What is the Feliway and what is it used for?


Is your cat stressed? Are you really uncomfortable when you are inside the carrier? If so, there is a product that will help you feel calmer: the Feliway, sold as a diffuser or as a spray. Depending on which one you buy, the truth is that it will be more recommended for specific situations, even though it is the same product.

But what really is the Feliway? What is it made of? And the most important, What is it used for exactly? 

What is the Feliway?

This is a product that is a synthetic copy of the facial pheromones of cats. If you look closely, our friends often come up to us, and brush us with their faces, thus leaving us their pheromones. It is a way of, first, letting us know that we are part of his family, and also so that we can, in some way, let him or her know that he or she can feel protected and safe with us.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended in stressful situations to use this product, as helps you relax much.

What is it used for?

Relaxed cat

In addition to stressful situations, the truth is that it is also recommended for many other cases. But as we said before, the diffuser and the spray are not always used in the same situations:


For cases in which there is a change of home, or a change in the home (arrival of a new member of the family, for example, either person or animal), when there are visitors, or if you feel very uncomfortable until the point of grooming too much.


This product is used more for trips, to go to the vet, to be calm in the feline residence while we are away, to stop marking with urine or scratching the furniture.

With this product, the chances that your friend will feel as happy as the one in the images are very high 😉.

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  1.   magnolia said

    Hello, I have a beautiful black cat to whom we gave a lot of affection since she came home, as a child she was affectionate playful, I have two small breed dogs and very well with them, especially with the male, the fact is that now she already has one year, and from 6 months or so his character began to change being aggressive when he wants and very independent, he no longer snores as he used to and the dog beats him, he does not want to play, as well and if people come home he will not They even like her snorts, I don't understand why that's the way it is and now since I have a patio and it's summer I open the doors and she leaves at night through the roof without paying any attention, three times we've had to take her out of the neighbor's patio because she doesn't know how to get out once inside, it is very rare I do not know, you are caressing it and it leaves you only once the next time it scratches you, I would like to know what I can do and why it is like that now when we have raised it with affection.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Magnolia.
      Just in case, the first thing I would recommend is taking her to the vet for a full exam. It may seem strange, but sometimes sudden changes in behavior are due to the animal feeling pain or some kind of discomfort.
      In the event that everything is fine, it is important to know if the cat has had any bad experiences at home, such as that a dog or someone has scared or bothered her lately. If that is the case, the cat should be re-socialized with the dog or with the person, trying to ensure that both have a good time while respecting each other's space (the person should give the cat treats so that she can trust her; on the other hand, if it is one of the dogs that she doesn't like, you should give them both prizes every time they are together).
      It may also be that she behaves like this if she feels stressed or overwhelmed. In these cases, tranquilizing products such as Feliway could help you, or Bach Flowers (specifically, Rescue Remedy: take 4 drops in wet feed).
      If none of this works, then you should go to a feline ethologist.
      A greeting.

  2.   Mirta said

    I have read in Feliway's instructions for use that it indicates to put the diffuser "in the room of the house preferred by the cat." The point is that my cat's favorite room is just MY room. I ask, don't those hormones affect humans in some way? no problem for me?
    I clarify that I would like to install a diffuser because my cat licks excessively without having any visible health problems. It has caused not very large bald spots on the belly and I do not want this to prosper.
    She was a shy cat, not too attached but quite calm and playful, she even purred softly frequently. The point is that two years ago we adopted a cat (rescued from abuse, long story) and she forever became elusive, distant, eats much less, licks her entire body compulsively, several times a day and spends all day sleeping in my bed. He doesn't get along with the cat, he wants to play and she attacks him. In short, I am considering Feliway.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Mirta.
      No, it does not have any harmful effect on humans. Do not worry.
      All the best

  3.   sandra said

    hello I have a cat that is scratching my new furniture, the scratcher does not pay attention ... to what should I give the feliway to the scratcher so that it takes affection or the furniture so that it does not approach them?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Sandra.
      To learn how to use the scraper, I recommend you read this article.
      Regarding the feliway, in your specific case you should put it on the furniture.
      A greeting.