Why does my cat make noise when breathing?

Anxiety in cats

Why does my cat make noise when breathing? This is a question we wish we never had to ask ourselves, but sometimes it is unavoidable. When we see that our furry has problems to breathe in and expel the air normally, we immediately become concerned.

For this reason, it is very important to know why this happens to him and what we must do to prevent him from seeing himself in that situation again.

Causes of noisy breathing in cats

Normal breathing goes unnoticed. We know that it is there, that it is something that is part of the cat, and that is probably why, when it starts to be noisy, we worry a lot. This is completely logical, since if you have trouble breathing it is because your health is not entirely good.

But, what are the diseases that can cause the furry to breathe badly ?:

  • Asthma: it is the oppression of the bronchi, which are tubes that carry air from the trachea to the lungs.
  • Cold: is the infection of the upper respiratory tract as a consequence of hespesvirus or a calivirus.
  • Viral rhinotracheitis: It is caused by the feline herpes virus 1, and it is very contagious. There is no cure, but with antivirals the animal lives for many years.
  • Gasps- You may have them after you've been running for a while or if you're very hot. In principle it is not serious, but you have to let it rest and protect it from the sun to prevent the situation from getting worse.

How to help you?

Take your cat to the vet whenever he needs it

If our cat makes noise when breathing what we have to do is find out the causeIf, for example, what you do is gasp after running for ten to fifteen minutes, you will not receive the same treatment as if what happens is that you are sick. Thus, while in the first case what will be done is to let it rest, in the second it will have to be taken to the vet to be examined and given the treatment they consider appropriate, which may be antibiotics or other types of medications.

For more information, I recommend reading this article.

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