Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots in Shrek

There are many animated cats that are part of the memories of our childhood, but if there is one that is especially fond of, it is without a doubt The cat with boots. A friendly, very cunning orange cat capable of getting what he wants thanks to the security provided by simple boots.

This, then, is not just any cat, but one that it entered our hearts and made us reflect.

Origin of Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots imitating Zorro

The origin of this enigmatic furry man dates back to the year 1500, when the European Giovanni Francesco Straparola compiled the story in his novel Nice nights. Later, in 1634, Giambattista Basile recounted it in his book called cagliuso, and finally in 1697 Charles Perrault gave it a new life in his book Mother Goose Tales.

The objective was to achieve that had a character that could be as close as possible to what cats have in reality. And the truth is that there are those who think they succeeded. Let's see why.

History of Puss in Boots

Close-up of Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots was the inheritance left by a miller to his son, named Benjamin. In order not to go hungry, the first thing he thought about was eating it, but it turned out that this little animal was a whole box of surprises, yes, surprises that would only be revealed if Benjamin gave him some boots so he could walk through the field without hurt their paws. The clever animal further promised that his inheritance would not be as poor as he thought.

That was how the adventure began. A new Benjamin, whom the cat called Marquis of Carabás, he began to trust his companion more, who the first thing he did was to hunt a rabbit and give it to the King in the name of the Marquis. Later, he gave him partridges and other gifts, always under the name of the Marqués de Carabás with the intention that they would show interest in their owner.

Puss in boots practicing fencing

It occurred to the cat that he should save the princess from the ogre so that everyone, including him, could have a much better life. So, neither short nor lazy, he requested an audience with the monster. The guards, bewildered, let him pass. Once he was in front of the ogre, he told him that he had heard that he could transform into any animal. The ogre was very flattered, and it was then that the cat asked him to transform himself into a very small animal, something like a rat or a mouse. The monster, to try to surprise the feline, turned into a rodent, and what did the furry do? What -almost- all the little felines do: hunt it down and eat it.

After this event, the princess could be released and the castle became part of Benjamin, the son of a miller who believed that bad luck had taken his side the day his father gave him a cat. Who was going to say it?

Story analysis

Puss in Boots photo

Puss in Boots is an apparently very entertaining children's tale. But if we analyze it in depth we will realize that, in reality, it is a story that teaches just what morality tells us not to learn: that thanks to deception and lies, benefits are achieved more quickly than with work and money. talent. Now, in the most modern version, we can see scenes in which the cat brings out its more social side, when, for example, it reaches an agreement with the peasants who work for the ogre that, if they say they work for the Marqués de Carabás, will free you from the cruelty of this evil character.

It can also help us learn one of the most important life lessons: that sometimes we have to let ourselves be helped by someone to move on. Not all problems can be solved by ourselves, so it is advisable to accept the help of people, especially if we are not going through our best moment. It's okay to be independent, but we're not made of stone 🙂. The need to express feelings is very much ours: don't repress them. If they are negative, you can always redirect them by playing sports or going out for a walk; and if they are positive ... let them flood your life, your home. If you have a cat, you will see how living with him becomes much more pleasant.

Puss in Boots

While there are those who think that Puss in Boots does things in an inappropriate way, there are others who think otherwise. Be that as it may, the truth is that this orange-colored furry man with an endearing look has known how to attract the attention of many, so much so that today he is still one of the most beloved animated characters.

Have you ever seen the movie? What do you think?

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