic and if he runs normal I do not know if we have to take him to the vet or what happens in fact he lives with de more cats the total is 4 I do not know if that is why or what is due.

  9.   Carlos said

    Hello, just a week ago my family and I have taken in a kitten that was alone on the street. We always heard her meow in desperation and her mother did not feed her, and we kept her and took care of her.
    The fact is that since she arrived we have not heard her meow even once and we wanted to know if it is a problem that a veterinarian has to consult.
    The cat is about a month old and until we took her in, she has spent a couple of weeks on the street totally alone, barely without food and probably cold.
    We want to know if you have a problem or if it will go away in a few days.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi carlos.
      No, it's not a problem that he stopped meowing. In reality, cats that feel safe and happy only meow very rarely (to say hello, when you are going to give them a can, ...).
      Don't worry 🙂
      A greeting.

  10.   Karen cecilia said

    My kitten had kittens and about 4 days later she began to screech or meow but she was not heard and she was done for two days and she was no longer fully heard

    I do not know what to do, is she not sick or what she has and the truth is I am afraid that she will die?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Karen.
      There are cats that meow from a young age, others never do it, and others stop meowing.
      If, in addition to having stopped meowing, you see that she has lost her appetite or that she looks sad, do not hesitate to take her to the vet.
      A greeting.

  11.   Khaleesi said

    I have been a kitten for 2 months. The time he was with his mother and brothers meowed a lot. In fact, she was the one who was closest to her mother. Now she's here alone with me and the first few days she meowed, but she hasn't been for days. She opens her mouth to meow and the sound comes out very weak as if she were hoarse. Maybe she was with her whole family before, maybe she was more active. Now that there are times of day that I leave her alone ... maybe she has gotten used to the silence. It is normal? or do I take her to the vet? Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Khaleesi.
      It's probably nothing, but just in case I recommend you take it. It's better to prevent than to cure.
      A greeting.

  12.   neyla said

    Hello, I adopted a kitten and everything was normal one day he began to have a lot of mischief and sneezed, I took him to the vet and he told me that if I cleaned with chlorine, he would eliminate it and problem solved now he no longer sneezes but he still gets all the ills in one eye And sometimes he can't open it, I clean it for him and it improves, but since the afternoon he's been lazy, he just sleeps and sleeps and doesn't meow, he pretends he wants to but his meow doesn't come out I'm worried because he doesn't even last two months and I don't want him to die because My children adore him and he is very obedient, what could it be?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Neyla.
      You may have intestinal parasites (worms). At that age they are very common. You must take him to the vet for a complete check-up, and put him on treatment.
      A greeting.

  13.   Erik hernandez said

    My cat does not meow
    He moves his mouth but no sound comes out, I do not know if it is because 2 kittens have just arrived at the house suddenly
    He walks, eats normally but I'm afraid that afterwards it will get worse as soon as I hear him today

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Erik.
      There are cats that do not meow, or that do it so lazy that they can hardly be heard.
      If you lead a completely normal life, don't worry 🙂
      A greeting.

  14.   Other said

    Hello, I have a cat that I raised since I was two months old ... now it is 7 months old and well, it has never meowed, it is normal

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Andre.
      Yes it's normal. There are cats that do not meow.
      A greeting.

  15.   Nancy Mireya Cetina Santamaria said

    Hello good day; I have a kitten that is 3 years old with me, I adopted her since she was a baby and she is very playful and awake but she has not meowed for two days, she does not go to my bed to sleep with me and she sleeps more than normal; I am 3 months pregnant and a new cat came to the house two months ago, which she already accepts; I am worried about my Lolita, although she eats, goes to the bathroom and takes care of herself, she is not the same as before. What can he have ????

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Nancy.
      I'm sorry I can't help you, but I don't know what it might have. She may just be having a "bad" time, but just in case I would recommend taking her to the vet just in case.
      A greeting.

  16.   Ana said

    They gave me a kitten of approximately 2-3 months a week ago and it does not meow, it opens its mouth and produces a very low, almost imperceptible hoarseness sound. Will it be mute? She is very healthy, she eats, sleeps and plays and she looks comfortable. What should I do, thank you!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      There are cats that do not meow, or that do it so softly that you can hardly hear them. But that is normal.
      If you eat, sleep, and everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about.
      Greetings and congratulations 🙂

  17.   Damaris said

    Hello, my kitten since she was born tries to meow but the sound is not heard and when it is heard it is barely, I thought it would not affect but now I no longer see her very playful (she is 3 months old), she no longer plays with her little brothers, she just sleeps .

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Damaris.
      There are cats that do not meow and others that over the years lose their voice.
      What happens to your kitten, I would recommend consulting a veterinarian, because it is not normal that she does not want to play when she is 3 months old.
      Greetings, I hope it improves.