What to do if my cat is in heat

Cats in heat groom themselves a lot

A cat in heat is an animal that will do everything possible to find a partner, that is, it will meow, it can mark, if it lives with another feline it can fight with it, at night it can prevent its family from resting, ... in short, it will be a furry that will need us to modify our routine so that coexistence is pleasant and there are no frights or problems.

If you have a feline that is going through this, you are probably wondering what to do if my cat is in heat, truth? If so, follow our advice and you will see how little by little everything returns to normal.

How does the cat behave in heat?

Cats in heat will want to go outside

A cat in heat meows incessantly, especially at night. He goes to the window or the door, and tries to call a female. What's more, marks with urine various corners of the house, leaving a very unpleasant smell.

If the opportunity presents itself, it will go outside, where it is likely to meet another male, and if there is a cat nearby ... it will fight with him. Although we do not like it, this is a natural behavior for him.

And the cat?

The cat is very, very affectionate. He rubs himself wherever he goes, raises his tail every time you stroke his back, and also meows at night. These days, her reproductive instincts are more intense, so she will do whatever it takes to find a mate.

And, of course, if you go abroad, you will most likely come home pregnant.

What to do?

Whether you have a cat or a female cat in heat, it is very important to have plenty of patience. The heat lasts between 3 and 10 days, so there is no other option than to try to cope as well as possible, in the most calm way possible.

But apart from patience it is convenient that keep you active during the day. In this way, the night will come and he will be very tired, so instead of meowing, he will go to rest. So when he is awake, you have to play with him.

And to avoid marking throughout the house, nothing better than to use Feliway or any other similar product, preferably in a diffuser as this will act throughout the room, preventing the cat from urinating where it does not have to.

In any case, if you do not want to raise the cat, the ideal is castrate him. In this way, the heat is avoided, so that the animal (and the human) can rest without worrying about anything.

The stages of heat in cats

On average, a cat is in heat for 3 to 10 days, as we have discussed above. However, it can last as little as a day or up to three weeks. Non-neutered female cats of reproductive age are called queens. Cats are polyesters, which means that queens usually go into heat several times a year until they mate.

  • proestrus: During proestrus, the queen may attract unnecessary males, but is not yet receptive to mating. The proestrum usually lasts a day or two. Queens in proestro generally show no outward signs.
  • Estrus (heat): then the queen goes into heat. For about a week (or so), she will attract males and is receptive to mating. During this stage, the queen can vocalize loudly, roll over, rub herself on things, and elevate her butt. She may also have a decreased appetite. If the queen mates during estrus, it will induce ovulation. The act of mating stimulates the production of hormones that triggers ovulation. Queens generally need to mate four to six times during heat to get pregnant. The queen can mate with several males while in heat and give birth to a litter of kittens that have different parents.
  • interestrus: If the queen does not mate or become pregnant during heat, it will go into interestrus. This is the period between series. His estrogen level drops and he shows no specific signs. After about two days to three weeks, she will go into heat again. The cycle of proestrus, heat, and interestrus will continue during the mating season or until the queen becomes pregnant.
  • Anestrus: This is the period of reproductive inactivity of the queen. Their reproductive hormones are not active and there is an absence of estrous cycle activity. She is not in rutting season. In wild cats and outdoors, heat cycles occur seasonally from spring to fall. This is because the queen's hormone production is stimulated by longer daylight. When the days are shorter (particularly from October to January) the queen is not stimulated to go into heat. Indoor cats are exposed to long periods of artificial light and can therefore continue to go through heat cycles throughout the year.

When will my cat go into heat?

Cats in heat can become very affectionate

The non-castrated cats they can have their first cycle of heat starting at four months of age, although the average age is five to nine months for most female cats. If you have a kitten and want to prevent it from going into heat, it is best to have it spayed as soon as your vet thinks it is safe. This is generally no later than four to six months of age, but can be as early as six to twelve weeks of age.

Reasons to prevent heat in domestic cats

As soon as your kitten has her first heat, she can get pregnant. The hormones in her system make her eager to find a mate. He will probably cry in a way that sounds like agony. You can roll on the floor and rub with anything in sight. What is more important, If she is alone indoors, she may try to escape her home in search of a mate. 

Not only is it dangerous for her to be outside where she can get lost or injured, but it is also unsafe for her to get pregnant at such a young age. Her body hasn't finished growing, so pregnancy can be detrimental to her and the kittens.

If your cat does not leave the house to mate during her first heat, she will continue with a heat cycle every few weeks until she becomes pregnant or spayed. This can make it seem like she is constantly in heat. Over time, this can be stressful and unhealthy for your cat. You can lose weight, begin to lick excessively, and even develop behavior problems..

If you allow your cat to get pregnant, you are increasing the world's pet overpopulation problem. There are countless cats and kittens waiting in shelters to find homes. Even if you do find homes for your cat's kittens, keep in mind that those kittens are replacing shelter cats that might have found homes. Unless you have a pedigree cat and are prepared to partner with a cat breeder for responsible breeding, you should make sure that your kitten is spayed as soon as possible.

What can I do with my cat in heat

If you don't want your cat to be in heat, shell him

In addition to sterilizing it as soon as possible, it is a good idea to take into account some tips, to take into account the following:

  • Being jealous of your cat can be difficult for you and your cat. Howling from jealousy can be exasperating and if you want to escape it can be stressful too. That is why it is important that before anything else you put a solution with the sterilization.
  • More stroking and brushing during heat. For some cats, a little extra attention can help ease the stress of estrus. Pay extra attention to your feline friend at home when you're in heat, and you may be able to calm him down and keep his stress levels manageable.
  • Peace of mind. You will need peace of mind. Just make sure she has a comfortable and private space, like a cat tree or the top shelf of a closet where she can escape the commotion when she needs peace and quiet.
  • Cats in heat may need some extra time to play. For cats, the urge to mate is instinctive. Such is the need to hunt. Try to keep your cat busy with exciting toys that awaken his hunting instincts. It can distract you from your other urges.
  • Secure the perimeter. A cat in heat is a quintessential escape artist. You have to make sure you keep your home safe and seal off any possible escape routes, such as windows, cat doors, and screened doors that open easily.

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  1.   rossley osco said

    I have my cat that is in heat and it has been a long time so I think it is already a month and it is uncomfortable because it confuses my arm or leg with a kitten and that ... There is something besides sterilization that I can do so that my cat back to normal ???

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Rossley.
      I'm not sorry. The only thing to do is castrate him.
      A greeting.