Why do cats pull their hair

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The cat is an expert in hiding physical pain, but when it feels bad emotionally we can quickly tell if we observe it, because if it is tense, anxious or depressed it will do things that it does not usually do, such as scratch and / or bite, growl, or stay isolated longer than normal. When the situation is really serious, you can even hurt yourself.

With this in mind, it is important to know Why do cats pull their hair out and what steps should we take to help them get better?.

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Food Allergy

If our beloved cat suffers some kind of Food Allergy It may be very itchy, causing you to scratch a lot. To avoid it, it is highly recommended to give him a high-quality diet, without cereals or by-products, as the body of cats cannot digest them correctly.


It is one of the most common causes. A cat that is under stress will tend to pull its hair out. To avoid this, it is very important to do the following:

  • Introduce the new family member little by little. Cats are very territorial and it can be very difficult for them to accept a second furry companion.
  • Treat him with respect and affection, without humanizing him, without forcing him to do anything he does not want to. As your caregivers, we need to understand your body language to be able to communicate correctly with him.
  • No noise to be made. Loud music, screaming, or any other type of noise scares you, a lot. The cat's ear is much more developed than ours, to the point that it can hear the sound of a mouse from 7 meters away.
  • Zero hits. Abusing a cat, in addition to being prohibited by law, will only serve to make it live stressed and in fear.


When the cat lives in a good environment but still pulls its hair, we will have to be suspicious of external parasites, especially those fleas. If he licks much more frequently than usual, he should be put on an antiparasiticEither a pipette (it is a transparent plastic bottle inside which is the antiparasitic liquid), collar, spray or give a pill prescribed by the veterinarian.


La tub it is a highly contagious dermatological condition caused by fungi. The symptoms are: intense itching, scabs, bald spots, brittle nails and also the hairy will smell different. In case we suspect that he has it, we have to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Adult tabby cat

As we can see, there are several reasons why a cat can pull its hair. I hope that now you can know why yours does it so that it can improve as soon as possible.

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