Why is my cat not growing?

Cats grow up the first year

If there is something that characterizes a cat, it is its fast growth. In just one year his weight becomes only 100 grams, to 2-3kg. During this first stage of our friend's life, the food we give him will influence his weight and health as an adult. For this reason, it is very important to feed him a good quality diet so that his bones and muscles develop in the best possible way.

But sometimes, it can happen that their growth stops. Therefore, if you are wondering why my cat does not grow, I am going to tell you the possible causes and their treatment.

Reasons why the cat does not grow

Your cat may not grow up due to being sick


I'm going to talk to you about food first. It is the most important thing, especially when it comes to kittens. These animals are carnivores, which means that they eat meat from other animals. Many of the feed that we find for sale in supermarkets or in pet stores are not suitable for them, even if they tell us otherwise. Why?

Basically because felines don't eat cereals, and these feed carry them. Corn, wheat, flours, ..., as well as other animal by-products (beaks, legs, etc.) that would not be eaten if they really knew what they are. What happen? That they add flavorings so that they are attracted to this food.

When a cat is fed an inappropriate food, its growth may not be adequate. Therefore, whenever we can afford it, the ideal is to give either natural food, or a feed that contains 70% or more meat and is free of cereals and by-products.

Mother's health

If the mother was raised on the street, she may have been very hungry or contracted some parasitic disease. Thus, your little ones will be born thin and / or with parasites. These lodge in the intestines, feeding on what kittens eat, with which, they hardly grow.

If your kitten is not growing and has a swollen belly, it most likely has parasites. You can give it Telmin Unidia in syrup, which is a drug sold in veterinary clinics for five days. The dose is 1ml / kg, and it is very effective against intestinal worms.

The kitten is sick

There are many diseases that can stop the growth of the cat, such as distemper or leukemia. The cat's body tries to overcome them, so it spends all its energy staying alive. A) Yes, If you suspect that he is sick, that is, if he vomits, has diarrhea, does not eat, has seizures, or is listless, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible for examination and treatment.

How is the growth of a cat?

Cat growth

In this image you can see the size of a cat with 1 day, 10, 3 weeks, 5, 8, 14, 5 months and a year.
Image - Warren Photography

In the image above you can see what the growth of a cat is like. Although, of course, it is indicativeAs large breeds, such as the Maine Coon, can take two years to reach their full size.

Cat breeds that grow little and stay small

There are many different breeds of cats and it will depend on each one of which the cat can grow more or less. Each breed or cat can have different characteristics compared to other cats, but also an interesting characteristic in some breeds: cats and female cats do not grow very large and when they are adults, their size is quite small, some do not weigh much more than four! kilos!

The Russian Blue Cat

These cats are the largest within the categories of small cats that do not grow. This is so because they naturally have fine bone and small shape. The problem they have is that they can easily get obese because they love to eat. That is, they can weigh a little more than 5 kilos, but not because it is a big cat, but because it can become a fat cat if its diet is not taken care of.

Singapore cat

Singapura cat lying down

El singapore cat It is the smallest cat in the world and takes up to two years to reach its adult size, so it seems that you have a baby cat for a long time. His ears and eyes look very large compared to his body. Of course, they have a lot of energy and are very intelligent!

Peterbald the cat

This cat may have a soft, barely visible coat. Although they are lean, they tend to be very muscular, making them heavier than most of the other cats on our list. Peterbalds love to give and receive affection, so scratch behind their giant ears, he will love it!

Devon Rex Cat

The cats of this breed consider them as mystical animals and they are also quite mischievous. When they are adults, they weigh only 2 to 4 kilos and have a very small nose. They are called goblins for their looks and personality, but they are actually very adorable little cats, don't expect it to grow up because it won't!

American Curl Cat

"Curl" means "curl" in English and this cat has this name because its ears are pulled back as if they were curled. When their ears are born they are rare and then they start. Having folds that look like they turn into bear ears instead of cat ears. Its size is small so as a whole, it is very adorable.

Cornish rex cat

Cornish Rex cats are slender and thin cats, although they also look muscular. It is a very agile and athletic cat that is always ready to jump and play. But it will seem that it is weaker due to its small size, but nothing could be further from the truth!

The Toybob cat

These cats are small and have a short, stubby tail. They appeared in Russia and are known as cats with expressive eyes and are friendly. They have a compact body and are very small and adorable.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Japanese bobtail cat

The japanese bobtails They are sleek and strong and the pom pom style train only adds to that charm. Super soft and silky, they can be short or long haired and they are small. They can be fidgety, so expect fewer cuddling sessions and more playtime with one of these kitties.

Munchkin cat

El munchkin cat It is characterized by its short legs (as occurs in dachshunds). Some cat enthusiasts think that continuing to breed felines with such short legs is uninteresting, while others totally agree with these little kitties, so be careful if you start a chat with an experienced cat breeder.

Cats grow a lot the first year

I hope this article helps you to know the possible causes for which a kitten stops its growth. In case of doubt, or if you see that the little one is not feeling well, take him to the specialist.

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