Why does my cat defecate with blood

Sad cat

That your furry defecate with blood is not pleasant at all. This is a clear sign that something has happened or is happening to you that needs to be addressed. In some cases, especially if the feline is in good health and, therefore, leads a normal life, it may be that it is a specific constipation, but if it does not improve ... we will have to worry.

If you wonder why does my cat defecate with bloodIn this article we will not only solve your doubt, but we will also tell you what diseases you could have.

Causes of the presence of blood in the cat's stool

White cat

If one day you see blood in the furry's stool, it may be that he is carrying a low fiber diet, which causes problems when expelling them. This is a situation that can be solved by giving him a better quality diet, which already contains the amount of fiber he needs so that he can digest it well and, therefore, he does not feel pain or discomfort of any kind when he goes to his litter box.

But, what happens if two or more days pass and it is not solved? If that happens, it is because you are not in good health. Can have intestinal parasites, cancer of the small intestine, polyps, intolerance to some foods, bleeding problems or he may have ingested rat poison.

Symptoms that should concern us

In addition to the presence of blood in the stool, there are other symptoms that have to make us sound the alarms, such as increased visits to your litter box to defecate, serious difficulties to do so, increased water intake, and might even start eat less and less which would lead to weight loss.

If you see that your cat has one or more symptoms, do not hesitate to take him to the vet for examination.

Blood in the stool of a small cat

Kittens often have diarrhea. This is completely normal since it takes time for your digestive system to get used to the change (breast milk - solid food). In fact, for this reason it is important to wean them little by little and gradually, for example, let them drink their mother's milk whenever she wants (or that she wants 😉) and give them kitten cans more and more times a day.

Young kitten
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When and how to wean cats

If they are orphans, we will give them at first one intake of wet food a day, then 2,… and so on, until at two months of age they already eat only homemade food or their feed, depending on what we have decided to give them.

But be careful: Diarrhea, no matter how normal it may be, should worry us all the more if it is accompanied by blood. Kittens are very vulnerable animals, very delicate, and if they do not receive veterinary treatment as soon as possible, they could die of dehydration and / or malnutrition.

What are the causes of diarrhea in kittens?

If we talk about young kittens, a few months old, the most common causes are gastrointestinal parasites, food intolerances, sudden changes in diet, or infections.

It could also be the case that they have a disease, such as calicivirus or leukemia, but this is more common in kittens that have been born on the street or whose mother has not received adequate care.

How are they treated?

Treatment will depend on the cause. As soon as we see that they have diarrhea, we will take them to the vet. Under no circumstances will we self-medicate them, since we are talking about very young animals, with small bodies, and that could also die from poisoning if we gave them drugs for humans (you have to know, for example, that aspirin is toxic to cats) .

If they have parasites, the professional will surely administer an antiparasitic syrup, with a specific dose. But if they have an infection, the treatment will be with antibiotics.

Really, I insist, and forgive me if I repeat myself, but do not endanger the lives of cats. Let the vets do their job, because that way we will all win.

Types of feces in cats

A healthy cat's stool is brown

This is a touchy subject, and it can get pretty gross. But it is very useful for those of us who live with cats. Feline feces can be of different types, depending above all on the diet they follow and whether they are healthy or not.

Normal stools

They are compact, consistent, but not too harsh, and of some shade of brown. It is usually a light brown, somewhat yellowish.

Loose stools

They can be a symptom or reaction of a sudden change in diet, intestinal parasites or a disease such as anorexia. They are more yellowish, and can be runny.

White stools

They are like this because of him high bone consumption. When that happens, you have to introduce more meat (without bones, you understand 😉).

Green or yellow stools

They occur when digestion has been too fast due to some alteration.

Dark stools

It could be because there are some bleeding in the digestive system of the cat, or because it is an animal that has a hard time defecating and with the effort some blood vessel in its anal area has broken a little.

If we give them adequate nutrition and follow the advice given by the veterinarian, cats will return to good gastrointestinal health.

Why does my cat vomit brown?

Could it be that I had constipation. In any case, in addition to providing a diet rich in fiber and without cereals, we must take him to the vet to know for sure what is happening to him.

I hope it has been useful to you 🙂

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  1.   Valentina said

    Hello, 2 days ago I adopted 3 kittens of a month, tonight something very strange happens with one of them, and it is that it has pooped 3 times and of those 3 times before it meows, but a loud meow and the poop turns a little It is reddish, it is not hard, on the contrary it is a little soft, I do not know if the reddish color of the poop turns like that because of the concentrate that is red and yellow or it is blood, the last time he pooped tonight I meow loudly and then from that he kept meowing like he was in pain, not a stomach ache or something. Then I took it, I put it on my chest with the blanket and he fell asleep, but I am worried that it is something serious or that he is sick …… Can someone please tell me what happens and explain what I can do from home? It is urgent I feel worried 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Valentina.
      He probably has internal parasites, so I would recommend taking him to the vet for examination and giving him a pill or other medication to eliminate them.
      A greeting.

  2.   Kenya Montero said

    Hello, I would like to be informed. 2 days ago my cat makes polo but with a little blood (it comes out as if it were saliva with blood). Well, right now I'm short of money and I can't take him to the vet, and well say I would like to know what it could be

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Kenya.
      They could be intestinal parasites, but that can only be confirmed by the vet 🙁.
      Maybe if you explain your situation to him, he will give you a special price, I don't know.
      A greeting.

  3.   Kayla said

    What does the vet give them? Can you die if you defecate with blood?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Kayla.
      Treatment will depend on what the cat has. To find out, it must be checked by a professional.
      A greeting.

  4.   gerardo said

    Hello, I have an eight-year-old cat, two hours ago she started meowing, and she didn't stop… and my surprise, when suddenly I saw in the bathroom that she had shitted, but this time with blood…. but this was apart from the poop, and the poop was somewhat red ... what would it be? sometimes he shit blood, so I don't know if he ate chicken bones and that's why shit blood ... what should I do? ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, Gerardo.
      When a cat defecates with blood, it is necessary to take it to the vet to see what it has and how to treat it. It is the most recommended.
      A greeting.

  5.   they fight said

    Hello, I already gave him good food and a remedy to deworm him, just in case he has 2 months and even so he continues to defecate with blood

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lujan.
      If it still continues, it is recommended that you see a veterinarian, and even more so when you are so young.
      A greeting.

  6.   Paula Jara said

    Hello, almost a week ago I adopted a cat and we dewormed her, she was almost malnourished and we began to feed her free demand, she eats a lot, and after three days she began to poop with blood, I read that it could be her feeding, she is in good spirits and does not lose the appetite.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paula.
      You may have intestinal parasites. The best thing would be to take her to the vet to give her a syrup. This will also help you eat only what you really need, without craving.
      A greeting.

  7.   Lisa Campos said

    Hello, I have a kitten of about 3 months that I adopt, the lady who gave it to me had not told me that the kitten was from the street and that it had had intestinal problems; And then a week after being with me he started with diarrhea and I don't think it was because of the change of food because even that the lady gave me the one that the kitten ate at home and I was combining it so that he would get used to the one that I gave I bought (purine), finally I took him to the vet and they told me it was a parasite, I treated him and today after weeks that he was even doing normal poop I see that he made diarrhea with a little blood (red) are they parasites again? I already dewormed him. I also have another smaller kitten and she is perfect.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lis.
      In such cases, it is recommended to do two anti-worm treatments. The first one as soon as the kitten arrives home, and the second one after 15 days since this is how the cycle of parasites is broken and all that may have remained are eliminated.
      For this, there is a very effective antiparasitic. Hopefully you can get it there. It's called Stronghold. It is a pipette (small plastic bottle) inside which is the antiparasitic liquid that must be put on the back of the neck (the area that joins the head with the back). It is effective against ticks, fleas, mites, but also against worms.

      Anyway, it wouldn't hurt for the vet to see him again. It is not normal for him to defecate blood 🙁

      A greeting.

  8.   Jasmine said

    Hello, I have a 7-month-old kitten, I already took him to the vet and I de-wormed him, but now he cries when he shits and with blood is the first time he does.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jazmin.
      What kind of food do you feed it? If it has cereals, that may be the cause.
      Anyway, I recommend you take him to the vet to examine him.
      A greeting.

  9.   Jair Shock said

    Hello, I have a kitten that I met on the street, when I wanted to give him food on his plate, he did not eat, but he did drink water. The next day I saw in the sandbox that there was a defect with blood, I would like you to give me a recommendation.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jair.
      You probably have intestinal parasites. I recommend you take him to the vet to put him on treatment to eliminate them.
      A greeting.

  10.   Ana Lopez said

    Hello, I adopted a kitten from the street, we already dewormed her four times, the last time the vet injected her and now it turns out that she defecates with red blood, she is not constipated and she is not sad either, we always take her to the go and it seems strange to me of the cares, now be like this.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Ana Lopez.
      Yes, it is very curious that this is happening to him. When was the last time you dewormed it? If recently, the injection may have done a little bad for you this time.
      By the way, what kind of food do you feed it? Sometimes those feed (kibble) that contain cereals, can cause problems for cats. I recommend you read the label of the ingredients, and if you have corn, barley, wheat, in short, any type of cereal, the ideal would be to change it for another that did not have, or give it cooked natural meat.

      A greeting.

  11.   Theresa Gomez said

    Hello, my kitten is a month and a half and she does not want to eat, she is weak and sleeps a lot, apart from that, her anus is bleeding and when she defecates, she is like a drool and I'm scared. I touch her and she cries and cries she just wants to sleep and sleep

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Teresa.
      I'm sorry that your kitten is bad, but I'm not a veterinarian and I can't tell you what she has.
      At that age it is likely that he has intestinal parasites, but this can only be confirmed by a veterinarian.
      Much encouragement.

  12.   Connie said

    Hi! I have a cat that today defecates with blood, when she arrived I did a veterinary control with ultrasound and coproparasitological ... the results came out very well! I'm short of money and I mix your usual food with an economic one, will that be the cause? I'm worried, he's a Persian who gave me a friend who was 5 months old ... can you think of what I can do? Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Connie.
      Yes, that is probably what is causing your cat to defecate with blood.
      Inexpensive foods include cereals and other products that do not usually sit well with cats.
      I recommend you look for foods that do not have those ingredients, but if you cannot afford it, you can give them meat (without bone). It will suit you better.
      A greeting.

  13.   julissa_evelyn@hotmail.com said

    What can I do? My cat is defecating with some blood, but he is normal, somewhat thin but he eats and drinks normal water. It climbs on the roof of my house. What I do.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Julissa.
      I recommend you take him to the vet as soon as possible.
      It is not normal for you to have bloody bowel movements.
      A greeting.