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The cat spends much of its time doing one thing only: grooming itself. It is an extremely clean animal that will remove any remaining food and dirt as soon as it feels a bit uncomfortable. However, cleaning up so often can end feeling discomfort in your stomach by the ingestion of hairs.

Fortunately, we can help you a lot both to prevent the dreaded hairballs and, in many cases, to eliminate them if we give you malt for cats. But what is it and how often do you have to give it? We are going to talk about all this and much more in this special. Are you going to miss it?

What are hairballs?

Cat grooming

The cat spends a lot of time to keep its coat clean, not very clean. It is a task that it performs very easily, since its tongue has small thorns that drag all the fur that falls off easily and the dirt that it may have. The problem is that you have no choice but to swallow it, since can't spit it out.

Normally, it will be eliminated with the feces, but when a significant amount of hair has been swallowed, the dreaded balls can form that it will try to expel through vomiting. Even so, sometimes it cannot be expelled by getting stuck in the intestine, and that will be when we should help you.

How do I know if my cat has hairballs?

Sad orange cat

Hairballs, if they get stuck in the intestine, can prevent the cat from leading a normal life. The symptoms that we will see are:

  • Vomiting: it will expel not only liquid, but also food.
  • Constipation: the furry must defecate at least once a day (the ideal is 2 or 3). If you do it less often, it is because you are constipated.
  • Apathy, sadness: You will not want to play, and you are likely to isolate yourself.
  • Frequent retching: will try to expel the hairballs.
  • Regurgitations: You can eat, but just to see that, once the food reaches the stomach, you can expel the balls without vomiting.

How to help you

Cat eating grass

We can do several things to help you get on with your life. The most important is to try to give it a tablespoon vinegar. This is a food that could put an end to your pain, since it acts as if it were a release product: it cleans the intestines well, taking everything - or almost everything - in its path with it. In the event that you do not swallow it, we will give it to you with a syringe without a needle, little by little and without forcing you too much.

Another one of the things that can go very well is chewing and swallowing cat grass, which we will find for sale in any supermarket or pet stores. They are usually sold with the kit already prepared, so we only have to water and put it in a room where a lot of natural light enters. The only drawback is that it takes a month to be ready for consumption, so you have to get one before the problem arises.

Sad cat

One of the tasks that all of us who live with this animal must do is to brush it. Whether you have long or short hair, it is essential to brush it at least once a day (1 if it is very hairy), both to prevent hairballs from forming and to try to make your health worse once you have them. . We will use a suitable comb or brushing for this, and to finish we will pass the FURminator which is a stiff bristle brush that removes practically all dead hair.

And finally, we can give you malt for cats, of which we are going to talk to you at length below.

All about malt for cats

What is it?

Malt is a naturally derived paste that is very reminiscent of honey, but is denser. Is composed of vegetable oils and fats, malt extract, fiber, dairy products and yeast. Sometimes and depending on the brand it can contain colorants, preservatives and vitamins.

It is sold in different formats: in tube form or as treats (treats) for cats. The most recommended is the first, since it is easy to apply and you can better control how much malt has been given to the animal.

What is?

Malt has a laxative effect which helps improve intestinal transit, helping to expel hairballs.

How to give it to him?

White persian cat

As we mentioned, the cat seems to be obsessed with personal hygiene 🙂. So, we can take advantage of that and put a little on his paw. Most likely it will not take two seconds to lick it, swallowing it.

In the event that our feline is very special and tries to remove it in another way, passing it for example through a blanket, you can choose put, again, a little, in their food and mix it.

What is the dosage?

The proper amount will be a ball the size of an almond. It is important not to give more as it could be counterproductive. The frequency will be twice a week if you have short hair, or four if you have long hair.

And its price?

The price will depend, above all, on the brand. But to give you an idea, it can cost between the 2 and the 6 euros.

Anyway, if we see that our friend does not improve in a couple of days, it will be convenient to take him to the vet.

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    Malt for cats is also in many cat foods are Hairball control. A very complete article, the brushes of the fulminated style are things that many owners do not take into account and it helps a lot. Congratulations on the article.

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      Thank you very much for your words. 🙂