How to know if my cat has AIDS

Sick cat

One of the most dangerous diseases our furry friends can have is AIDS. It is caused by the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and like AIDS in humans, many years may pass before the 'victim' shows any symptoms.

For this reason, we explain how to know if my cat has AIDS, so that as soon as you notice that there is something that is not going well you can take him to the vet to examine him and put him on treatment.

Symptoms of AIDS in Cats

This disease is, so to speak, the 'cradle' of others such as colds or flu. Thus, the first symptom will undoubtedly be the appearance more and more followed by diseases that, in principle, we do not usually associate with FIV but that take a long time to cure. A symptom that will be accompanied by others, As:

  • Mental impairment
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Gingivitis
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu
  • Anorexia
  • Apathy, sadness, depression

If you recognize some of these symptoms in your cat, do not hesitate to take him to the vet since, by the time they usually appear, the immune system has already begun to weaken. The more time is allowed to pass, the weaker our friend will be and, therefore, the more difficult it will be to get him to have a more or less good quality of life.

Treatment of feline AIDS

The treatment of AIDS will be symptomatic, that is, the symptoms will be treated so that the animal can return to its routine. The main objective will be strengthen your defenses with antimicrobial drugs and giving him a high-quality diet, with a high caloric content.

There is no cure against this disease, so the best thing to do is prevent, which consists of giving it all the mandatory vaccinations, and preventing him from going outside especially at night, which is when there is a higher percentage of probability that cats will fight over a female, causing wounds that are like the door to the cat's bloodstream. Therefore, if you want him to go outside, it will always be much more advisable to do it during the day, since he will find fewer cats.

Ragdoll cat

By the way, you should know that it is not spread from cats to humans, but from cats to cats it is very fast contagion, as it will be enough for an infected one to bite another healthy one.

Feline AIDS is a very serious disease that, if not treated in time, it can be very dangerous.

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