Why we like cats

Kittens make each other love

That is a question that the human being once asked himself ... and even today he still asks himself, sometimes. After all, it is an independent, lonely animal that does not want to be with people. This is what has always been said, right? But, those of us who have had the opportunity to be part of the family of some of them, and they of ours, We know that is not so. Not at all.

If you still do not have a small feline, here you will discover why we like cats.

Why do we like them so much?

Cats are introverted animals

Cats and people could not be more different: some, often elusive, lonely, who like to go unnoticed and spend a good part of their lives sleeping; others on the other hand, we are social, we like solitude but in small doses (in general), and we usually enjoy the outdoors a lot.

However, many of us fall in love with his sweet gaze, his agile movements, that feline that, although it may seem otherwise, shares much of its genetics with animals such as tigers, lions or cougars.

Is it precisely that, ultimately, what amazes us about cats? Well, they are not domesticated, or not at all. They are not like dogs, furry ones that are just as wonderful but unlike cats, they are always willing to please humans. Cats go their own way.

You can teach them tricks, but they will only learn if they want to; if they get something in return (a treat, a pampering session and / or a game session).

In my opinion, we like furry animals because…:

They have a character similar to ours

It's true. It is known that animals, also people, we interact better with other living beings that have a character similar to ours. Although cats are still predatory animals, who from birth to the end of their days perfect their hunting techniques through play, they are very similar to us in some things. Perhaps, the most important to have a good coexistence. For example:

  • If you give them love, he will give it to you. And if you ignore him, will do everything possible for getting your attention.
  • Greets you when he sees you arrive, and sometimes he even says "goodbye" - meowing - when you leave.
  • He gets very happy when you give him a treat -for cats-, and a lot more when you give him a piece of smoked salmon, or ham.
  • When you treat him badly once, the relationship weakens, and trust is lost. From there, it may take months for the cat to feel good about you again.

Do you recognize some of these behaviors in humans?


They are our best furry friend

They are fun, sociable, affectionate, they make us laugh ... And all, just to have a roof to protect them from inclement weather, and full feeders. Well, and toys, scratchers, litter trays ... But we want the best for them, so the financial expense involved ... is simply not something worrisome.

Because they are part of our family.

What does science say?

This article would not be complete without knowing what science has found out. It is true that when they study cat behavior and / or the people who love them, we end up asking ourselves something like: »and now they realize it?». That's right.

But we must not forget that, for what we are of pure common sense, for many people it is something new. And there are still many who wonder if cats have feelings or not.

Taking all this into account, let's now see what science says.

Cat lovers tend to be more introverted

In 2010, a total of 4500 people filled out a form that was developed by the University of Texas. East study It was led by psychologist Sam Gosling, and divided the respondents into dog lovers, cat lovers, both animals or neither.

The questions were formulated in order to know what tendency to be sociable they were, if they were open-minded, if they were friendly, and / or if they used to worry, among others. A) Yes, The Golding test defined cat lovers as more reflective and introverted people, less emotionally stable, but with a greater imagination and a higher predisposition to have new experiences.

To the 'cat lovers'they may like culture more

Four years after Gosling conducted his study, a psychology professor at Carroll University in Wisconsin, named Denise Guastello, was conducting her own, taking into account not only the personality of animal lovers, but also their environment. .

For example, someone who does not have to walk the dog, can spend that free time reading a book, or visiting museums for example. Although, obviously, that doesn't mean that cat lovers are smarter than dog lovers, not at all; but yes that cat-addicts tend to have a more homely and introverted character.

Perhaps, and only perhaps, that is why there are so many artists and writers, deceased or not, who have lived or are living with cats, such as Jorge Luis Borges or Ray Bradbury, among others.

If you want, you can read the study here (It is in English).

I don't like cats, why?

Cats can be affectionate

There are people who do not like cats, either because they developed some kind of phobia towards them, or because they had an accident, or because they simply don't like them as any of us cannot like hamsters for example.

If it is for the latter, there is nothing that can be done. But if it is due to a phobia or traumatic situation experienced in the past, then it would be advisable to consult a professional, a psychologist, especially if you are going to live with someone who does like cats. This will make the coexistence without a doubt much better.

Even so, don't force yourself. Namely, Phobias do not heal from one day to the next, nor by stroking any cat that approaches you. You must go little by little, at your own pace. Cheer up understand them, this is likely to make you feel better.

I hope it has been useful to you 🙂.

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  1.   Yajaira Lopez said

    I love. They are wonderful living beings. Creatures of God like all living beings that inhabit the universe

  2.   Manuel said

    It is said that God created the cat, in order to caress it and take it in our arms, we can't do it with a feline like, Tiger, Lion, Panther, leopard, cheetah, etc, etc. I think that is a correct comment?