My cat is fractured

Fractured cat

Does your cat have a broken paw? Two of the myths that surround cats is the one that says that all these small and adorable animals always fall on their feet, and that if something happened to them nothing would happen, since they have seven lives. But unfortunately reality differs a bit from fiction.

Our dear friends can also break a bone, and when that happens it is best to take it to the vet. In this special article we are going to tell you what do you have to do when your cat is fractured.

Where can it fracture?

The cat is a very agile animal that loves to jump and climb the highest places, both those at home and those that can be found outside, such as trees. Thus, both in one place and in another can end breaking a leg.

Dangers outside 

Cat on the balcony

If your friend is one of those who go out for a walk, he must be very careful not to get on places from which he will later have difficulty getting off; that is to say, you can be perched on the roof of a house and feel fear either because you have a real panic of heights, or because there is a dog that is barking at you. In this case, what they usually do is stay up there or turn around to try to find a safer place. However, it may also happen that you decide to jump. And that fall would do it being very nervous, so the risk of bone fracture is very high.

Nor can we forget about car drivers. They do not always stop when they see an animal, and sometimes they do but when the impact has already occurred. The human can do little to prevent his furry from being injured, unless he has witnessed it, but you will see that your friend comes home limping and perhaps with a wound on his body.

Dangers inside

Cat resting on a bed

If you thought that the cat would be much safer indoors ... you were right, but not 100%. At home it is impossible to prevent him from climbing on the highest furniture; in fact, I can tell you that one of my cats jumps onto the television table and from there her hind legs propel them to make a jump of almost two meters until she reaches the highest part of a shelf. And he does everything with a naturalness that, when you see him lie down and look at you with a rebellious face, you want to give him a few kisses ... while you wonder why human beings do not have that agility.

They are tightrope walkers and sprinters, but above all they are very, very curious. If you have a balcony or if you have a tendency to leave the first floor windows open or semi-open when you decide to bring a cat home the ideal is to put a metal barrier so that you can go out to take the air and keep windows closed, since it is very common for them to end up falling into the void. So much so that it even has a name.

Tall building syndrome in cats


That is the curious name they gave it. In a study published in 1987 in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, after studying the wounds and mortality rates of cats, they concluded that these animals suffered more damage the lower the plant, instead of being the other way around. From the seventh floor, mortality decreased.

This has an explanation, and that is that by having more time to turn around, they reduce the impact of the fall by using their own body as a parachute.

Fractures in Cats


Cats, like humans, can have different fractures, and they are as follows:

  • Greenstick fracture: is when the bone is cracked, but not broken.
  • Open fracture: when the broken bone can be seen with the naked eye. This is one of the most complicated, since if it is not treated quickly it can become infected.
  • Closed fracture: the bone is broken, but the skin remains intact.
  • Epiphyseal fracture: very common in kittens. It occurs when the growth plate breaks down.

Signs of a cat with a broken paw

Cat with broken paw

When our friend has a fracture, the first thing we are going to see is that avoid putting weight on that leg. It is very likely that it is dragging, or limping (what to do if my cat limps). In situations like this we will have to know how that has happened to him because it is frequent, especially if he never goes outside, that another animal or person has stepped on him without realizing it.

If when examining the limb we notice that it is fine in principle, we will wait a few hours to see if it improves. But if we see that he really 'hangs' or that he is in a lot of pain, it is most likely that he has a broken bone that needs to be treated.

Other signs that will indicate that the animal is suffering are the constant meows, lack of appetite and swelling in the affected area. But you must also bear in mind that he will not want you to pick him up and will not hesitate to scratch and / or bite you so that you leave him on the ground. So, put on protective gloves or wrap it with a blanket to be able to put it in the carrier without ending up with scratches.

Diagnosis and treatment of a cat with a broken paw

Curious cat

Once at the veterinary clinic, the specialist will proceed to carry out a series of examinations to determine the type of fracture that the cat presents, for later give him the most appropriate treatment according to the case.

The tests that they will do will be basically two: physical exam and x-ray. Thanks to these two, the vet will be able to know exactly what is happening to your friend, and only then will he proceed to treat him.

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you can choose to cast the leg or in more serious cases, operate it to place steel plates in order to align the bones. Amputation is an option that specialists do not rule out, but they only resort to it when a limb or tail is really bad.

How to take care of a cat with a broken paw?

Cuddly cat

It is not easy at all. You have to try to keep him calm for a minimum of 4 weeks, and how to achieve this? What at first might seem like an impossible mission will cease to be as soon as we put on classical music (with low volume), place essential orange oil around the room where it is to relax, and above all having a lot of patience.

Much encouragement!

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  1.   Carlos said

    hello, I have a cat of one year approx. and fractured his left hip. He has not lost his urination and defecation reflexes, he also responds to pain if I apply stimuli to his affected tail and leg, what medicine can I give him while I take him to a veterinarian, I mean a medicine like paracetamol or ibuprofen, he weighs 4 kilos, can this or not?

    1.    Jose Reyes said

      Paracetamol or acetominophen is toxic for dogs and cats, take it to the vet.

    2.    Sandy Carrasco said

      Carlos ketoprofen must be for Veterinary use. Let your kitty recover.

      1.    ROSI said

        Hello, this just happened, my kitten came in from the outside, and I see her front leg that is down, she supports the tip just, now she lay down on my bed and fell asleep, with this quarantine it is difficult for me to get a veterinarian ,, How to know if it is record? Or maybe it's just a hit

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hi Rosi.

          It may just be a hit, but if he complains a lot, call a vet and explain the situation.

          Greetings and encouragement.

    3.    jocelyn-lopez said

      Hello, my cat started to limp, I took him to the vet and they tell me that he has one of his fingers fractured. Do you advise me to use some kind of bandage? Since the vet only told me to have it for a week at rest but I do not sell it

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hi Jocelyn.

        It is best that you follow the advice of the vet. Sometimes, depending on the case, the fracture heals better without a bandage.


  2.   Stefany said

    My aunt has a cat and a kitten (the cat's son) in a nest that I accommodate her with boards, outside, on the street, which is a block where no vehicles circulate. But today a motorcycle passed at high speed and I fractured the kitten's two legs. I would like to know what to do.
    My aunt says it was her hip that broke her because the two legs are scattered.
    : '(
    I am very sad about what happened to the kitten. help!

    1.    catalina said

      look take him to a good vet

  3.   Mary Leticia said

    Stefany, I was very sad to read your comment. I hope that when you get my answer you have already been able to solve the problem. Unfortunately I am far away and the only solution I can think of is to take the kitten to the vet. You will see how he heals it

    Have faith that everything will work out. Please keep me posted on how things turned out.

    A big kiss and may your kitty soon get better.

  4.   breeze said

    friends my cat fell from the 3rd floor he fractured his right hip he does not walk = (the vet crawls he said he will have surgery but it is not known if he will walk or not ¬ ¬ he does not speak to me about plaster or splinting or anything A pancho !! I will go on Saturday to another vet to look for options ... friends I advise you that when you have a cat and it fractures do not delay in taking it to the vet because its bones can cool down ... I advise you to take it urgently to the vet. . lend money, nose but he is a living being like us ... my family already wants to send him to the other world, but I will do everything possible to get better because GOD sees through the eyes of animals and animals we deserve the same treatment as a Being human, many blessings to all and remember to give them a lot of love and patience since they will notice how much we matter to them and they will do everything they can to improve themselves = O)

  5.   Katy said

    My cat has a fracture, like it scratched, but it is not shaved, what do I do, and it is lame when walking, and its paw is swollen, it is one year and 4 months old, what do you recommend that I put it on?

  6.   Merry said

    Hello, I have a kitten of 2 months and 15 days, I took him to the vet and he told me that he fractured his arm and maybe his spine, he applied a medicine that he did not ask! He also told me that he had few possibilities, but I am glad a paragraph of his publication that says that they recover their bones quickly and that gives me hope for my kitten, I would love to help me by indicating what medicine I can give him since Diclofenac is toxic as they told me !!!! 🙁 please help me !!!! I would not like to be sacrificed for the problem it presents: o (

    1.    Mary Leticia said

      Hello Tati, I am very sorry for what happens to you with your kitten. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend a drug since we cannot examine it physically and that, perhaps, could be dangerous to health. I advise you that if I do not leave you according to the analysis of the veterinarian that you consult with another and surely he will give you some medicine to improve it or to alleviate the discomfort. Tell me about your health please. Thank you very much for reading us.
      Mary Leticia

  7.   Itzel said

    Hello, my kitten escaped a few days ago, just yesterday I found him, he was lost for two days, but when I found him, I noticed that his legs were out of the ordinary, as the minutes passed, I also noticed that he could not walk, today just and He can walk and his right leg is very injured, I have not seen any bite or fissure, but I don't know what I should do? I need help, urgently

    1.    Mary Leticia said

      Itzel, I would advise you to take him to the vet as quickly as you can, surely it will not be anything serious but the professional when seeing him will know which is the best treatment. Then tell me how it went. Greetings
      Mary Leticia

  8.   berth said

    I have a 1-month-old baby boy and I think his left front paw broke, he doesn't eat anything and he just sleeps…. what can I do ????

    1.    Gishell Herrera said

      Take him to the vet: '(it is better to spend than to suffer ... if then we spend on other things of no importance, that we do not spend for a being we love ??….

  9.   Gishell Herrera said

    Hello!! ... what happens is that they found a kitten under a car, his left hand injured, according to the vet with whom some neighbors took him says that there is no fracture because he only checked it by touch and splinted it, bandaged it and prescribed it a few drops for the pain (I don't remember the name) .. but what happens is that when the bandage fell off, he bends his hand and if it is supported, it is by supporting his wrist,: '(all bent: »' (and I don't know If it is because of pain, or he was fractured!… .but several people who touched him say that there is no fracture because otherwise he would have meowed !!!: Or but he does not complain… what do I do?

  10.   Xavier said

    Hello, I am here to tell you about my case, it is that my cat gave birth to 3 kittens and they were already 1 and a half months old, the cat tried to get them down from the second floor, consequently the kittens fell, one died, another survived and the last one hit his neck. He was left crooked but he still survived but his neck was twisted but he was still alive, I tried to massage him but the kitten is still the same with his neck bent, just like when we humans sleep badly and you wake up with a bent neck, this is my cat…. Help I do not know what is errr add me to my facebook or send me an inbox to give me suggestions.

    1.    alex said

      Take it to a veterinarian specialized in that, look for a cheap one

    2.    brenda said

      Hello ami, the same thing happens to me, it turns out that my kitten was playing on his back inside a supermarket volsa and I did not see him and I passed him stamping it and I think it will kick his neck or his paw I do not know what it was but my gaito when he sleeps starts to retorser a lot but I have no way to take him to the vet I have no money

  11.   alex said

    How do I make my kitten perk up, she has a dislocated rib
    And I don't know what to do, he doesn't want to eat, he ate two days ago and today he doesn't want help!

  12.   Laura said

    Hello everybody…. Today my kitten named Marquesa was run over by a truck because she was crossing the street. I took her emergency to the vet and it turns out that she has a hip fracture, they prescribed pain medication and anti-inflammatory. The vet told me that you can operate to fix the hip in place, but the operation is expensive apart from the fact that it will be limited much more to relieve yourself. She recommended that I let time do her work and that in about 21 days she will begin to weld her bones. Right now I have her lying in a padded pet basket with her water and food next to her and her litter box very, very close so she doesn't have to move around a lot. This makes me very, very sad because she is small and also very playful. And Bueh !!!! Now to wait. 🙁

  13.   anna olivia said

    Hola buenas tardes, yo le comento mi caso y siento que me estoy muriendo… le comento en la cuadra habia un perro que vivia afuera, yo siempre le daba comida le hacia carios jagaba con el, el me cuido durante 12 años mas omenos a donde iba el me acompañaba me cuidaba, yo mas que como un perro lo veia como un angel guardian, si alguien me ofendia el les ladraba o se les hechaba ensima, si yo lloraba el iba a consolarme, una ves mi hermana me piso sin querer y grite y el corrio a donde yo a consolarme y ver que me habia pasado:( lamentablemente un dia fui a la tienda y una vecina me dijo que lo habian atropellado y que como pudo camino para la cuadra, entonces inmediatamente lo busque y le hable, el estaba agitado respirando, habia un veterinario en la cuadra a medias no se si termino el caso es que se lo trajo en los brazos y lo paro y aun se paraba el perro, en ese momento no se veia que tubiera algo interno por que veiamos que se podia parar le costaba trabajo caminar, le di ascilo en mi casa y ese dia ceno y en la mañana le prepare desayuno y desayuno, vino el veterianrio y le inyecto quetorolaco con neomelubrina y vomito todo lo que habia desayunado, le quise dar cena y el ya no queria comer, solo tomaba agua y hacia como que iba a vomitar, el caso que ese mismo dia el perro ya no podia caminar, arrastraba todo lo de atras y le dolia y nos dimos cuenta que hacia popo y pipi con sangre, jamas le vimos inflamaciones hasta ese dia en la tarde, entonces al otro dia lo fui a checar y estaba muy triste con respiracion rara no queria comer solo bebia y bebia agua y como que queria vomitar algo pero no se que por que ni siquiera habia desayunado, como que vomitaba algo de adentro y se lo tragaba, el caso es que llame a otro veterinario con la esperanza de que me dijera que no habia derrame interno y lo checo mi perro estaba muy asustado y me dijo que habia derrame interno por eso lo de la sangre, y que el perro ya no iba a volver a caminar que aunque lo operara muy probablemente no quedaria bien y que era una injusticia para el vivir asi, entonces lo siguio checando, le piso la cola y el no sentia toda la cola le piso y nada no sentia nada, le reviso abajo y me dijo que traia unos organos desprendidos que no sabia si era el riñon junto con otras cosas y una hernia y mi mama me insistia que el perro estaba sufriendo mucho pero yo lo veia a el con ganas de vivir, el veterinario dijo que era mejor sacrificarlo por que ya estaba grande y estaba sufriendo mucho y yo no queria pero deje que lo hicieran por su bien, yo me tire a llorar abrazandolo, si yo hubiera tenido dinero en ese momento yo lo opero o no se buscaba mil alternativas pero ni siquiera acompletaba lo de las radiografias, le pusieron un tranquilisante y se me quedo viendo con cara de no me hagas esto y lo inyectaron y se me fue, me siento tan malllllllllllll tan mallllllllllll por que el me cuidooooooooo todo el tiempo, siento como si lo hubiese traisionado… y me quedo pensando en que ha de ver dicho mendiga vieja despues de tantos años de cuidarla me quito la vida, asi me siento se los juro, yo no queria que lo sacrificaran pero tampoco queria que sufriera, y lo paradojico de todo esto es que me siento mas confundida por que pese a que el veterinario le piso la cola y no la sintio el perro si la movia me siento muy mal, que me pueden decir? I can't stop crying, I feel as if I had taken his life before his time, because he was making him want to recover, I don't know if I did right or wrong if he hated me because I love him, I can't take this off Anguish and fits of hysteria enter me and I begin to beat myself to feel the pain that I cause him by killing him, what can you tell me about this? ...

    1.    Melany said

      You made me cry ... I totally agree with you about the hospital ... well that is one of my goals in life ... I hope God gives me a lot of strength and health to be able to create something for the abandoned on the street ... don't feel bad ... you did what you could ... the puppies nor the kittens know of hatred or resentment ... he will always love you and protect you ... God bless you

      1.    dew full said

        A lot of cat will have his front leg amputated. We are suffering my cho. How can I get him forward. Will there be prostheses for him? He's depressed.

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hello Rocio.
          Cats get used to everything, don't worry. Keep taking care of it as before and you will see how it will go away.
          In any case, prosthetics are made for cats. Ask your vet to see if they could put one on your cat.
          Greetings, and encouragement.

    2.    antonella said

      Hello, the same thing happened to me too, and I tell you that I agree with the hospitals for animals, but do not hurt yourself, overcome his death, the insurance must be in a better life with God, go ahead just like I, that already happened, stop and walk forward, your future awaits you

    3.    marian said

      I understand you, my cat broke a few days ago it was Sunday night. She didn't know she was outside and some dogs attacked her. When I found her she was crying from the pain and was limping. My parents and I do everything to help her. But she is wrong, she has a fractured spine and one part of it is superimposed on the other. They say that she will not be cured and that whatever happens, she will walk. My mother gives me hope and I believe in her and in my kitten but I know that she is not well and that she suffers and will continue to do so. It will not heal according to what they told me. But I don't want to be sacrificed. I love her but she suffers but the love that I have for her cannot allow me to allow that, and you can see that she tells me not to let her suffer. He does not want to choose between living suffering or dying and rest in peace. But I have no more options. I don't want this, I love her, it's like my little daughter is just five months old. But I do not want him to suffer and know that he will not heal. I do not know if he has the opportunity to live and continue helping her or if I only prolong her death and suffering. I don't know what to do and I'm very bad. I already knew that it would end up like this but I was still confident that he would recompose himself and happy to give him encouragement. I don't know what to do, I promised to take care of him and give him my love forever. I am doing wrong in both cases. What should I do? (TT-TT)

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hi Marian.
        I recommend that you ask for a second veterinary opinion. You have every right, and more so when it comes to a case like this, in which the animal is so bad.
        Much encouragement.

  14.   Isabella said

    Hello, my case is that three days ago my two-month-old kitten was hurt by my dog, the thing is that she survived thanks to God but her neck was badly bent to the side and her front legs do not give her direction that I can eat well and have no spinal fracture

  15.   Christine said

    Good night, my case is that I have a cat and I jumped out of the window last night on the 4th floor, I immediately ran to a veterinary hospital, she is very chubby, when I arrived at the hospital, they delayed my attention and there were no more people in the ward. wait, I was alone with my cat, about half an hour later, they attended to me and told me that I had to do complementary tests, echo, rx and preqx laboratories if cx were needed. What I did not like is that I arrived this afternoon asking for a report on how I was doing and they told me that I had a small fracture in my right hip at the iliac crest, a specialist has not seen it yet; What left me calm is that she ate well, slept well, defecated and urinated normal, without hematuria, which left me feeling uncomfortable, but what seems inconceivable to me is that they have to wait 48 hours to determine whether to operate or not. I asked them to give me the Rx but they did not want to show it to me because the technician had it and that it was no longer found, it is possible that in a cat or animal, they must take so long in protocols. I am a doctor and well, we never take so long in terms of a polytraumatized patient, but I did demand that they do the treatment as quickly as possible, since that can be traumatic for her and be with that pain because it does not seem to me ... well it gives me a sadness to see her in that cage alone, and she is super pampered and I prefer to have her in my house in what else can she stay quiet and have her little things by her side. Is it possible that a fx so small in the hip have to be operated? and is it at the level of the iliac crest? Well, I don't think so, it's mostly about waiting, resting and consolidating the fx. I don't know what to do, because I'm not a veterinarian and I don't know what to do about cats? Tomorrow I will wait for the specialist to tell me and if I see that they do not give me a solution for my kitten, I take her out of that hospital and ask for the opinion of another veterinarian . I would have liked to see the rx having taken a photo of it, but I could not show it and have them help me.

  16.   igna said

    My cat has an exposed fracture and the bone is out, I cannot pay for the operation, it is very expensive, I need to be told what to do to heal it manually and with what to medicate it, thank you.

    1.    Freya karstein said

      You NEVER do that! NEVER a couple of months ago I picked up a kitten with a horrendous fracture and it needed screws, it had them for two and a half months and thanks to the doctor it cured very well, that's why you CANNOT do that to your cat, if you don't have the money, it always is the option to ask for help from groups of cat lovers on FaceBook, list the photos, the medical quote of the operation and others, in La Gatería and I love the kittens on Facebook can help you with donations. But DON'T ever do evil to your kitten, if it were you, would you heal yourself? What makes you believe that he deserves less?

    2.    Laura Orfila said

      Hello Igna, please take your cat to the animal shelter that you have closest to hand and act quickly, the protectors and even the (decent) kennels work with veterinarians who will cure the kitten.

      NEITHER DO YOU EVER OPERATE YOURSELF ON THE KITTEN !! You are not a professional and you can cause him a lot of suffering, and as Freya says it is cruel that you want to do it yourself.
      Please, I would like you to inform us about how the kitten is and how it evolves.
      Surely the animal shelter in your area will be able to help you, we are waiting for news.

    3.    Gianina said

      My kitten had an accident that caused a hernia and fracture of his little leg, I did not have the means either, without work and dependent on my parents. I died when I knew the prices, to think that he could die in my arms because of my inability to pay, but you know, it is the health of your pet, I received the support of my family and my boyfriend, although it was too expensive for me. imagine how much…), he is already out of life risk and is improving. The money will come sooner or later, but your pet's health cannot wait ... Now I have a tremendous debt on top of me, but with my baby healing, I don't mind being a slave to pay the debt to my family

    4.    Petra ernestina said

      very good answer from freyda. Likewise, take her to a veterinarian urgently, as will the pains of that kitten.

  17.   Carolina said

    Hello good evening
    I take this site to comment on my experience, since I was desperate looking for what to do in the emergency I had with my cat.
    My cat appeared with a fox trap on her front paw, I took it out, and as it started to bleed, I cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide (the vet advised me not to use alcohol) and I put a bandage on it to stop the bleeding. As he could not find a veterinarian in the town where I live to attend him on holiday. I had to wait until the next day to do it.
    I advise them in case of a fracture with a wound, clean it well, do not put a bandage since the wound does not aerate. Make a radiographic film with specialists for animals. Wait for the wound to deflate. They gave mine antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.
    Now I'm waiting to see how it evolves.

  18.   counter said

    Hello. I tell you I have a kitten that yesterday I found immobility from the waist down and has no sensitivity. you probably have a spinal fracture in the middle of it. Tomorrow they do the X-ray, I am very anguished because the prognosis is not very good ´ he can be cramped and also they allude him to urinate because he cannot by himself. And from what the vet told me, he can regain his urination or not, maybe he would have to allude for life and it would bring him sequels, tomorrow they will give me a better report, he is in high spirits and terrible will to live, they can not imagine what He was happy to see me, I pampered him. encourage it. But the truth is unsettled. I do not want to give up, I adore him, but they did not give me much hope that he could have a good quality of life in the conditions that he is. They do not give me the strength or the heart to make the decision that they digested me, maybe tomorrow I will have to make, I am afraid of just thinking. LIKE SOMEONE TO COMMENT TO ME IF THEY KNOW OF ANY SIMILAR CASE, HOW IS YOUR FRIEND AND ANY ADVICE OR OPINION, I really thank you, I want to give you all the possibilities or exhaust them if you want all of them. I don't want to lose him and I don't want him to suffer, I don't know what to do, and this wait kills me, bsos and thanks

  19.   brenda diocares said

    Today, Friday, December 27, 2013, I stepped on my 33-day-old kitten and I think his neck broke, my kitten wiggled a lot, I don't know if he broke it or if he twisted it or if I ripped his neck or broke his leg ... .. he does not want to take the mother's teat, he is only lying down and abeses moves very abruptly ... .. I do not know if he will heal or die ... .. the only thing I want is for him to heal and not die ... please, I ask him if Someone could tell me what could be in this case …… Please answer me, I love cats…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20.   Hani said

    Hello, my kitten has a crooked neck and is barely a month old, I don't know what to do since it can't keep up and crawls sideways: /

  21.   angie said

    Hello, my cat has a hip injury, he can't walk on his own (he crawls) he wants to go to the bathroom but he can't, I want to take him but if I carry him, it's absurd, he doesn't do anything, I don't know how to help him '
    someone knows?

  22.   ciindy said

    Hello, my kitten can no longer walk, he was run over by a taxi driver :(
    I think it's the spine or the two back skates, and I don't know what to do, my dad says we don't have money to take him to the vet, and I love that cat too much, what should I do?

  23.   Angela Contreras said

    Hello I have a kitten of an average year and he had disappeared but recently he came back well injured with scratches on his neck and with his right back paw as if he were sole it moves to the sides and when one touches his paw he unfortunately gets angry At the moment I do not have money, what can I do to heal her wounds and they are already healing but her little leg supports her a little but if she looks bad she has not lost her appetite now she goes up to all the places she frequents, please help me give me a solution while I get money to take him to the vet.

  24.   john said

    My kitten fell from a third floor and after I picked it up, it behaves strangely, it bites me and there are times when it falls to the floor involuntarily when I'm going to caress it, it scratches me.

  25.   Dai said

    Hello. I have a 5-month-old cat ... and a dog grabbed him when he went to relieve himself, he has a dislocated and broken front leg, what do you recommend? operate it or amputate the leg 🙁 please help!

  26.   Piero said

    Today a German shepherd grabbed my 8 month old kitten and I took him to the vet and they told me it could be a spinal fracture and he gave him an injection and that he was going to be under observation for two days and he gave it to me but the kitten did not moves its hind legs, someone has passed a similar chaos? Have you recovered? Help me :(

    1.    Karla said

      Did your kitty finally recover? The same thing just happened to me and I don't know if he's going to survive! I would like you to tell me please! Thanks

  27.   Marcela said

    My cat was attacked by dogs, they fractured her rib, piercing her lung for a week at the vet yesterday, I took her to a check-up, she was super, they medicated her again and she has been lying down all the time, she has air in the left part of her body, I don't know if they entertained her like that because she was better

  28.   angie said

    Hello, I would like to know what I can do, what happens is that today a dog bit my cat in the belly and hurt his back leg, and he cannot walk, what can I give him or what do I do?

  29.   erika said

    Plis help is that my cat is thrown from a 4th floor and is bleeding from the anus ... It is too late and the vet is closed, what can I give or do

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Erika.
      You must take him to the vet.
      A greeting!

  30.   Antonio said

    Hello, very good, unfortunately when I got out of bed I stepped on my cat who is only two months old with misfortune that I stepped on her back legs a little now she cannot move both legs she only supports a little with one and does not complain about pain so I doubt that there may be if you could help me thanks

  31.   Karol said

    Hello, my cat seems to have fractured his paw and we do not know that you would help me please and we do not have how to take him to a vet?

  32.   Ashley Flores Bernal (@govio_govia) said

    My cat fell into the washing machine while it kept squeezing and I did not realize it until after half an hour that I went down and looked inside, when I took it out, she went to bed immediately and trembled after an rto I put her to walk and she walks with her back legs in the form of u and she went back to bed what can I do if I do not have how to take her to a vet

  33.   Vanesa said

    Hello, my kitten caught her tail, she is old, she made a small wound, I wanted to know how much the cures can be confirmed by a veterinarian

  34.   Monica sanchez said

    If the cat cannot walk well, or has tremors, there is no choice but to take him to the vet. Only he will know how to correct the problem. We at home can try not to move more than necessary; But for it to heal, we need the help of a professional.

    Vanesa, each veterinary clinic usually has its prices. In general, the visit is about 20 euros, and then the cures depending on the severity can be 10 euros or 30.

    Greetings 🙂.

  35.   marcela said

    Hello, I feel very tired, I have my kitten that I love her a lot and 4 days ago the street dogs attacked her and I took her to the vet and she has a broken spine and they advised me to put her to sleep but I don't want to know what to do they advise me I want to know if it has a cure or not, please help me

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Marcela.
      If you have a broken spine, even if you survive, you will not have a very good quality of life. In any case, it is worth asking for a second opinion - veterinary - to see if something can be done.
      Much encouragement.

    2.    vanessa said

      Hello my kitty, I fractured the colupna and she can't walk, drag her paws, I must be

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Vanessa.
        I recommend you take her to the vet. Fractures, and especially those of the spine, need urgent veterinary attention.
        A greeting.

  36.   Natalia said

    Hello ... my kitten is about 1 month old and I am very worried about him, look, always when I am not at home the cat, her mother takes her kittens to the second floor to my bedroom but one of the kittens seems to be silent from the second floor now the kitten does not want to drink breast milk, it does not move and bends its body (like it twists) and its neck is too delicate (its neck moves everywhere) I cannot go to a vet, since it is 18 and I won't be able to go to a vet until Monday, PLEASE HELP ME….

  37.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Natalia.
    If he has a broken neck, you should go to a veterinarian or a protector as soon as possible. In the meantime, put a sweater on him - tight, but without overdoing it - to prevent him from moving it.

  38.   Mauricio said

    Hello. Look at my cat one day it came a little strange, and then I realized that it was bleeding. He has about 3 holes near his belly but he no longer bleeds.
    The problem is that near the rib it has something outside, it looks like a bone and when you touch it even a little it hurts a lot
    I am worried about him. which may be?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Mauricio.
      It can be from being involved in a cat fight, until someone has hurt you on purpose. In any case, it is very important that you go to the vet. The wound can become infected and be much worse.

  39.   Karen Martinez said

    Hello ... I have a 2-month-old kitten that is still super small ... The thing is that a wheel that was at the bottom crushed him (I did not see how it was only that the wheel was on him) he got blood from his mouth and nose. I am scared until now he is sleeping and he can walk with his four legs but I do not know what else to do and take him to a vet. It is very clear that this is my last resort. If you know something, advise them.

  40.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Karen.
    Blood coming out of your nose and mouth is very serious. And even though I'm walking now, I may have some bleeding. It is very important that you take him to the vet, only he can cure your cat.

  41.   Jhonatan said

    My cat is stepped on by a motorcycle, he looks sad like an old man on his back and walks with difficulty with his hind legs, what can I do who helps me

  42.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Jhonatan.
    Accidents are something very serious, especially when the affected part has been the back, since it could end up with a quadriplegia. Only the vet will know how to cure your cat.
    Good luck and cheer!

  43.   yohanis cove said

    My cat was at home last night and today he woke up with his tail made a mess, he has no fracture but the leather has detached from end to end, only the meat is visible and I do not know what could have happened to him but I know that he has to be amputated to save him from gangrene and the saddest thing is that today he is one year old, he was born today, December 31 at two in the afternoon. Who can guide me?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yohanis.
      If your vet has told you that amputating is best, you can of course always ask for a second opinion. Still, cats can live without a tail, no problem.

    2.    María Rosal (Fernán‐Núñez, Córdoba, 1961) is a complete writer. She has published children's theatre, has received the Andalusian Critics' Award (2004), the Children's Poetry Award (2007) and the José Hierro National Poetry Award for Carmín rojo sangre (2015). Her poetic work has been translated into English, Italian and Greek.<br/> <br/> This is her second book for children in edebé, after the funniest title, El secreto de las patatas fritas.<br/> <br/> Maria has a very funny sense of humour. said

      Hello, my 2-year-old cat fell on Sunday from a seventh floor, we found him yesterday, with pneumo thorax and the two hind legs checked, warm and fibula. How likely is the operation to be successful? Would it be the same as before the accident? He does not eat and baby if we give him with a syringe ... I don't know if it is better to sacrifice him. ..

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Maria.
        I'm very sorry about what happened 🙁, but I can't help you with this. I recommend that you ask the vet, he will know how to answer you better than me.
        What I can tell you is that sacrifice must be the last option. Cats learn to live with what they have, and nothing happens. In the event that it had breathing problems, then the situation would be different, but as long as the professional tells you that there is some possibility that the animal can live more or less well, then move on.
        Much encouragement.

  44.   Cristian said

    Hello, my cat was bitten by a dog when he left home: '(his leg is well fractured and he does not move it at all ... it is swollen and very very sensitive I think it has 2 fractures .... I want to know if it is serious or if it can be cured greetings 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Cristian.
      Dog bites have always been treated to prevent the wound from becoming infected. If the leg appears to be fractured, only a veterinarian can cast it.
      I cannot tell you if he will fully recover or not, as it is difficult to know. Even so, in principle cats are very resistant, and you do not have to lose that leg.
      Cheer up.

  45.   Livestock World said

    My cute cat fractured the head of his femur and although he underwent emergency surgery, he did not walk fluently again. I am lame.

  46.   Maria C said

    Hello, I have a kitten that appeared at my house and since there I have taken care of her and she is not a street person but to relieve herself if she goes out and since there she has been handcuffing the truth is that I think someone hit her with a stone I am very sad because I know she is hurting her back leg is the one in the back and she does not affirm it and when I caress her she pulls me to bite, what will happen to her? I'm going to take her to the vet tomorrow, even though I don't have money, but since I'm taking her, I'm going to take her in the name of Jesus.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Maria C.
      She may have been run over too. In any case, if you eat, drink and look energetic, in principle it doesn't have to be anything serious. Still, the vet will give him the appropriate treatment.
      A greeting.

  47.   alessandra said

    a kitten that I take care of does not walk well and I think he hit his neck because he is leaning and he does not seem to control it and I cannot take him to the vet since I take care of him secretly and I am a minor

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alessandra.
      Neck injuries should be treated by a veterinarian, as they can be serious. You can put a sock (make holes for the legs) that can hold the neck well, but know that this will only serve as a temporary measure.
      Sorry I can not help you anymore. Perhaps in a Protector they can help your kitten.

  48.   Ingrick Escalona said

    Hello, little month, help my cat, I think she broke her leg but it doesn't seem like it and when her lungs are touched it feels like a gut sounding with hunger. A dog was the one that caused this and when it happened she was bleeding from her nose. and he calls but he no longer continues to bleed

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Ingrick.
      You may have internal bleeding. There are many fights with dogs that end with the injured cat, needing veterinary attention. That sound you say you hear can be an indicator that fluid has entered his lungs.
      Even if it appears to be fine, that is, even if it breathes properly and can walk well, it should be examined by a professional, for your own well-being.
      Cheer up.

      1.    Ingrick Escalona said

        Thanks Monica for the information tomorrow I will take her to the vet

      2.    Ingrick Escalona said

        Hi Monica, sorry for the trouble, but if my cat had internal bleeding, it would be for her to hold out for another day until she took her to the vet.

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hi Ingrick.
          It is difficult to know. Internal bleeding should be treated as soon as possible. Now, if your cat more or less leads a normal life, perhaps for another day it will not get worse. But it is always much better to go to the specialist as soon as possible.
          Greetings, and encouragement.

  49.   Watercolor art said

    Hello Monica, my cat today fractured its tail when it is only two months old. the door was closed and it broke it looks very serious it is hanging, what can I do? in two days is that a veterinarian can see her.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Watercolor.
      You can bandage it with gauze or a cloth, so that it is as "straight" as possible.
      Greetings, and encouragement.

  50.   Cesar Alexander Carrasco Carre said

    Hello, do you know that my cat suffered a fracture in a rib from a dog bite, she is already at home after 2 days hospitalized, she is on anti-inflammatories and analgesics, but she has not defecated since the day she was bitten, it has been like this for 3 days, what can I do? ? help 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Cesar.
      Give it a tablespoon of vinegar. Normally this should be enough to make you feel like having a bowel movement. You can also mix wet cat food with 1/8 tablespoon of wheat bran, twice a day.
      Cheer up.

  51.   CRISTINA said

    Hello, my kitten fell from the ceiling two days ago and I grabbed its paw up, I touch it and it hurts because it meows and bites me. I don't know if his paw is fractured, could someone help me ????? ' he has scratches on his paw

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Cristina.
      If it's been two days and you're still limping, you probably have a fractured one. In this case, you should try to attract her with a food she loves (cans for cats for example), and take her to the vet. You can try with the help of someone to sell it, either with a cloth, gauze or a bandage, but it is better to have it done by a professional.
      Greetings, and encouragement.

  52.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Vickys.
    If you are in pain you have not gone very far Put up "Wanted" signs with his photo, walk the streets of your neighborhood, tell the vet, and he'll be sure to show up.
    Good luck, and good cheer.

  53.   Monica sanchez said

    A kiss, to see if he comes back 🙂.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Vickys.
      Cool! I'm really glad, really. Thanks for saying it 🙂
      These cats… they hide anywhere.
      A fuerte abrazo.

  54.   mallerly said

    Hello, do you know that I have a kitten about 9 months old and his whole leg hurts and I think he has a broken leg, tell me it is better to get it fixed or take him to a veterinarian to treat him and put him in a cast.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Mallerly.
      Best seen by a vet. In this way, you will ensure that your recovery will be complete, and above all fast.
      A greeting.

  55.   Rosy said

    Hello my gtito is months old and they threw him and his paw does not support it, he does not want to eat and his skin is cold k ago

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Rosy.
      The first thing is to wrap it with a blanket so that it does not lose heat. Cold is a very bad sign and can cause serious health problems, such as heart disease. Then, it is advisable to take her to the vet to find out exactly what is happening to her and treat her accordingly.
      Cheer up.

  56.   Carola said

    Good morning, I'm desperate, I have my 8-month-old kitten fell from a third floor, I took her to the veterinary clinic, they took her x-rays and they indicated that she had both broken back potatoes.
    They operated on her and they put nails on her, 48 hours have passed and she does not want to drink water or eat, she cannot urinate, I am very worried because I see her very down. My question is if they take so long to recover.
    Thank you if you can give me a light

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Carola.
      Yes it's normal. You think you've just had a major operation, and it may take a while to get better.
      Still, it's important not to stop urging him to eat or at least drink a little. And if after two days you do not see any change, then I would recommend taking it again.
      Much encouragement.

      1.    Carola said

        Thanks Monica, I have my kitten hospitalized, they cannot discharge her, 48 hours have passed and they tell me that the prognosis is reserved, today the doctor who operated on her checked her and told me that I have to wait.

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          I'm so sorry, Carola. I hope your kitty recovers soon. Much encouragement.

          1.    Carola said

            Thanks Monica, 5 months have passed and my kitten is very well

          2.    Monica sanchez said

            How good, I'm very happy 🙂

  57.   olive glory said

    My kitten seems to be well hurt, her head is swollen and she does not want to drink milk, this very bad tube had a serious accident

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, Gloria.
      Take her to the vet as soon as possible. You may have internal bleeding or any other problem.
      Much encouragement.

  58.   Jacqueline Villamizar Espinosa said

    Hi, what if my cat broke a leg and I don't have the money to operate it?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jacqueline.
      Fractures are usually healed by bandaging the leg. It is not necessary to have the cat undergo surgery, most of the time. You can try to bandage the leg, but if there is a fracture it will hurt a lot, so it is recommended that you see a professional.
      You can request help from a Protective of Animals. There are many who work in conjunction with veterinarians.
      Good luck, and good cheer.

  59.   DAYSI said

    Hello, my kitten ran away from home and came back with his right leg in his middle third with purple coloration, and abnormal mobility, I took him to the vet, he gave analgesia and he recommended that he wait 8 days until he deflates and be able to place immobilization, I wanted to know if It is appropriate that I wait that long to be able to immobilize, and I am afraid that the fracture will become exposed .. I don't know what to do, what is the most appropriate behavior, I don't want to lose my little one .. Please help !!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Daysi.
      Eight days in my opinion is a long time, by how you say it is. If it is clear that the cat has a fracture, it should be bandaged now, and not waiting. My advice is to ask for a second opinion. You don't lose anything and, on the contrary, you could gain a lot.
      Much encouragement.

  60.   Carla said

    Hello, I have the millet kitten who does not walk, he walks with his front legs, the back ones, along with his hips and tail. Iguan does not stop. Go everywhere like this. I live in a rural area, I am isolated by the rains, it is impossible for me to get out of my life. I do not know what to do? It already does. He is like this for days, he has 6 months, he has not lost his appetite, but I think he does not defecate on his own, he loses trositos to kill and I did not see him urinate. It only gets wet where it passes. How can I take care of it. As long as I can't get him to a vet? Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Carla.
      At the moment and without the opinion of a veterinarian, little can be done 🙁. The good news is that you eat and stay active despite everything.
      You can put a bandage on his leg, but without forcing, so that at least it does not complicate him.
      Sorry I can not help you anymore. Can't the vet come to your house?
      Much, much encouragement.

  61.   Esteban said

    Hello good, I live on the third floor, my three-month-old kitten was out the window and fell, her mouth is a little busted but nothing serious, the problem is that in her left leg she does not pick up but avoids leaning and lying down alone He bends that paw, but does not meow or show pain when stretching it, he is only sad, what can it be?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Esteban.
      You may have a sprain. If it does not improve in a couple of days, it is recommended that you see a veterinarian.
      A greeting.

  62.   Cecilia said

    Hello, my 5-month-old kitten went to the patio as usual to play so it was night and she always meows for us to open it as I said it was night and she did not come back then my parents went up to look for her when she offered day but my mother She called and a cat answered her she did not know if it was her or not so the next day at 5:30 am my dad went to look for her and entered the neighbor and could not walk so my country took her to the vet and they told her that the The blow hit her nerve and she was going to give her a medicine if she didn't get better, her front leg was paralyzed and a day has passed and it's still the same but when we squeeze the raisin it does meow and we suppose she can feel but my mom is going to take her to another veterinarian because she and the whole family have reported and the last thing I want is for her to be paralyzed because she is very small and if she goes outside she can get other expenses and they make her a bag I hope and I have hope that she will heal when I do not see what it improves, I leave to cry r because we love her very much and we don't want anything to happen to her and she is no longer as active as before she was a lightning bolt now she limps and every five steps she sits on the floor and stays for a little while ????

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello cecilia.
      I'm very sorry for what happened to your kitten 🙁, but don't worry, she is very young and it is very likely that she will recover sooner than you imagine.
      A abrazo.

  63.   Geisel Esquivel said

    Hi! my cat suddenly stopped eating he cannot walk and at first glance he cannot see anything but it hurts when I touch him like the left part of his body and he only wants to lie down he cannot get up what can I give him for the moment while I take him to the vet?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Geisel.
      At the moment, it is better not to give him anything. You may have just had a slight bump, and you need to rest for a bit.
      What you can do is, if you want, give it a massage with Aloe vera gel on the part that hurts. This can help you feel better.
      A greeting.

  64.   Hanna said

    Hello, we have accidentally knocked on the door to our 1,5-month-old kitten. At first you could see him suffering, adapting strange postures on the floor and meowing, I was able to catch him with a towel, he calmed down in his arms, but he was shaking a lot. Right away she wanted to go away with the cat, to suckle and sleep. If I wake him up, he folds his front left paw, but runs to the basket to sleep. I can't go to the vet right now, but I'm not calm. If it's a fracture, can it wait until tomorrow? What should I watch out for if it is something more serious? Many thanks.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Hanna.
      I don't know if you've already been to the vet, in any case, they should be seen as soon as possible, but if a few hours go by, nothing will change.
      Much encouragement.

      1.    Hanna said

        Hello, we have not gone yet, I am working and this morning I have seen it much better. I have not seen him limp or lift his leg, he does not complain at all when touching all his bones or his body. Apart from suckling the cat, she has eaten feed, drank and went to the cashier to do her normal poo-pee. He was somewhat sad and withdrawn, but already playing with his brothers. I'll see you in a couple of hours. My daughter says the door didn't slam shut, but the kitty's first reaction scandalous.
        I don't know if it was just scare or is it misleading that it appears to be okay?
        Thank you very much!

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hi Hanna.
          I'm glad! 🙂
          It was probably just a scare. Cats meow in a very outrageous way when they do themselves a little bit of damage. I can even tell you that one of my cats meows very very loud when another cat only intends to pass her: s
          A greeting and thanks for answering. This is very, very good news.

  65.   carolay suarez said

    My cat fell from the second floor window, he fractured his toes on one leg, it snapped like the other and he can't support it …… I'm worried I don't know what to do they can help me …… .URGENT….

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Karolay.
      I'm very sorry for what happened to your cat. Much encouragement!!
      I recommend that you take him to the vet, it is important to see him. If the fracture heals poorly, it can leave the animal lame for life.
      A abrazo.

  66.   Karla said

    Hello Monica, do you know that my grandparents' kitten was bitten by two dogs at the door of her house and when my grandmother picked it up she screamed a lot of pain (in itself she screams all the time for anything) the kitten is 3 months old, barely That happened to him, the vet went to see him and injected him to make his tummy deflate a little. We have to wait to take him and do the studies. But he still does not pee, much less poop, 38 hours have passed. His back legs do not move, I think his spine is compromised, what is the prognosis that you give me? We are all so fond that you do not know whether to let go or find a way to get ahead. Thanks for the attention!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Karla.
      I'm very sorry for what happened to your kitten.
      I am not a veterinarian, but in principle I would tell you that it is normal for it to move its legs. It hasn't been long since what happened.
      To have a bowel movement, give him a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or wine; this can help you. Anyway, if you do not eat, it is normal that you do not defecate.
      Sorry I can not help anymore. Much encouragement.

  67.   Karla said

    Thank you very much for having answered my questions, I want to tell you that today I saw that the kitten moved very slowly and for two seconds, its legs were behind, but its tummy is still swollen and it does not want to be touched, it has not had a fever, but it has like mucus in his tail (without blood) could it be something from his intestine or something? Is that serious? From already thank you very much!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Karla.
      It can be serious, but only a vet can tell you that.
      Greetings and much encouragement.

  68.   Giovanna singing said

    Hello Goodnight
    Two days ago my cat Happy came crawling with his front paws when I approached and tried to check him, he became aggressive and tried to bite me, I took him to the vet and stayed for observation all night, he made him plates and the next day he told me that he had a small hip fracture on the right side from a blow, they had thrown a stone at him apparently .. that same day he let me take him home he gave him some pills for pain and inflammation and told me to rest, but my cat is not 100 % homebody likes to be outside on the terrace and sometimes he tries to move from place meow in pain sometimes he moves his hind legs and tries to lie down on his 4 legs, he drinks and eats normally, but he has not gone to the bathroom today is the first day at home I don't know how to help him to go to the bathroom, I'm afraid that from moving around he will hurt more 🙁 any advice? Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Giovanna.
      You can give it a large tablespoon of apple or wine vinegar. This will help you have a bowel movement.
      To be calm, you have to be watched. Listening to quiet, soft music can help you to be calmer.
      Good cheer, and may your furry get better soon!

  69.   Laa Roochii said

    Hi, I'm Rocio, my cat hurt his back leg, he doesn't limp but his bone is noticeable and he doesn't want to eat anything, I offer him but there is no result, he has a sad face and I realized late and the vet is closed until Monday, I do not know what to do once that I have a cat in my house since my mother does not like it a lot but now she does and I have loved so much that I got sick x what happens to her and but still that I have seen so many cats of my grandmother's who have died and I have loved, I get sick because I don't want the same thing to happen to her, she is only 5 months old…. What can I do: '(

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      If you can, take him to the vet tomorrow.
      In principle, it is normal that he does not want to eat because of the pain he feels, but do not stop insisting.
      For prevention, it is better that your leg is sold by the professional.
      Greetings, and encouragement.

  70.   sebastian said

    They know that my kitten was run over, he affirms his two back legs but his baby food falls to the sides and he screams very loud and I don't know what to do

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Sebastian.
      I advise you to take him to the vet. If you scream loudly, it is because it hurts a lot, and it should be seen by a professional. You may have broken bones.
      A greeting.

  71.   Elena said

    I do not know what I can do I feel terrified and sad, I have several kittens, my cat gave birth 22 days ago, and she did not stop taking them from one place to another in the house, sometimes she left them all lying on the ground and left, well Yesterday it turns out that he gave them to take them out to the balcony while he was sleeping, and the other cats, I do not know why they gave them to fight over the kittens, trampling and hitting them, in the end a poor man died, and another was hit on the head, she is alive , but her body does not control it and her head is tilted to one side, the poor thing meows very loudly. I took her to the local vet and he told me that she had a cranioencephalic stroke, and he gave her an injection of something, to reduce the swelling in her brain, but she shrugged when I asked her what would happen if she did not respond to the injection. Many hours have passed since that and the kitten is still the same, I don't know what to do, it kills me to see her suffer so much, I don't know what I should do, I don't have money to take her out, I have very little. I have tried to make her eat, but it is almost impossible to get her to breastfeed, I have been giving her milk reduced with water, I do not have anything else until Tuesday. Please, what can I do? Do you know if it is very serious, the kitten could be cured in some way? Thank you, thank you very much, I hope you answer me.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Elena.
      Traumas to the head and back are very serious.
      Being so small and being the mother as she is, you will have to take care of giving her milk. If you can, get kitten milk, it will feed him something else.
      As long as you eat, there is hope.
      Much encouragement.

    2.    Natalie MM said

      I HAVE MY KITTEN FOR JUST ONE MONTH THE SAME but with a dropper he receives milk and water, they gave me a few drops to calm the pain but they did not give me any more solution.

  72.   Natalie MM said

    Hello, look what happens is that I have a kitten of only one month and in an oversight I fell a table on top at that moment it began to twist and it remained still for 20 minutes but it breathed we massaged its body and we heated it until I take strength and react but she writhes like boats to one side of the neck, you have to be with her at a moment so that she is not twisting, what do you recommend while I take her to the vet 🙁 I await your answer THANKS

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Natalia.
      I'm very sorry for what happened to your little girl 🙁
      But precisely because it is so small it is better not to touch anything. At that age they are very fragile, and any attempt to repair the fracture could prove fatal.
      What I would recommend is that you try not to move a lot, or walk, until you see a veterinarian.
      Much encouragement.

  73.   Jose Luis Morales placeholder image said

    Hello, I am very sorry but a relative kicked my cat in the abdomen just as he jumped from one armchair to the other, my cat hid and did not come out again. After a discussion, more or less than 2 hours, I looked for my cat and noticed that there were remains of vomit in that place and my cat did not come out of its hiding place, when I managed to get it out of this place it was very strange and its meow was a both different, and in pain, even after carrying him and placing him on his bed I vomit yellow again. I touched him to his stomach and his ribs and I didn't notice anything weird, but he complains a little when I check him and falls asleep.
    I hope you can guide me what to do, thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Jose Luis
      It is normal for him to complain, because it must hurt, even that he has vomited, if the blow was very serious, it is also a "normal reaction", let's say.
      If you have been more or less well today, that is, if you walk more or less well and eat, it is most likely that you will finish recovering on your own in a few days. Now, if you have seen him wrong, if he has not wanted to eat anything at all, if it is difficult for him to walk, then I would advise you to take him to the vet, just in case.
      A greeting.

  74.   Ricardo said

    Hello ... my neighbor has a cat for about 3 years, the cat was picked up from the street, it came with one of its bad front legs, it has to support its elbow when walking or simply occupy 3 legs to walk, it does it like jumping ... His paw when supporting it when walking has generated a loss of hair in the area, but slightly .. after having spent so much time is it possible to recover his paw? Or will the vet just tell me to amputate the leg? I would not like to remove the paw since it still occupies it for support .. is it advisable to put a bandage to avoid injuries in the area? Anyway, I plan to take him to the vet later, something that my neighbor never did .. I await your answer .. and thank you very much in advance .. greetings

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Ricardo.
      It will depend on how the leg is, but after so long, and even more so if you say that it does not rely on it much, the most likely thing is that the vet will choose to amputate it.
      Regarding putting a bandage on him to avoid injury, yes, you can put it on to prevent him from hurting himself.
      A greeting.

  75.   John said

    Hello good, I was cleaning and I sit on the bed and my cat was there and I didn't even see him, and he started to meow, I put him down and left him out of the room and I realized that he does not stop: O 🙁 TT is done I turned and defecated, I took it, cleaned it and left it without claiming, then I took it to the armchair and lay down, I don't have money now to take it to the vet, what can I do? I checked her and touched her everywhere thinking that she may have broken something or I don't know (90kg) and nothing, she doesn't claim as if anything hurt, but she doesn't stop, I put her on the floor and she collapses: What do I do? !

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello jhon.
      I'm sorry for what happened to your cat 🙁
      90kg is a lot of weight on a cat's paws… Although it may not seem to complain, if it cannot walk it is sure that it has caused something: a sprain or fracture, or simply a blow.
      He may recover in a few days, but if he does not improve by a maximum of 4-5, he should be seen by a vet.
      In the meantime, it is important that you eat and drink normally. If he stops, give him chicken broth, or cans of wet cat food.
      A greeting.

  76.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Lucianna.
    I recommend that you take him to the vet. If he behaves aggressively it is because he is in a lot of pain, and only when it is relieved will he be able to calm down.
    Cheer up.

  77.   Rossana Acosta placeholder image said

    Hello .. I am very worried and sad .. today my cat .. came back with her back paw that does not seat her to walk .. I called the vet at home .. and he placed 3 injectable painkillers, dexamethasone and a liver protector .. But being very surly she did not allow herself to place the injections .. and ran everywhere .. According to the vet at first glance she told me that she is not fractured .. But she stayed lying inside a pleasure .. which is the place that she She chose to be calm .. but I put water and food on her .. and observed that she did not move from that place .. She also brought her sanitary stones close to her .. But I do not see improvement .. And tomorrow is Sunday .. I wonder will I be in time until Monday to make her see her again and have a plaque done .. If I called a vet .. and minimized her condition .. I feel helpless to see her suffer and worse in silence .. because she doesn't complain .. I don't know what to do .. if take her now .. elsewhere
    .. And what paralyzes me is that it is very surly .. to take it by my own means .. I need guidance that I have to do. Thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Rossana.
      It is normal that after giving her the medications she has been very calm and did not want to eat anything.
      But if you don't see improvement today, then it would be important for a vet to see her tomorrow, Monday.
      In the meantime, try giving him chicken broth, cans of tuna, or wet cat food if you have it.
      Much encouragement.

  78.   Mariana said

    Dear Monica,
    I admire your great enthusiasm for cats. I was seeking help for my kitty's broken back, but I've seen so many stories and repeated advice to take him to the vet, that I've been moved.
    Thank you for so much comfort that you give!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Mariana, when a cat has a fracture or any other serious health problem, it can only be examined by a professional. I am not a veterinarian, so I can only report what I know.
      A greeting.

  79.   Mariana said

    Postscript: cats have a highly sensitive nervous system (you just have to see the way they react to the slightest touch), so they are affected by pain a lot.
    I like the advice you've repeatedly given about playing classical music.
    I sing a lullaby to them, I imitate the mother's brrrrrurrr and caress her chest, belly and behind her ears, because that reassures them a lot. By the way to me too.

  80.   Louis tavera said

    Hi, I'm writing here because I really don't know what to do anymore. My kitten fractured her ribs, she is undergoing treatment with the vet and she is already much better, but the problem is that she can no longer hold the micro-porous vest that she put on to immobilize her and she goes around because she does not settle. I also have a lot of trouble taking her to the bathroom because she can't stand up yet and I'm afraid of hurting her, plus she doesn't want to do if it's not in the sand. If someone could advise me something for this I would appreciate it very much.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Luis.
      I'm very sorry that your kitten is like this. But even if you don't want to have the vest anymore, you should wear it until the vet tells you that you can take it off.
      As that day arrives, you can feed her cat treats from time to time while gently stroking her back. Even if it is over the vest, she will know right away that you love her, and if you give her a treat at that moment, she will forget her discomfort for a moment.
      Regarding its physiological needs, I know that what I am going to tell you is not very hygienic, but you can put the tray next to it, and take it by putting one hand under its front legs, and another right on the back legs, underneath. of the ribs, and take her to her bathroom.
      Much, much encouragement.

      1.    Louis tavera said

        Thank you very much for your advice. I just want to share that my girl is much better now, she is already walking and eating by herself. Again, thank you very much.

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          I'm very happy, Luis 🙂.

  81.   Zoraida said

    Hello, I have a 4-week-old kitten and raised her since she opened her eyes, her mother abandoned her and we took over, a week ago apparently they hurt a little leg she began to gradually stop supporting her, I went to the vet and as soon as possible That she could give me the appointment was until 4 days later the doctor only saw her for a few minutes and told me I think they have to amputate the fractures in small cats they do not fix she put me another appointment with a veterinary orthopedist but until next Wednesday and not She put neither splint nor anything, my little pussy no longer has an inflamed elbow, she does not support yet but plays and eats normally, would I still be able to splint it? Did she go to other places and they told me that since she already had a clinic, they couldn't see her? I do not understand what happens, please help me ... I will be able to do it, I do not want them to remove their little hand from my cat if she apparently has no injuries or inflammation ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Zoraida.
      Can't ask for a second opinion? It is that, as you say, if they did not look at it practically at all and with that they decided that they should have it amputated, I don't know, the truth does not give me much confidence, and even less being so small.
      You can have a splint if you want, but if you can, find another vet.
      Much, much encouragement.

  82.   Zoraida said

    Thanks Monica, but I couldn't get them to see her elsewhere, I sold it to her and she started to use her little hand, not totally, but she's starting to support her, we decided to stop looking and do it all ourselves and thank God my little pussy has worked. completely ready to leave the bandages… ..

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Cool. I'm very happy 🙂.

  83.   pamela said

    Hello I hope you can help me yesterday my two-month-old kitten I press the door of the house and his back legs do not react God can help me thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Pamela.
      When there is one or more legs that do not react, it is usually because the nerves have suffered damage. Unfortunately this can only be treated by a vet, sorry.
      Much, much encouragement.

  84.   nani said

    Hello, my kitten went outside and a dog hit her and she's lying down. I don't know if she's broken and she just wants to drink water, she doesn't want to eat.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Nani.
      Dog attacks on cats are usually serious. The force of the bite of the former is greater than that of domestic cats, so your kitten has been very lucky.
      How are you today? If you see that he does not want to put the weight on a leg, or if he still does not want to eat, you should take him to the vet for examination.
      Much encouragement.

  85.   omar candle said

    My 13-year-old cat got out, apparently a dog attacked her. We found her hours later because we did not know her whereabouts. When I took her to the vet, she told me that she had 2 broken ribs, she told me that you cannot put a splint or bandage on her because cats heal these types of injuries on their own. I would like to know how long I have to wait for it to heal completely.

    1.    Louis tavera said

      Hello, something similar happened to my kitten, the doctor placed a bandage on her ribs and shoulders so that she would not move and counteract a lung perforation (it can be seen by inflammation in the side). After a few weeks of great care (especially the first one) she recovered, but I always fed and drank her by mouth. They like chicken-flavored baby food. I hope you get better soon.

      1.    Carola said

        I have had two bad experiences with my kittens, one fell from the second floor and broke her two hind legs, I took her to a clinic and was very well attended to, this one fully recovered was very expensive but it was worth it. I have another case of a kitten who was attacked by a very large dog, apparently in the attack it damaged her and caused a hernia that was operated on, however, due to anesthesia and manipulation, hernias were complicated in her spine and now she has difficulties to walking we are in therapy treatment but apparently we do not have a good prognosis please have a city or with dog attacks they must be well evaluated to avoid complications

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hello Carola.
          Thanks for comment. Indeed, dog attacks have to be evaluated by a professional, and the sooner the better.
          Much encouragement.

    2.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Omar.
      I find it strange that the vet told you that you can not put anything. It is true that sometimes they heal on their own, but two broken ribs are not to be taken as a joke.
      My advice is to get a second veterinary opinion. I would not recommend bandaging it because the risk of causing harm is significant.
      Hopefully it gets better soon.

  86.   Angie said

    My cat this morning I found him fractured and I am very sorry he fractured his hip and from the hip down he does not move, when he wants to meow he does not meow he opens his mouth but his voice is not heard, he crawls he does not lift his tail , tremble, I don't know what to do!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Angie.
      I'm sorry that your cat is bad 🙁
      From what you count, he's in pretty bad shape. My advice is that you take him to the vet, since if he were to bandage his legs, it is most likely that he would be hurt a lot.
      A greeting.

  87.   juliana said

    Good evening from Argentina, Bs As. My cat Kia is one year old. Medium build, very active. She ran away four days ago, I was not at home, when I returned at night, I looked for her, called her and suddenly I see her in the back window of my house. He entered limply, as if he had a problem in his hip, he had some blood. He went to lie down. Right now I have no money because they robbed us and nobody lends me. Question, the cat made her rest, I accommodated her a remote place in the house, quiet for her. When I tried to check her she peed, well I grabbed her, I guess I made her hurt. She is advancing, after two days she drank water on her own because I forced her with a syringe. She ate alone too. He noticed that he could not poop and urine samples were on his side. The union of his tail with the rest of his spine is very swollen and I notice that he walks uncomfortably. With a syringe and very warm water, I tried to give him a kind of enema since he had been eating wet food for two days and still did not poop. I made it! I was able to help her. He poops but only if he lies down. She is very wise. When she gets up, I accompany her to the patio, she goes out in the sun, and after walking a little, she starts pooping. But he does not force himself, his anus is swollen, I imagine it hurts. I want to believe that the urine, it is she who controls it, stops and does, but does not put herself in the usual position in which a cat does. To poop she helps herself by licking herself. Eat, walk, slowly, but move. She has no fever, her spirits are better, she purrs to the touch but I can't touch her hind legs because it seems that if I lean her against me or squeeze her a little, she pees all over herself. Perhaps your bladder is not well and the fact that your anus is swollen makes everything difficult. The tail, that is, its tail, has it hanging, languid, as if lifeless. It does not wag its tail or accommodate it. In fact it drags it. I touched his skin back there, in fact I applied cold and I notice that he has sensitivities because he moves his leather as when it itches, understand? I don't see blood anywhere. I wish I could alleviate that inflammation. Will an X-ray be recommended? I am moving heaven and earth to get money.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Juliana.
      I'm very sorry that your cat is unwell 🙁, but you do your best to improve, and for sure your furry will thank you.
      Unfortunately, you need veterinary help. An X-ray, anti-inflammatories, pain relievers, and probably a bandage to hold your tail in its natural position to help you get better.
      Medicines for humans can be toxic to cats, so they should never be used unless for veterinary advice.
      Much encouragement.

  88.   Massiel said

    Hello, I have a visiting kitten who only comes to eat, he has not appeared for 2 days and today he arrived with a little leg that moves by itself, it is most likely that it has fractured, I called many veterinarians and they are very expensive and I do not have money to go ... what do you recommend, what can I do to help ease the pain? He complains a lot but if he is in the mood to eat

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Massiel.
      You can try to sell it to him as explained in the article. With patience and cat treats it can be done. But if it does not improve, or if it worsens, I would recommend contacting an animal shelter so they can help your kitten.
      A greeting.

  89.   David said

    Hi, the lamo david and my cat was fine in the morning and when he came back he was still the same, he slept for a while in my bed and then I went to eat at the end I saw my cat coming out of my room fucking but he always goes up to the ceiling and is tall and when He is up he wants to go down but he starts to meow and when he goes down he falls hard but this has never happened to him and now he is fucking and he is looking at the ceiling and it seems that he wants to go up and I do not know what to do

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello david.
      The leg may have been injured. If he leads a normal life, and although it is difficult for him to support his leg, he does not complain much, you can sell it as explained in the article.
      In the event that he does not want to support the leg, it is better that you take him to the vet because it could be that he had a fractured one.
      A greeting.

  90.   Cristobal said

    Hello, I have a cat approximately one and a half years old and the day before yesterday she was hit by a damn truck and I broke her tail just above the anus and she no longer pooped or pichi, what do I do? Please hurry up in the answer I am very scared

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Cristobal.
      I recommend you take her to the vet as soon as possible.
      Much encouragement.

  91.   coralay said

    My kitten was bitten by a dog and I took her to the vet but in this they told me that she would not walk again since the spine is broken and they gave me the best thing to do is put her to sleep. They said the same thing but they did not give him anything or a medicine or nothing and in the third year he told me that his spine has a serious fracture but he would run aground and that he could regain mobility and I give him some calcium tablets to be faster regeneration now little bit and patience is moving her right leg. But there is still a long way to go before she recovers her normal movement but that will be in months always helping her because she wants to live and I know she will recover

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Coralay.
      Surely yes. With the care you give her, in a few months you will have her walking again 🙂
      A greeting.

  92.   Sandy said

    Hello. One of my kittens was run over 3 days ago. I took him urgently to a veterinary clinic. He has a fracture in his right leg (he is immobilized with bandages) in the other leg he has 3 stitches. It is with ketoprofen, antibiotics (for Veterinary use) and also with lactulose to help digestion, at least today it was able to do. My question is how long should he be with his paw immobilized? His fracture is well aligned and every day his spirits are better, he is very regal and he remains very calm. He also has a small fracture in the femoral head but the vet said that he could operate for that ... will it be so necessary? There is no way that I will recover from that lesson by being immobilized .. because I have already spent a lot of money and an operation requires to continue spending?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Sandy.
      I'm sorry but I don't know how to tell you. I am not a veterinarian.
      The only thing I can tell you is that fractures take time to heal, at least a month you may have to be immobilized with the leg.
      Much encouragement.

  93.   juantrejo said

    Hello, my cat was run over yesterday and at night he made a lot of yellowish poop and vomits the same color, he does not want to eat and his tail looks swollen, what happened to him?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Juantrejo.
      Most likely, he has suffered a fracture, or at least a major injury to his tail.
      It is highly recommended to take him to the vet as soon as possible to have him examined and treated.
      A greeting.

  94.   katherinegomez said

    Good morning,
    I want to tell you, my cat is 5 years old and it has happened on two occasions that it spreads its legs and falls to the ground as if it were being stepped on its back, obviously it screams and then runs off and hides, could you help me?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Katerine.
      I recommend you take him to the vet. It is not normal for him to do that.
      Cheer up.

  95.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi dove.
    I'm sorry but I don't know how to tell you. I am not a veterinarian.
    I'm so sorry your cat was shot. Of course there are very cruel people 🙁.
    I hope it gets better.
    A greeting.

  96.   Paula Ortiz said

    Hello, today I arrived at my house and I found my cat bleeding in the part of its paw and it has a hole from end to end, I don't know what to do, I'm desperate, it's too late and there is no vet service: '(

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paula.
      Disinfect the wound with hydrogen peroxide and iodine and bandage it.
      As soon as you can, take him to the vet to have him checked.
      A greeting.

  97.   Maribel said

    Hello, my kitten is 2 months old, she was playing with her brothers in a window. He has it fractured or only injured when his paw touched him, he does not leave me much time to touch it, I don't know what to do

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maribel.
      You can look at selling it a bit with a bandage, as explained in the article. Do not squeeze it too much, as being of growing age can be harmful.
      Do not give her any medicine for humans, as they could be toxic to her.

      Anyway, when you can, I recommend you take her to the vet to examine her and give her the appropriate treatment for her case.

      Much encouragement.

  98.   anthony said

    hello .. I have a 20 day old kitten ... it is a baby, the dog took it out of its bed while it was gone and started to play with it, I found it almost dying, and all wet. I think he has broken bones, when I touch him around his ribs he starts screaming ... I don't know what to do, from time to time he screams and complains ... he gives me a lot of pain ... help me

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Anthony.
      If you haven't already, you should take him to the vet. It is the best.
      A greeting.

  99.   Valentina said

    Hello, I have a one-year-old kitten and he goes out during the day, but near my house and sleeps with me at night. Today, after lunch, he arrived and his right leg was very swollen and it hurt when it touched him. I checked it to see if it had anything, a splinter, a wound, nothing. He can walk and put his foot down, but he's a bit slow. I think it may be a sprain. Is it necessary to take him to the vet? Or can I bandage it at home and give it anti-inflammatories?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Valentina.
      No, in no case is it necessary to medicate the cat without the advice of a veterinarian. It could be very harmful to him.
      Anyway, if you don't have anything, I don't think you need help from a specialist 🙂. Go reviewing it, but it will probably recover on its own in no time.
      A greeting.

  100.   Rose Barrantes said

    Good night, I found a kitten that seems to have a broken leg. I took him to the vet and he wants to give him some plates and he says that it will cost me like 500 soles and I don't have financial resources that I can do. I don't want him to cry.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello rosa.
      You can try to sell it to him as explained in the article, with great care and patience.
      Cheer up. I hope he recovers.

  101.   anto solis said

    Well yesterday my kitten and I were lying on my bed and I always sleep with the door closed
    But around 2:00 in the morning my cat started making a lot of noise and couldn't sleep so there would be the door and she went out and stayed in the living room
    But I don't know how it got out and stayed in our garden
    Sadly, my kitten was there and suddenly a stray cat came and bit her left manira
    I already realized today in the morning
    She does not put her handcuff on the floor and she always has it up
    And unfortunately I don't know what to do but it hurts to see her because I feel like it was all my fault

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Anto.
      If it was a bite from another cat, it will surely end up recovering on its own. You can clean it with hydrogen peroxide and put a gauze on it as a bandage. Of course, if you see that she complains a lot, I would recommend more to take her to the vet.
      Much encouragement.

  102.   Enrique said

    Hello! I have a cat almost two years old, yesterday he came with the car entering my house. My sister came out to meet me and started running next to the car, in a straight direction, suddenly I saw that my cat was lying on the road and I slowed down too much for it to take off, then my sister hit the car behind and I was careless , I don't know exactly what I did to the cat but I passed a tire to her and my sister started crying, the cat ran away (limping) and saw me, to run away while meowing. I looked for him at the house for about an hour and a half. I didn't eat dinner or anything and couldn't find it. I went to sleep to go look for him again, and I found him limping on a plant, apparently he could not defecate well or something because he had all the defecation in his anus, a lot, I had to clean it. But he was super angry, he didn't want to turn around or look at me. I took him as best I could and put a mattress on him with a blanket, but it started to get hot and I took him off, right now he's still lying down but he's very delicate. Yes, I can touch him but he doesn't like me picking it up or anything. There are no vets around here and the only one that had a vet is away.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, Enrique.
      I'm sorry about what happened to your cat, but I'm not a vet.
      You can consult with the veterinarians of
      Greetings, I hope it improves soon.

  103.   VIVIANA TL said

    Our cat's name is December, he will be one year old, in December of course, last night my son (who is like his dad, we adopted him as a gift to him) found him at the door of the house and he was lying and defecated, I I was asleep and I thought it was just that I had a bad stomach and I told him that if he wanted to, I would take him to the vet at that time with 24-hour emergencies (it was 10:40 pm), when my son arrived around 11:20 pm , I arrive crying, it was not a bad stomach, apparently they had run over him, he has a fractured pelvis and femur, as my son is a minor, I went to the vet to sign some papers and pay for his hospitalization, the vet told me that The problem was not the fractures, because as your article says, they recover from their fractures, with care and patience, the problem is that their bladder was very inflamed and they had not urinated. We let him spend the night, when I saw him he was sedated, he broke my heart, we also call him "cute boy" and when I told him his eyes opened a little, but he kept quiet. This morning I went to see him, but it was not time for visits yet, they told me that they placed a catheter on him, but that he is urinating blood and that his little bladder has spots like blood, his prognosis "reserved" ... I did not know what he could love so much to a little animal, until last night I saw him there is little lying, unable to move, when normally the super restless, I really swear to you that my soul breaks and my eyes get watery, they are part of the family and they hurt just like that, I was just looking for information about his problem and I came across so many similar stories that make me feel that the love for him is so great, that I am not going to allow him to suffer more than necessary, I do not think it is fair, someone ran him over and not I helped him or maybe he thought it was just a stray cat, one more, but no, it was not like that, it is our cat, it is our friend, it is our family and unfortunately today it is still very bad ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Viviana.
      It is a real shame that cats are still seen today as "objects" and also worthless ... when they are living beings, and very, very special.
      I really hope your little one recovers soon ...
      Lots of encouragement for the whole family.
      A abrazo.

  104.   Elena said

    The fracture that my cat suffered is fibular, although it was not very strong, it was left without walking correctly although this improved with some mascosana, cissus.

  105.   David Gutierrez said

    My cat broke her leg, my mother left at 10 at night and I was left alone I don't know what they are going to tell her I'm worried and anguished

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello david.

      Ideally, you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible, so that your cat's leg can be cured.

      Greetings and encouragement.

  106.   Michelle Aguilera said

    Hello, a query I have a 2-month-old baby cat, he fell from an armchair and cannot confirm his back leg, he has it tucked up and a little to the side but when you touch his leg you do not see any bone sticking out or something like that But if it hurts a little, what can it be? I need help please !!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Michelle.

      We cannot help you from here, we are in Spain. We recommend contacting a vet if it does not improve.

      Good luck.


    Hello, how are you? I have a 1-month-old kitten and today my sister unintentionally step on it, she limps a lot in the left back leg, she eats and drinks water but now she sleeps, she is not active as always, if she continues like this tomorrow I'll take the vet, I'm very sad

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Daiana.

      If the kitten leads a normal life, I don't think he has anything serious because otherwise he would complain. We hope anyway that he recovers.


  108.   Mark said

    Hello, my cat had a fracture in her paws, I took her to the vet, they did an operation but they already healed her
    Would it be advisable to rub his paw? (Obviously soft)
    Or if you could give me some advice please

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi marcos.

      If the vet hasn't bandaged it or anything, it's better not to do it just in case 🙂


  109.   yorleidis said

    Hello to my kitten they gave her her paw and she supports her very little and when she walks she falls and I would like to know if she has any fractures

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Yorleidis.

      That can only be known if a vet takes an X-ray. I recommend you take it as soon as possible.


  110.   Jesshua said

    Hello good, my cat from ah fallen this morning through the window and when I came down her nose bled slightly and she limps a little from the front leg and I looked at it but it is not inflamed or the bone is out and I do not know if it is a serious or slight fracture

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jeshua.

      If she can walk more or less well, it is probably mild, but if she does not improve it would be good to take her to the vet.

      It is important to protect windows and balconies with a net so that cats do not fall.


  111.   Roxane said

    Hello, yesterday a cat came to my house about 4 to 5 months old, we noticed that it was catching a back leg. I don't know how bloated or cry a lot. He eats super well and climbs everywhere, he has reflexes when he touches it and he spends his time playing. But I see can not support her when walking. Could it be one more hit NAda? You can tell he was from the street because if he was super hungry and at the moment I can't take him to a vet but if he intrigues me what could be

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Roxan.

      From what you say, surely it is a not too serious blow. But keep an eye on it and if it worsens, it would be advisable to contact a vet.


  112.   Suni said

    Hello, I have a cat that is almost 1 year old and about 2 days ago he wanted to go up to the roof, but since we have another cat upstairs and they do not get along well because I think the cat above threw it because we heard that something had fallen, so When we went, my kitten was under a chair and was crying and was not walking very well, let's say because it was raising its left leg (the back leg) and until now it continues to do so and aside it does not want to eat and once I wanted to carry it to put it on the bed the kitten bit me, I don't know what to do please help me?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Suni.

      Falls can be very bad for cats. Best seen by a vet.


  113.   Ricardo Torres said

    Yesterday my 6-month-old cat did not attack a dog on a roof and therefore fell from the roof and fractured his leg but not only one piece but the entire bone of the lower leg but we do not know what to do, we are low-income and We can't take him to the vet, someone knows what back treatments we can do, please

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Ricardo.

      We recommend that you contact a veterinarian, even by phone.
      You can try to sell it carefully, but it would be best if a professional knows about it.

      Greetings and encouragement.

  114.   gray said

    I have a year and a half cat, three weeks ago her right back paw was fractured, I took her to the vet but he only said to leave her for a few days and then if she still did not walk a diagnosis could be made, the cat is now walking but her paw it does not support it, it is clearly seen that it was a fracture, can it still be fixed if I take it to the vet?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Grissy.

      It would be advisable for the vet to see her, so that he can tell you what is the best thing to do in her case.

      Cheer up.