Changes in the behavior of a spayed cat

Sterilized cat

There are many myths around feline neutering and spaying, and one of them is that after the intervention the females become much less active and begin to gain weight. But, That's right? And if it is, can it be avoided in any way?

In this special we will know whether or not there are changes in the sterilized cat, and what can we do so that from now on I can lead a quiet life, smoothly. 

What is castration? And sterilization?

Spayed orange cat

Before we get into the subject, let's know what neutering and spaying first consists of. In this way, we will be able to understand much better the changes that will occur in our cat.


Castration is a surgical procedure in which sexual organs are removed, which in the case of females can be only the ovaries (oophorectomy), or also the useful one (ovariohysterectomy). As these organs disappear, hormonal processes disappear and the character of the animal may be altered that, far from harming her, can help her lead a better life.


In this operation sexual organs are left intact, but playback is prevented. In females the fallopian tubes are ligated. They will not be able to have offspring, but they will continue to have zeal.

If, in addition to wanting to avoid unwanted litters, it is intended that the cat lead a somewhat calmer life, it is highly recommended to castrate her. However, if you do not want to harm the sexuality of the animal, then you will opt for sterilization. As you can see, choosing one or the other is a very personal decision, what I would like to tell you is that we don't have to humanize catsI mean: a spayed cat will not miss heat, but will simply continue with her routine as soon as she recovers from the operation.

Changes in behavior

Castrated bicolor cat

Now, let's know whether or not there are changes in their behavior. If we sterilize our cat, how the hormonal processes will continue will not change anything; Now if we castrate her then yes we will notice a series of changes, especially during the first weeks.

Each cat is a world, unique and unrepeatable, and cannot be generalized. But when you have cared for a cat for many years, and today you continue to share your life with these incredible animals, yes. over time you notice certain changes In his character. The ones I have seen so far are:

  • They become more homemade: All the cats that I have always had we have given permission to go outside, and the ones that we have now can also do it. I had my cats castrated when they were six months old (except for Keisha who was very precocious and I took her at 5 months, now 5 years ago). From 2 months to 6 they were tremendous puppies, very, very rambunctious and mischievous. From the age of 6, they began to spend much more time at home.
  • They calm down: It is not something that happens suddenly, but little by little you notice that they are calmer, more sedentary. Of course, this change may not last forever and that as soon as you expect it, the kitten inside will come out again.
    In addition, by not having the heat you will not have to worry about the desperate night meows calling a cat, because your furry will have no need to attract the attention of anyone, except his human to give him a caress or his favorite food.
  • They do not get fat: How many times have we heard that a sterilized cat has a tendency to gain weight? Many, right? Well, that's a half true. In fact, they will only get fat if you do not play with them, with which we will get them to spend many hours sleeping, bored. But if you spend time every day having a good time, it won't even be necessary to give her a light feed or a special one for castrated cats, believe me 😉
  • They live longer: castration prevents several serious diseases, such as breast or ovarian cancer, which can be fatal in up to 90% of cases. An effective way to avoid them (not completely, but drastically decreasing the chances of contracting it) is by operating on them, removing their sexual organs.

How to help my neutered cat?

Three-color non-sterile cats

If it is the first time that we live with a cat and we take her to neuter, it is very normal that we wonder if she will need help for her new life, or if the intervention will harm her in something. Well stop worrying then these animals recover quickly of the operation (normally, after 7 days), and then you just have to continue taking care of them as has been done to date, perhaps giving more importance to the game sessions to avoid gaining extra pounds.

Of course, it is important that let's not give him more than his food, since then yes you would get quite fat, especially if you lead a very sedentary life.

As we have seen, feline spaying or neutering are very different surgical operations. Decide together with your vet which is the best for your friend, and then you just have to continue enjoying their company.

Price of sterilizing cat

Although it is not a very important expense, it is true that it is necessary to make a piggy bank for a few months so that the family economy is not affected. Even so, it will depend above all on the veterinarian and the type of operation, but more or less I can tell you that the cost is the following:


  • Cat: 50-100 euros.
  • Cat: 40-70 euros.


  • Cat: 150-300 euros.
  • Cat: 100-200 euros.

Postoperative of a sterilized cat

Sterilized cat

How to take care of our hairy after surgery? With great care 🙂. We have to leave her in a quiet room, with her bed on the floor so she doesn't have to jump. Likewise, it is highly recommended to put his litter tray close to but as far away as possible from his feeder, since a few hours after waking up he will urinate the anesthesia. An alternative to putting your litter box in the room is to place it on the floor bed protective diapers, which are used to cover the beds where those who cannot move must stay.

It is very necessary that we administer the medications that the veterinarian has given us to prevent our cat from feeling pain or discomfort. What's more, we don't have to leave her alone at any timeWell, you could hurt yourself.

If we have more cats we have to keep them away from the cat. Why? Very simple: the recently operated cat smells of a vet but also of stress. Cats are very guided by smell, so much so that if they perceive a different smell they will see it as an enemy. To avoid this, the cat must be left to recover in a room before reuniting her with the rest of the cats.

Can a cat be spayed without surgery? With pills?

Castrated tricolor cat

Yeah right. exist birth control pills for cats administered orally. A veterinarian has to prescribe them, who will tell us how many we have to give and on what days, otherwise they will not be as effective as they should be.

There is also contraceptive injections, that the professional puts them. The advantage is that we will not have to remember when to give him the pill as it will not be necessary to give it to him, and that is not to mention that we will not have to not force him to go through a bad time (cats, in general, hate tablets).

But still and everything keep in mind that there may be side effects, like these:

  • Increased risk of breast cancer
  • Increased risk of uterine cancer
  • Increased likelihood of uterine infections
  • Diabetes
  • Increased appetite
  • Loss of hair
  • Behavior changes
  • Irregular jealousy

For this reason, can never be used as a long-term treatment.

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  1.   Marisol Estrada said

    A kitten arrived. I am home and she is very fat, she does not have swollen nipples, it is more, nor can they see my cat, but she is very affectionate and very fat, she eats a lot.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello marisol.
      You can touch her abdomen to see if she has kittens. If you have them, they should feel little bones.
      Anyway, it is best to wait a week. If in 7 days your weight does not change or your nipples swell, it is because you are not pregnant.
      A greeting.

      1.    Mavis rincon said

        Hello, I am from Venezuela, my cat was castrated on February 03 of this year, it was a foundation that is in charge of doing this with the help of individuals, the point is that she was given a flannel girdle and the wound became infested, I took her to the vet and ordered her to apply a cream twice a day and put madecasol powder. At this time there is still an opening in the wound, he told me that it was because of the girdle, that they put the Elizabethan on if they get one here or leave it so nothing would happen. I do not know what else to do, what if she is very naughty and is eating much more, I try to control that with enough play so that she does not get too fat ...

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hi Mavis.
          Yes, girdles and any other piece of clothing is not entirely recommended: s

          Let's see, if you see that the cat leads a normal life, that she eats and so on, it is a good sign. But I would recommend, without being a veterinarian, to take her back to the vet (to the same or to another) to have stitches put to close that wound.

          You can also consult with the veterinarians of


  2.   Edward Cortes said

    We took our cat to sterilize and before that he got along very well with his sisters (we have two more kittens), they were very playful but after they castrated our kitten he continued normal with them but they growled at him, they smelled him they even came to scratch him like he was a dog or something, he only left when they growled at him but when he tries to play with them, they move away and growl at him, do you know what is this?
    PS My cats are not sterilized, only my cat.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Eduardo.
      Most likely it is their smell. The sense of smell of cats is much more developed than ours, and when their sexual organs are removed, it should no longer be the same.
      My advice is to buy a product called Feliway. It is sold in a diffuser and in spray bottles. I recommend the diffuser more, since this way the product will be able to act throughout the day, and throughout the room; this way the cats will feel calmer.
      It is also highly recommended to caress a cat, and then the cat to leave the scent of the female. At first it may not work, but as the days go by, the cats will begin to feel that the cat smells very similar to them, so they will accept it again.
      Of course, you have to be patient.
      A greeting.

  3.   Maria Leal said

    Yesterday they castrated Katy, my kitten ... temperamental, playful, nervous and uraña with the others except me. We slept together. Since yesterday, she smiled at me, she looks at me as if she hated me, I prepared her room, blankets, pillows and she ate, she drank water but she hides and if I call her she does not take the note and she goes out to the patio, where it is cold and I don't know how bring her in to take care of her? It will go away? Or will she always fear me… She has been operated on for 30 hours and I don't know if the anesthesia disturbed her, or is she stressed or if they have a grudge? I feel really bad… he acts like he wanted to hurt her. I appreciate if you answer the comment. Grateful.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria Leal.
      Sometimes they change their mood a little, because they feel pain or discomfort. I don't think I'll be like this for much longer. Be patient, and offer him cans of wet food to come closer to you. Little by little he will recover, for sure.

  4.   priscilla said

    Hello, my kitten was sterilized a week and a half ago, her behavior changed abruptly, at the beginning she hated me now she comes close but sleeps all day, she is very lazy, before she jumped and climbed anywhere without seeing the danger, she even spent hours in the window frame, I live on the 4th floor, now it does not come close at all, all day and night curled up in my closes or in my bed, at my feet, before I slept on my head, also eats very little, before I devoured everything , is she sick?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Priscilla.
      In principle it is normal that it is a little different. But if her behavior has radically changed in such a short time, she could be ill. I would recommend you, just in case, take her to the vet.
      A greeting.

  5.   ANA said

    Help, I just sterilized my 8-month-old kitten, she is furious, she does not eat and she has been fasting for more than 24 hours. How long do I wait? Neither water nor soft food. He hisses and growls at me and he's on the floor. He has the Elizabethan but the vet told me not to take it off. I want to put her dress on to see if she eats like that What do I do, leave it on the floor? How long can you go without eating?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      It's normal for him to feel like this, don't worry.
      If she goes without eating for a day, nothing happens, taking into account that she has just been sterilized, but from the second she should already eat something.
      If the vet let you better not remove the Elizabethan, don't do it. Anyway, if you see that she really hates the necklace, and if you are in winter, put the dress on her.
      And yes of course, leave it inside the floor until it improves.
      Cheer up.

    2.    Teresa marchetti said

      I had my cat sterilized and she had a bad time because of the Elizabethan, she couldn't eat and lost weight. But now she is eating well and is very affectionate, is the change of character after surgery normal ???

      1.    Monica sanchez said

        Hello Teresa.

        Yes, in fact, it is often recommended to castrate cats for precisely that reason: they tend to become calmer.


  6.   Francisca said

    Hello, my two cats (male and female) were operated on a year ago, and they are already 1 and a half years old.
    My cat's behavior, however, has changed from a couple of months ago, because when the cat tries to play with her, she hisses and screams at him as if she's being killed.
    They both eat normal, but she moves a lot more, and I really can't understand why her mood got so bad.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Francisca.
      Sometimes this change in attitude is normal. I would recommend buying a Feliway diffuser and putting it in the room where they usually spend the most time; This will keep the cat somewhat calm.
      Also, whenever you are going to give them affection, pet them both, and give cat treats to both. This way, neither of you will feel bad.
      Greetings, and encouragement.

  7.   Cynthia said

    My kitten sterelizes her for about 4 days and changes her mood, she does not let me touch her, she growls at me and I also have dogs and she scratches them out of sheer pleasure, I don't know why her mood changed

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Cynthia.
      A short time has passed. Most likely, it will feel strange, and maybe even a little sore.
      Offer her cans of wet food from time to time, and play with her from time to time with a string. You will see how little by little it calms down.
      Cheer up.

  8.   Tsukayama Okubo said

    Hello. I am about to operate on my kitten who is almost 2 years old. I waited a long time because he was always underweight and I was worried but the vet says he is already in enough weight. He is very uraña when he feels bad and I am worried about the reaction he has when he is in recovery, especially with his little brother because suddenly I love him very much and suddenly he wants to kill him hahaha. Is there something you recommend me to keep her calm and comfortable?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Tsukayama.
      You can buy Feliway, in a diffuser, and put it in the room where your cat will be until she recovers. It will help you to be calmer 🙂
      A greeting.

  9.   Barnabas said

    Hello, I took my cat to sterilize 6 days ago and change before it did not meow so much, now it meows all day it is as if it were in heat. It is normal? What I can do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Bernabe.
      Yes it's normal. Don't worry 🙂.
      Give him a lot of love and in a short time it will pass.
      You can help her to be calmer with a product called Feliway. They sell it as a diffuser or as a spray; and for your case the diffuser will be better.
      A greeting.

  10.   maru said

    Hello… .I have a 9-month-old kitten and two dogs who all get off the street get along super well, they play, they sleep together in short, they love each other… I'm waiting for the zeal to go away in the cat to castrate her since I couldn't do it before, she is sweet good playful she sleeps with me we pamper each other a lot !! I am very afraid that she will become bad or that she will stop playing with the dogs and with me, but I need to castrate her X because her jealousy is leaving me without sleep, does she suffer and I suffer… Is it going to change her character with the dogs and with me? I don't want her to stop being my precious India: '(

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Maru.
      It is difficult to know how a cat will change after neutering. What I can tell you is that I have had 9 cats castrated (4 females and 5 males) and they have all changed for the better. They have become calmer, more loving, more homely even.
      So I recommend that you take her to be castrated. You avoid jealousy and all that that entails.
      Cheer up.

  11.   Greta said

    Hello, I have my cat sterilized since Saturday and today is Thursday, her behavior has been more attached, that is, she is more cuddly, she wants to be with me all the time and that she is caressing and pampering her. I have noticed that very recently the pupu and it is also inflamed and even the breasts have become inflamed, the wound healed very well but I am worried about that change in the breasts for two days will it be a hormonal change ??? I must give some suitable anti-inflammatory to cats to reduce inflammation. I do not see that you feel pain but if you want me to gently caress your belly You can give me clues to see if it is normal.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Greta.
      No, it is not normal. You may have the area of ​​the cut a little swollen, but nothing more. If it is difficult for her to relieve herself after so many days, my advice is to take her to the vet to be examined, lest she get worse.
      Much encouragement.

  12.   Ángela said

    I do not like responsibilities at all as a result of a depression that I had when I lost my dog. They say that cats take care of themselves, but I don't know what to do. Do I adopt or not?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Angela.
      To adopt or not is a very personal decision, what I can tell you is that cats are somewhat more independent than dogs, but in reality the only difference is that they do not need to go for a walk. With regard to care, they need the same: food, water, companionship and affection, games, and veterinary attention.
      A greeting.

  13.   Martha Beatrix said

    Thank you for your guidance, but I have a cat that I picked up on the street, I have had her for more than a year, she had three deliveries and I decided to castrate her because then I had a lot of work to locate the kittens, she was neutered in the last delivery 6 months ago, I couldn't give a male kitten up for adoption and I stayed at home, for the first three or four months she was as always a good mother and very meek and affectionate, now for about two months she leaves home she does not return sometimes in 24 hours, she does not sleep at home and he has totally rejected the kitten, he is already 6 months old, he attacks him, he makes aggressive noises and the worst is gone and he does not let him almost caress or brush him, it will be out of jealousy or castration… .What can I do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, Martha.
      Let me explain: cat mothers in their natural state separate from their children when they are about 2-3 months old. After about 3-4 more months, that is, when the little ones are between 5 and 6 months old, they can end up mating with the mother.
      It's strange, I know, but cats are like this: when they are in heat, they can mate with members of their own family.
      What I think happens with your cat and her son is that the mother believes that the kitten is or will soon be of reproductive age. During heat, cats produce special pheromones to attract potential mates, causing their body odor to change.
      Cats are very manic about smells, so the mother cat may not want to put up with the "new" smell of her child and therefore needs to de-stress by going for a walk.

      To do? Neutering the kitten. It is the advice that I give you. This way you will not only prevent him from being jealous (with all that that entails), but it is also almost certain that the mother will accept him again and get along with him again.

      Cheer up.

      1.    Martha Beatrix said

        Thank you very much I appreciate your guidance and you are absolutely right because the baby is already 7 months old and they are already strapping, it is horrible to see them Jumping through the air fighting is the new thing now. I will follow your advice and neuter the kitten. Happy day and I renew my thanks for your response.

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Thank you 🙂. Happy New Year!

  14.   Ana Torres said

    Hello, I am the mother of a girl who has two kittens, they are brothers and they are approximately 6 months old, yesterday she took them to be castrated and they are very aggressive with each other and they were very playful before this, I am worried because we liked how they both got along, what can I do so both of you rest easy and go back to being as before. Thank you very much for your help, it will be of great use to me.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Ana.
      They are likely to suddenly get on badly because of the smell they transmit. Having been to the veterinary clinic, their bodies have absorbed the smells of the place, and when they have returned home they have felt strange when they have been together.
      My advice is to keep them separate until they have fully recovered. Meanwhile, you have to get them to smell like before, and for this you have to caress them a lot, with your hands and with the clothes you are wearing. In this way, you will leave your body odor, a smell that they know and that makes them feel safe.
      Cheer up.

  15.   Elisa said

    Hello, next Friday I have an appointment to sterilize my kitten, I feel nervous because it is the first time that I take a kitten to do this procedure but I think it is the best for everyone, prepare a space for her to feel good She likes it but my house is two stories high and I don't know if it would be best to leave her locked in the bedroom or I can let her go downstairs and upstairs whenever she wants so she doesn't feel frustrated, I also plan to put a homemade vest on her tomorrow I made her a cotton shirt so she can get used to the feeling of wearing something on her body and well, I don't want her to feel so much new the same day of the operation, because I think that with so much she will feel very stressed. What do you think?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Elisa.
      I understand you perfectly. Last Friday I had my kitten neutered and, although it was not the first time I had taken a cat for surgery, I had a very bad time. But, really, it is not so bad. I'm telling you, I was about to change the appointment because I was nervous.
      My advice is that, yes, keep it in a room where it can be quiet after the operation. Put a bed on the floor, and also the litter box for when he feels like relieving himself.
      Putting on a sweater or some cotton so that he does not lick the wound is a very good idea, but put it on as soon as you get home, before he has recovered from the anesthesia.
      Courage, you'll see how he recovers sooner than you imagine 🙂.

  16.   patricia ruiz warrior said

    Hello 10 days ago they castrated my moon cat but I notice that she eats little and is skinny as if drying, it will be that she was badly operated, she could die thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Patricia.
      If 10 days ago you should already be practically recovered; If not, the wound may not have healed well. Do you know if it smells bad?
      Being down and eating little, I recommend that you take her back to the vet, just in case.
      Greetings and encouragement.

  17.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Rebecca.
    If you sterilized her, she will continue to have heat, since what they did was tie her fallopian tubes.
    You won't get pregnant, but you will still attract cats 🙁
    The only option would be not to let her out when she is in heat, or to take her to be castrated.
    Castration is an operation that consists of removing the reproductive glands, so that once the animal is done, it will no longer have heat.
    A greeting.

  18.   Nancy Valencia said

    good afternoon,
    I have a 6-month-old kitten, she was neutered a month ago but she has become very serious, she does not want to play, she spends her time locked in the closet sleeping and she is no longer as affectionate as she was before, it makes me very sad to see her like this. Is there something that can be done?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Nancy.
      My advice is that you take her to the vet. A six-month-old cat has to be running, jumping, wasting joy all over the house, even after being neutered. If you don't, it's because something's wrong.
      It may not be serious, but it is better not to risk it.
      Much encouragement.

  19.   Anna said


    I had problems with my kitten because she peed all over the house, I have neutered her to see if this improves this behavior.
    How long can it take for your hormones to regularize?


    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Anna.
      It depends on each cat 🙂. There are some who after a few days already notice an important change in their behavior, but there are others who until a few months pass they do not notice any change.
      We have to wait.

      Anyway, has your vet checked for an infection? Urinating out of the tray is one of the main symptoms of infection. If you haven't, I would recommend bringing it in for an examination.

      A greeting.

  20.   Morella said

    Hellooooo… my 6-month-old cat has had heat twice. Now and two weeks ago. We notice that she becomes extremely affectionate and does not bite us while playing ... she calms down and meows as well as gurgling (she does not meow loudly). We love it when she gets like this ... will it be that when I sterilize her, will she lose that lovely demeanor? The only thing I don't like is that she seldom makes urine markings and my husband's sports bag… I don't know if it smells like "macho" and that's why hahaha. Thanks for clarifying my doubts.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Morella.
      If they take her to neutering, that is, if the veterinarian removes her reproductive glands, he will eliminate the heat and the behavior that she adopts when she is in that stage.
      But cats tend to become calmer and more affectionate after the intervention.
      A greeting.

  21.   jose said

    Hello, I wanted to ask you, I have a neutered cat two years ago and she has always been alone with me ... and now, about two months ago, my neighbor from the front of the house, she also has a cat that is not neutered and when mine sees her they fight but not about to attack herself but mine growls at her ... and my neighbor doesn't give her cat a ball ... she leaves her outside in the yard ... and she won't even feed her ... it turns out that the cat comes to eat mine's food , even though I feed her cat ... I don't know what to do or how to do it ... the neighbor abandoned her to her cat ... and she fights with mine.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Jose.
      And can't you just call someone to give the woman a wake-up call?
      So that the two cats get along, you can try to can both of them at the same time, and pay attention to both.
      A greeting.

  22.   Tamara said

    Hello Monica, do cats change their character after being neutered? I mean that if they were playful they stop being so, I have seen those cases. Has it happened to you?
    I have my kitten in heat at the moment but I am taking care of her so that she does not get pregnant and I will castrate her next month. My fear is that I will stop being playful and active. She is very playful, cuddly and loving and I am always playing with her so I doubt she will get fat. I will castrate her anyway, but in the event that her character changes, can something be done?
    And thank you very much for the information. Blessings

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Tamara.
      What has happened to me a lot is having cats castrate and over time they will calm down a little and become more affectionate, but the desire to play has not lost it. They just take life a little more calmly.
      But each cat is a world. Your cat may not change her character at all 🙂.
      A greeting.

  23.   Angelica Gil said

    I had my cat sterilized, Candy a month ago and now she is behaving like this that bothers me, she urinates on the covers, she shits on the covers or somewhere in the house she breaks things for me, she was not like that before the operation, she was clean and Judicious, she has her sand clean her good food but now she behaves badly I don't know what to do

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Angelica.
      Has anything changed at home in the last month? I mean, has there been a separation or has someone new come along?
      Cats don't like changes at all, so much so that they can start to misbehave.
      My advice is that you spend as much time as you can with her: play with her, give her affection and most importantly, do not be angry with her if she misbehaves (by doing so the only thing that will be achieved is that she continues to do it).
      With patience, little by little you will make him behave better. Use spray cat repellants to keep him from relieving himself where he shouldn't.
      Cheer up.

  24.   aurora said

    Hello, this is the first time that happens after 10 sterilized cats, this kitten after 20 days after being sterilized has swollen little by little as if she were in a normal pregnancy, she is not sad, and she drinks normal water. but that swelling is very worrying

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Aurora.
      Does it feel soft or hard? If it's the former, it could be that he had intestinal parasites. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to have a vet take a look at him.
      A greeting.

  25.   Camila said

    Hello Monica,
    Thank you for this valuable information on sterilizing these beautiful furry friends.

    I wanted to know what is the difference between ventral sterilization (in the Stomach) and lateral sterilization.
    I have two cats that underwent sterilization 15 days ago and their incision was made on the side.
    They kept in heat all the time it was very uncomfortable since they urinated all over the place. My fear is that they will urinate again. Can it happen?

    One of the cats is very surly. She does not allow herself to be pampered or raised, her behavior may change, I am dying to hug her and consent to her, but she is still just as hateful 🙁

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Camila.
      I tell you:
      Sterilization is an operation in which what is done to cats is to tie the fallopian tubes. This prevents them from having litters, but by keeping the reproductive organs more or less intact, the heat does not disappear.
      With castration, the ovaries are removed, thus eliminating heat and the risk of becoming pregnant. The operation is more expensive, and cats usually take about 3 days to recover, sometimes a week.
      I think by lateral spay you mean castration.
      If you told the vet about heat, the chances are that your cats have been neutered.

      If one of the cats urinated due to heat, it is difficult for her to do it again since she will not go through that anymore. But it may happen that the habit has become (it is rare, but it can happen).
      With respect to your other cat, she can become calmer, but if she is surly herself… Well, anything is possible. In any case, give her cat cans from time to time as a reward so she will trust you more. Surely she loves it and you can pamper her a little more.

      A greeting.

  26.   Alex Garcia said

    Hello Monica, it's been a while ago that a cat came to eat at the chalet, she left and came back at the end, she came pregnant and we decided to stay-she has already been raised and the kittens have been at home for two months since she has raised them and her The cat is more or less 4 years old, the vet told us, now if I castrate her and wait less not wait for me ns what to do, what do I do, Monica?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alex.
      To prevent her from having more litters, it is best to castrate her. With two months the kittens can already eat on their own, and it is possible that the mother will not take long to stop caring for them.
      A greeting.

  27.   Gypsy araujo said

    I let my kitten have a litter of kittens, but before they were one week old, she woke up apparently intoxicated, we managed to take her to a vet and managed to save her, the kittens were accepted by a nurse cat. The kitten recovered before a month and since she did not have the kittens, I feel that she was going into heat and I took her to the vet and I suppose it was sterilization. She's been doing it for a week and she's very hyperactive, what can I do to reassure her

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Gypsy.
      It is curious what you comment; the opposite usually happens, that is, they become calmer. It may be a temporary "side effect" of the operation. However, you can try to play with her to get her exercise and burn energy.
      A greeting.

  28.   Isabel said

    Hello. I had my cat neutered this afternoon while she was in heat. Everything has gone very well, but now it continues as with zeal (typical meow, in riding position ...). Is it normal because of the remnants of hormones that may remain in your body? Should I be worried?
    Thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello isbael.
      Yes it's normal. I can even tell you that one of my cats has never been in heat and more than once I have seen him adopt the riding position: s
      Do not worry. It may end up happening to you.
      A greeting.

  29.   Paloma said

    Today castre my kitten Arya, the effect of the anesthesia obviously still does not go away, how long does it take? I also wanted to say that her eyes are a little crossed, is that normal? Or would I have to consult it? When will you be able to walk normally?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi dove.
      Well, the most likely thing is that by this time the anesthesia has already passed 🙂.
      It is normal for the eyes to have them like this after the operation.
      You will see her walking well in 24-48h.
      A greeting.

  30.   Baby said

    Hi! I have two six-month-old cats and I just castrated them. One of them is normal but the other is much more surly. At first I thought it was because of the fright but physically he is fine although every time his sister approaches him he snorts and gets angry. They had always gotten along well and I would like to know if it is just because of the fright or am I going to have to start separating them

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Baby.
      They are likely to behave this way because of body odor. Even though the two of them have been to the same vet clinic and smell the same, they can feel very strange.
      The best thing is to keep them separated until they have fully recovered, and to be exchanging the beds so that they get used to the smell of the other.
      A greeting.

  31.   Alexandra said

    Hello good afternoon
    I am very worried since my seven-month-old cat was sterilized 6 days ago and has not eaten well again, and I have seen her very down
    Today he has not tasted food of any kind and I do not know if it is normal
    Can someone please help me??
    Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alexandra.
      You may not have recovered well from the operation. My advice is to take her back to see what she has.
      A greeting.

  32.   Tiara said

    I picked up a cat from the street about 4 years old. I took her to sterilize, she has been operated on for about 4 months and now she has been in a very bad mood for a short time, I have more cats at home with whom she lived very well but now she growls at them and hits them all, she does not want anyone around, it seems that everything Does it bother him ... could it be due to the castration that has changed his character? ?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Tiare.
      It may be due to the operation, yes. You can keep her for about three days in a room and swap the beds so she can accept them again.
      A greeting.

  33.   Gabby said

    Hello, I tell you that my cat already has a little more than a month of her operation but two days ago I observed that she had the behavior of being in heat, now if she was operated badly, could she have another operation?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Gabby.
      If it was operated after the first heat, it may be the case that the behavior does not disappear completely.
      I don't think the vet operated on her badly, but anyway, if you have doubts, consult a second vet to see what he thinks.
      In principle, if it was operated badly, I do not think there will be problems in operating it again in a few months, but it is better to be told by a professional.
      A greeting.

  34.   Esther said

    Hello. I wanted to consult a question. Several months ago I took a cat from the street when she was 6 months old. I had another male cat of about 4 years neutered. They have become inseparable and they love each other madly, she is very affectionate with him. I have not operated on her yet, am I more interested in neutering or sterilizing her? And once the surgery could change your idyllic relationship with the big cat? Would it be the same being spay or neuter? A week ago I took another cat from the street of the same age and neutered and it seems that they are already becoming friends although with the cat they growl and make noises that seem like they are going to attack, is it normal? Will it be attacking or playing only? But they are always looking for each other and other times they seem friends. THANKS By the way, is it true that male cats cannot get along or are they always territorial even though they are neutered?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Esther.
      I recommend neutering her, not for the cats, but to avoid unwanted litters. Even if you don't go outside, there can always be an oversight.
      Her behavior once operated can change, but usually it is for the better. They tend to become much calmer and more affectionate, although that yes, until it recovers completely keep it in a locked room, since it will bring smells from the veterinary clinic that cats may not like at all.
      It is normal for them to growl and snort from time to time. Even the best of friends do it from time to time. Don't worry 🙂.
      As for your last question, male cats can get along. All cats (male and female) are territorial, even if they are neutered. What happens is that NON-castrated males tend to become aggressive when there is a female cat in heat. But if they are neutered, no problem.
      A greeting.

  35.   Father said

    Hi! I took my kitten to castrate on Monday May 22, I wanted to know if it is normal for her to want to escape? Because I have her in my room in a box and she tries to leave: Is her behavior normal?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Abii.
      Yes, it can be normal. It must feel very strange. As the days go by, you will feel better.
      A greeting.

  36.   Chris said

    Good morning, I have a one-year-old cat that has gone through heat about 3 times. We decided to sterilize her and since then she has become very surly with visits, she allows herself to be touched and handled much less than before and urinates out of the sandbox. She has been behaving like this for 2 and a half months now, it seems that they have changed my cat and she has me very worried. At the same time, I am afraid to take her to the vet again in case it becomes a traumatic process for her again and her behavior worsens. What would you recommend? Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Chris.
      I recommend giving cans (wet food) for cats in the presence of visitors. Thus, little by little, he will associate the visits with something very good (food), so he will accept them, as before.
      With regards to urinating outside the litter box, spayed cats sometimes get urinary infections. For now, I advise you to give them I think that does not have cereals, since this is an ingredient that often causes food allergies.
      If she does not improve, it is better to take her to the vet.
      A greeting.

  37.   Gia araujo said

    Hello. Today my cat is sterile, the truth is, or I know if she was neutered or sterilized, I just found out all this. But they told me that the anesthesia would last longer than indicated, she woke up at 2 hours, she wanted to escape. I guess because of the scare, they also told me to eat the next day, but after 4 hours she looked for food herself, I had to add only pate and some biscuit. She was also feeling desperate and wanted to run away, but she was swaying. I took her to her bed, but she didn't want to be there. I'm looking for his sandbox but he couldn't get in, I put a sandbox on the ground for him and well, I just urinate. Now he jumped onto the bed. And I think it has been hit. I tell you I'm afraid that the stitches will open, as I do her cleaning she has a body type fajita and her bandage. I'm worried. Leave her alone when she goes to work. And I don't know how long she will be like this. I feel very worried and sad. Please help me.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Gia.
      Sometimes we worry much more than necessary, I tell you from my own experience 🙂.
      The points do not have to come off if they are well placed. You can clean the wound with a little hydrogen peroxide, but it is not necessary.
      Leave it in a room with the door closed every time you have to go out.
      In a couple of days you will feel better.
      Cheer up.

  38.   FLOWER CASTRO said

    Hello. On Monday, June 5, my cat was sterilized. Today is Wednesday June 07 and he does not want to eat or even drink water. I don't know if that's normal or if I take her to the vet or what I do. I'm worried. Please guide me, I don't know anything about this. I hope you answer me. Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Flower.
      No, it is not normal. A cat should begin to lead a normal life on the second day after the operation.
      I recommend taking her to the vet to have her checked. Just in case.
      A greeting.

  39.   Sandra said

    Hi! 2 weeks ago I adopted my cat Nina, they intuit that she is between 5 and 6 months old, so the next day 19 I will take her to castrate her.
    She is a very cuddly and dependent cat, but very very parrot. The point is that when night comes, it is torture, he spends it with his little aiiigg ... and then with meows from the heights to play, this can be from 2 am to 7am. I have tried everything to take her food in the afternoon and play with her for about 2 hours and give her a can before going to sleep, close the door, ignore her ... but it doesn't stop ... I'm dead but the problem is that my neighbors have also complained … Will his intensity of play go down once he is neutered? Now it is an earthquake and especially nocturnal. She doesn't spend many hours alone and I try to play with her to tire her but nothing hehehe doesn't work. Thank you!!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Sandra.
      Yes, the safest thing is that it will calm down enough.
      In any case, in order for her to sleep at night you have to tire her out as much as possible during the day with games. Balls, ropes, stuffed animals, ... any toy will do, even a cardboard box where it can be put (they love it).
      A greeting.

  40.   Olga said

    Good night, it has been a month and a half since I castre my cat, since then she has been very low in spirits, she has been sleeping all day and she hardly wants to play, I know that they are becoming calmer, but I do not know if up to that point

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Olga.
      I don't think anything bad happens to him, but it is strange that he doesn't feel like playing at all. How often do you play with it? Not interested in the strings or the toys you liked?
      It wouldn't hurt for a vet to take a look at it, mostly to make sure that nothing hurts or feels discomfort of any kind.
      A greeting.

      1.    Laura said

        Our kitten was always very affectionate, she liked to be caressed and hugged but after she was sterilized (a couple of years ago) she does not let us touch her, when we get close she withdraws or moves a lot so that we let her go, we never do. She grunts or scratches but she lets us know that she does not want us to touch her, however when a stranger arrives for her, if she leaves (less for us) she even offers herself on some occasions, I must clarify that despite the fact that she is not allowed to always accompany us Where do we go and he likes to curl up on his feet or legs when we lie down in an armchair as long as we respect his space. What could this be?

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hello Laura.
          Cats are guided a lot by their senses, with smell being one of the best developed.
          I suspect that upon waking from the anesthesia he must have noticed an unfamiliar odor on your hands (or yourselves), which for some reason must have made him feel uncomfortable.

          To do? In these cases it is necessary to "start from scratch". As if you don't know each other. Give her cat treats, and from time to time try to "miss" a caress while she is concentrating on eating.

          Look at her blinking gently a few times a day as well, so she will see that you are not strangers at all, and even less evil.

          Be patient. Surely sooner rather than later you will regain their confidence.


  41.   Lara said

    Hello Monica, 2 days ago my cat KIRA, approximately 10 months old, was already castrated 2 jealousies but, she does not want to drink or eat anything, so we give her syringe water and x now everything is fine, but she does not eat anything, but walking walks to go pee in the sandbox, but then she doesn't want to know anything, before being castrated I swear she was the best cat in the world, she's cuddly, crazy! , Play big, everything and we even ran x the whole house were we two crazy running?
    Now come my questions:
    -Is the food and water normal?
    -and will continue to do that
    PS: we never had another pet and we don't have another gat @, and that's why I'm very new to this, thanks.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Lara.
      It's normal ... but up to a point. After neutering her, the cat feels sore and it is normal that she does not want to eat or drink for a while.
      Have you tried giving him wet cat food (cans)? That may stimulate her appetite, but if it doesn't, she should be seen by a vet.

      Regarding your last question, well, after neutering a cat usually becomes calmer. But the desire to play usually only diminishes as the furry gets older.

      A greeting.

  42.   Silvia said

    Good afternoon
    I wanted to make a query, it has nothing to do with castration, but how do you understand cats?
    On Wednesday without knowing why my son was thrown in a very aggressive way, she has become like a hysterical crazy with the help of my neighbor at the time we have put her in the carrier and I have left her there is until this afternoon that we have taken her to the When the veterinarian came back, my husband left her at home and we went to shop, but when he came back as soon as he entered the door, he was thrown again and again hysterical, snorting and growling like a lion
    We have accommodated her in a room for herself because I can't keep her loose
    Yesterday when I went to clean her and spend a while with her she has thrown me again and again like crazy growling and snorting
    Do you know why this behavior?
    In a year that he has been with us, he has never had a bad gesture or nothing at all is super good until now….
    Thank you!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Silvia.
      It's funny what you say. It could be that you feel really uncomfortable due to the pregnancy, or that something has happened with your child and now you distrust the whole family.
      To do? You have to regain that confidence, and for that there is nothing like cans (wet food) and toys. It is about starting from scratch, as if it were the first time you have seen it. Do not caress her until she is close to you, and avoid making loud noises. It is also very important to take the time to understand your body language, as this will make it easier for you to communicate with her.
      A greeting.

  43.   White said

    Hello, good night, about two years ago, I adopted a kitten and took her to operate a year ago, but she has been meowing for about 4 months, super loudly and repeatedly, normally late at night, she does not let me sleep and I want to know what she has if this After surgery, she comes out from time to time she had a kitten but about a month ago she died because a scorpion bit her.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Blanca.
      Probably miss the kitten. By the way, I feel the loss 🙁
      You have to get her used to sleeping at night, playing with her during the day.
      En this article You have more information.
      A greeting.

  44.   Natalia Lucero placeholder image said

    Good night, a month ago I operated on my cat and she was always very active, but since we operated on her she became much more hyperactive and more talkative, is that normal ??, thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Natalia.
      It can happen, yes. But you have to make sure it is healthy, so I would recommend taking it in for a checkup. Chances are you don't have any health problems, but since cats are adept at hiding pain, it doesn't hurt for a professional to take a look at it.
      A greeting.

  45.   Dalia said

    It happens that he adopts a cat and had a litter of this, he has already been 4 months old, I took her to sterilize and since he recovered from anesthesia, he has been aggressive with his young whenever they approach him, he growls and throws claws at them, he has been with 8 days This behavior, to avoid it I have her in a separate room and apparently she likes it because when she is there she is super affectionate only with adults if her young enter the same she attacks them
    What could I do to make him accept the kittens again ???

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Dalia.
      You can put a bed of the kittens near her, without letting them see each other for a few days.
      Bring her bed with the kittens, and exchange them again the next day.
      This way they will get used to the smell again.

      On the fourth or fifth day, take a single kitten with the mother, to see how it reacts. If he snorts, it is normal, but if he tries to attack him, try again the next day.

      There is a product that can help a lot which is the Feliway. This relaxes them. It can be found at veterinary clinics and animal supply stores.

      A greeting.

  46.   Juan said

    Hi! My cat was sterilized 10 days ago and when she completed the 7 days of her remedy, she began to vomit, she does it twice a day, she has no heart and when she tries to eat with little desire after a while she vomits, what should I do since she is losing weight. Thanks.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi John.
      I'm sorry that your cat is wrong 🙁
      In such situations, it is best to go to the vet. He will know what to do.
      Much encouragement.

  47.   Abigail said

    My kitten was neutered 1 month ago, but they were in heat before she was operated on and she got away from us, my question is, could she have fallen in love there, can she have normal kittens?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Abigail.
      If they neutered her, she can't have kittens
      A greeting.

  48.   Fabian said

    Hello, yesterday we castrated my 7-month-old kitten and we noticed a very strange behavior in her when I woke up from the anesthesia since she wanted to leave my house and I had to go look for her on the roof twice, until we locked her inside with her pebbles and all of them. her things .but in an oversight she left the house and one day we don't know anything about her. I asked how much neighbor I could and nothing.
    Is there any reasonable explanation for that behavior, since it was like I didn't want to be in the house

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Fabian.
      Most likely, due to the anesthesia, she felt very strange.
      But I don't think it's very far. Go find her. You are likely to find it.
      Much encouragement.

  49.   Suanyr said

    Hello, a few weeks ago I had my cat sterilized with two of her daughters after 8 weeks of birth, the next day (after anesthesia) I observed that the mother has become aggressive with the other cats (daughters) to the point of no endure being in the same room.

    She is super affectionate with everyone, even with the house dog, but with the other cats she behaves aggressive, is this behavior normal?

    Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Suanyr.
      Yes, it can be normal. Having been in a veterinary clinic, your hair will have absorbed the odors from that place. Upon arriving home and, above all, having expelled the anesthesia, they have realized that they do not smell the same.
      The mother cat does not recognize the new smell of the daughters, and that makes her feel insecure because it is as if she is with unknown cats.

      To do? Present them as if they really did not know each other at all. This involves keeping kittens in a room for three days and covering their beds with a blanket or cloth. From the second, exchange the blanket or cloth so that they can recognize the scent of the others. On the fourth day, set the kittens free again, and observe them. If the mother hisses at them, it is normal.

      Play with them, and you can even give them wet cat food. These things will help them to accept themselves again.

      A greeting.

  50.   Carlota said

    Hello good ! Nine days ago we castrated my cat, she is now about 7 months old ... the first days she was a bit down ... after those first days she was the same, she let herself be caught, played, climbed stairs ... all normal as always, but since last night I have noticed her weird, she snorts at us when we caress her lower limbs ... it is difficult for her to climb ... she prefers to sleep alone ...? eat and drink normal ... I do not understand. Tomorrow morning I take her to the vet… am I afraid she has something else?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Carlota.
      Although it is very rare, it sometimes happens that after neutering a cat (or female cat) has problems with its hind legs. But I understand that they recover well, without major problem.
      Much encouragement.

  51.   Gabriela said

    Good night I adopted a cat a month ago, he used the litter box normally, a week ago he stopped doing it and pees and poops in the garden, I don't know what happens I have tried everything but I can't get him to use his tray again, tomorrow he will I'm going to take them to castrate, what can I do….

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Gabriela.
      Cats that have a garden usually stop relieving themselves on the tray, as it is more comfortable for them to do it directly on the ground.
      To make him change his mind, use dirt in the tray, instead of the usual sand. Put it in a quiet room, where the family does not live, and away from food and water.
      Much encouragement.

  52.   Valentina said

    Good night I would like to know why my cat operated for 3 weeks and she does not want to eat well, what do I do? Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Valentina.
      Perhaps the wound did not heal well. I recommend taking her to the vet for examination.
      Greetings and encouragement.

  53.   Andrés said

    What do I do my kitten 7 days ago she was sterilized and in which she has not eaten or drunk anything that I do for three days

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Andres.
      I would recommend taking her to the vet. He will know what to do.
      A greeting.

  54.   Paula salazar said

    Hello, Yesterday 4/11 I operated on an adult cat that we adopted a month ago, she was abandoned but she did not react well, she ran away from home then she arrived but does not want to eat and hides in the neighbor's house, if she allowed herself to be caressed, I notice that she is angry her wound looks clean. What can I do to make him eat and feel confident again? I would appreciate

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paula.
      Was this cat living on the street when you adopted her? If so, I am very sorry to tell you but it is very difficult for an adult cat that has been a stray to adapt to living in a house.
      In the event that this is not the case, that is, if the cat has lived with a family before, then what will probably happen to her is that she needs time to get used to it. Give her cat treats, and be very patient with her. Little by little it will pass.
      You have more information here.
      A greeting.

  55.   Diana Gaitan said

    Hello, yesterday they castrated my cats (cat and cat), 5 and a half months old, the cat has always been very affectionate and noble but since she came out of surgery she cannot see the cat growls very ugly and throws her, the kitten is really very aggressive, what can I do so that she accepts the cat and they don't fight. Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi, Diana.
      In those cases you have to present them again, as if they did not know each other at all.
      Have one of the two in a room for three days, and swap the beds. When you pet one, immediately pet the other so that they both smell the same.
      On the fourth day, bring them together again but with you present.
      If they snort it is normal. You have to be patient. Give them wet cat food (cans) so they will feel more comfortable.
      Cheer up.

  56.   Paola Orozco R. said

    Hello, we have a beautiful Creole cat, more than two years ago (it is our first time with a cat at home and it is wonderful) we sterilized her before her first birthday, but about two weeks ago two cats have approached, one of them is He is very confident, he is not afraid of the noise of plastic bags and has tried to get into the house, and our kitten becomes very aggressive and meows loudly with the other cat. on the entrance mat of our house but does not try to enter. Our princess has changed some of her habits, especially at night at bedtime, she used to sleep with me at the same time and slept all night with me now, she does not sleep peacefully and she spends her time "watching" at the window and door. the house and complains to me… .. what can we do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello paola.
      If your kitten does not leave the house, you can use cat repellants at the entrance. On this article we say which are the most recommended.
      And in the event that it comes out, you can try to scare the tenants by clapping it hard.
      A greeting.

  57.   carolay said

    2 months ago I sterilized my cat while she was in heat, the recovery and healing of her wound was very good, but for some time I realized that her mothers were inflamed but without any liquid that came out or anything so they gave her prednisone of 20 mg 1/4 of a pill for 2 weeks, the inflammation has been going down little by little but the breasts on the bottom have not dropped even I feel that when I touch her it bothers her, she is very playful and eaten.
    She has already had a litter.
    and the sterilization operation was a cut on the right side.
    Is it a hormonal problem or is it a sterilization problem?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Carolay,
      No, it is not normal. That she's okay is a very good sign. But without being a veterinarian, she may have "something like" a psychological pregnancy.
      Has your cat been spayed, or neutered? In the first case, what they do is simply join the fallopian tubes so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. The operation is much simpler and the cat recovers very quickly. Of course, you will not be able to have kittens but heat can.
      Castration, on the other hand, is an operation in which the reproductive glands are removed. The cat can begin her recovery also soon, after two days, but she does not finish being well at all until more or less a week passes. With castration, jealousy is eliminated, the possibility of having psychological pregnancies. The cost is higher.

      So just what they have done is sterilize her. Still, I recommend you consult with the vet to see.

      A greeting.

  58.   Olga Fields said

    Hello Monica.
    Almost 3 months ago we neutered 3 of my cats, all adults. From the second week they began to behave very strange. Very aggressive against my dog, they make strange meows and do not separate for an instant, neither to eat nor to sleep. Clearly one of them leads the group. None of this happened before, and it has totally altered our home. We do not know what to do anymore. I don't know if anyone has seen something similar.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Olga.
      What has surely happened is that there has been an odor conflict. Let me explain: when a cat goes to the vet, and especially when it has to be operated on or intervened, it picks up the smells of the veterinary clinic / hospital a lot. Once that animal is taken back home, if it lives with more furry animals, of course, it feels that it smells different.
      Cats are very guided by smells; hence they rub against us and objects every day. It is a way of identifying ourselves as his family.

      In your case, what I recommend you do is pretend the dog has just arrived at your home. Present them again. Little by little, and gradually. Keep the dog separated from the cats for a few days, and exchange the beds. When you see that the cats already feel better with the bed, take one of them and take her to where the dog is. See how he reacts. Snorting or ignoring her is normal, but if you see that she wants to attack her, push her away again and grab another cat. If all goes well, leave her with the dog and go get the other cat.

      The point here is to accustom the cats to the presence of the dog. Little by little, without weighing them down excessively. Play with them and give them all the same love.

      You have to be very patient, but little by little the situation will improve.

      A greeting.

  59.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Ale.
    It may just be a collection of pus, but I recommend taking it to the vet to take a look.
    A greeting.

  60.   Shuya said

    Hello. I have several cats living in a fence, they are not super affectionate, but they allow themselves to be caressed, they come running when I feed them ... Last year I had one of the cats neutered and they returned her to me with the Elizabethan collar on. I took her to my house to recover and the first day she was a little strange but she quickly adapted and even became more affectionate.
    12 days ago I took another 8-month-old cat to be castrated, which since she was little we caught, caressed, that is, she was used to us. They returned this one to me without a necklace, and they told me to put it on myself, so that she wouldn't be upset in the carrier. When I opened it upstairs in my house, she ran out and didn't even have time to hold her down to put the necklace on her. He hid, and only went out to eat (cans, as you recommend) if there was no one on the floor. After two days she stopped eating, and after three days looking for her everywhere, I discovered that she had gotten under the roof and preferred to go 3 days without eating anything before meowing or going out when I opened the door and called her. Since then she continues like this, she only eats if she is totally alone, and if I try to get close to her she snorts and runs away (she has even discovered gaps between the walls that I did not know existed) She has become totally wild. Can you think of a solution? I have tried cans, I have tried to leave a garment with my smell near food ... and nothing

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Shuya.
      In order not to "be blindsided", I am going to recommend someone whom I personally admire and respect a lot: Laura Trillo (from Feline Therapy). Her working method may not appeal to everyone (she uses Bach flowers, reiki, etc.), but I don't know anyone who loves and understands as much about cats as she does. Surely it can help you. Has Facebook.
      A greeting. 🙂

  61.   Rocio said

    Hi ! Yesterday castre to the baby of my cat, my cat is a year and a half and the baby 7 months. When I came back from castrating her, she made the mother of the baby and tries to scratch her and from there she doesn't stop growling at her. I am very concerned they never got on badly. The baby wants to get close to the mother and she does not let her want to bite her. HELP

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      Don't worry, this is normal. The kitten brought smells from the veterinary clinic, and when the mother sees her again, she does not recognize those smells so she rejects them.
      What has to be done in these cases is to keep the kitten in a room for 3-4 days, with a bed that will be exchanged with the mother's from the second day. After that time, they must be presented as if they did not know each other at all: little by little, if possible through a separating barrier through which they can be seen and smelled.
      You also have to give both of them a lot of love at the same time, and cans of wet food.
      A greeting.

  62.   Monica said

    Could you please guide me, they operated on the moon, my 1-year-old kitten 2 days ago, she is a bit sad and elusive, today she left, but when she approached me and the falcon puppy, we have you, she put herself in a position of let them ride her, she doesn't meow, or spin on the floor; Usually she does not allow herself to be caressed, only when she was in heat (she only had 2) and now if she lets them caress her head and she rubs her head in a falcon, I'm worried, is that normal? I read about when they leave residues of ovarian tissue

    Thank you!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Monica.
      It is normal that he is still a little bad after the operation. Anyway, if you see that 2 or 3 more days go by, or if she stops eating, I would recommend taking her to the vet.
      A greeting.

  63.   Esther said

    Hello, on Saturday night my cat was operated on urgently, she was pregnant but the kittens inside had died and she had remains of an abortion. The previous Thursday we saw her in the morning before leaving with traces of blood and a wet tail, we think she is going into labor. We didn't see her again until Saturday noon, with the same belly. Towards midafternoon, we saw that she was getting cold and we discovered myiasis in her anus. We took her to the vet, and after about 4 hours in which she was on serum and tried to regain her temperature, they castrated her. We picked her up on Sunday at noon. Although he was very weak, that same day he followed us. She is doing well although she prefers to lie down all day. He gets on the bed, but what worries me is that it has been difficult for him to catch his temperature, and although he drinks normally, goes to the sandbox, he does not seem to have an appetite. We nag it ,, I think, and unless we shake hands, it does not eat

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Esther.
      Jo, I'm so sorry 🙁
      Have you tried mixing the food with a little milk for cats? Or else, there is a feed that you might like.
      Normally I would not recommend it because the composition leaves a lot to be desired, but in cases like this it usually works: the Mercadona kitten food. As the kibble is very small and also apparently soaked with milk, cats tend to like it a lot.
      Much encouragement. I hope he recovers.

  64.   matilde mercedes becerril peralta said

    Good morning help me !! Since my kitten was operated on almost 3 months ago she hates my cat to death (sterilized) and before they got along very well, they loved each other very much, they can no longer be together because they snort and fight very hard to the point that the cat sent the veterinarian to the cat from a bite that he gave her in the paw and now they live in separate rooms, I don't know what to do, advise me please

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Matilde.
      I recommend you read this article.
      And patience. Little by little it will be solved.
      A greeting.

  65.   Laura said

    Good night, yesterday Monday they castrated my kittens in the morning, until now they have not wanted to eat or drink water (it is already more than 35 hours).
    I have already syringed them 2 doses of antibiotic without any problem, but I am concerned that they do not want food. It is normal?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Laura.
      Yes it's normal. Do not worry.
      Of course, if she didn't want to eat anything today, she would have to see her at the vet.
      A greeting.

  66.   Leydi Bernal said

    Good afternoon on Saturday I took my cat and sterilized it and there are changes it does not want to meow it is not the same I am worried

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Leydi.
      It is normal for you to feel a bit unwell for a few days after the operation. Anyway, if he stops eating, or does not eat as before, or if you see him lethargic, I would recommend taking him to the vet.
      Cheer up.

  67.   Yenny said

    Hello. A stray cat came to my work and had 7 kittens and after a month, I sterilized her and changed her behavior, she slept a lot during the day and only got up to eat and at night she went out, but after 2 and a half months she went out in the night and did not come back ... My question is, is it that she went into heat again?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yenny.
      If he was sterilized (and not castrated) he could have been in heat; if not, it is impossible.
      Castration is the removal of the glands, and the possibility of having heat is also eliminated; With sterilization what is done is to tie the tubes, but the heat is maintained.
      A greeting.

  68.   Inma said

    Hello, I have a cat (a little over a year old) and a cat (around 4 years old) who get along wonderfully with each other, both neutered.
    In August I found an adult cat on the street, without a chip, and after filming the ad by various veterinarians, facebook, whatsapp and others, no one has claimed her.
    My cats do not accept it: they are in separate rooms, but if by mistake they escape and get together, the cats in my house will throw it away. The new cat hisses at them, she is panicky, she does not want them to approach her because they attack her (she never initiates an attack, she only responds by defending herself)
    Every day they exchange rooms, and they do not reject any other's smells, since they use the same places to sleep, same sandboxes and the same everything.

    What chance is there that if I castrate the new cat, my cats will accept her a little better? The funny thing is that since I found her, I think she has never had a heat (she barely meows and never makes an attempt to escape)

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Inma.
      Without a doubt, if you castrate the cat, everything can improve a lot.
      But yes, if you do, leave it in a room until it recovers, as it will bring vet smells and cats will not like that at all.

      The jealousy, not being castrated, surely has had it, but it will not have shown symptoms 🙂

      A greeting.

  69.   Carlos said

    Hello, today I took my kitten to be neutered. They have put a chain mail and an Elizabethan collar with which he does not get along very well. I have adapted a room for him with all his things at ground level. My problem is that I work all morning and I worry that I will spend 8 or 10 hours alone. Is this a serious problem? Thanks for your help

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi carlos.
      Ideally, she should not be alone, but I will also tell you that if they have put the mesh and the collar on her, it is difficult for her to hurt herself.

      Courage, in a few days it will be fine again 🙂


  70.   Romina said

    Hello, I need help yesterday, I operated on my kitten and she had a change, she started to bite me and today she left and I have not returned. I'm desperate, I can't sleep. to come back ?? .. I have done it many times but it worries me now because it has just been operated on .. I need an answer

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Romina.

      We hope you are back already. In principle, after the anger subsides, it should come back.
      Put up WANTED signs, and the sandbox outside your house. This way you will know where you live.

      Cheer up.

  71.   Eduardo said

    Hello, I have a problem, my cat has just been sterilized and before this she had some kittens, they are 4 months old, they are 3, all three are female, and now, sterilized, she attacks them, I need help plz. I am afraid that I will hurt one of the kittens

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Eduardo.
      I recommend keeping the mother separated from the young until she is fully recovered. You will surely feel strange, smelling of the smells of the vet clinic, and with the discomfort of the wound.

      When you're better, your mood is likely to be back to normal.


  72.   Peace said

    Hello, I am worried about my 6 month old cat. We castrated her 15 days ago, at the time everything was fine, 10 days later the stitches were removed, all fine. For about 3 days he has not stopped meowing. He has food, he does not seem to be in pain, the earth is clean, we pamper him, everything ... but when he is not in his bedtime (normally from 12 to 19h) he meows all the time to get our attention, to the windows, but even lying on the floor in another room. Is that normal? they are very long and loud meows

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paz.

      Curious what you comment. Just in case, I would recommend taking her to the vet to be examined, in case she has any kind of pain or discomfort.

      And if he has nothing, it is still a custom he has adopted. If he is receiving all the care as you say, it would be strange if it was for something serious.

      Cheer up.

  73.   Ximena said

    Hello, 5 days ago they castrated my cat and now she only wants to be in bed or in her arms before she spent the day playing, she also eats very little and only goes to the sandbox if we take her, I do not know if she is normal or sick

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, ximena.

      In principle it is normal. You feel vulnerable and want to spend time with your loved ones 🙂

      But if more than a week goes by, and you continue to eat little then it would be advisable to consult a professional.


  74.   Senen said

    Hello to my kitten I sterilized her 2 brothers no, now my 10 month old kitten disappeared 2 weeks ago I always treated her like Reyna I am destroyed

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Senen.

      We are sorry for what happened. Look to put up posters and tell the neighbors to see if they have seen it.
      Maybe it's hidden nearby.

      Much encouragement.

  75.   Solange Diaz said

    My kitten is 6 months old, she had surgery 2 weeks ago, she is fine now because she plays like always and everything is fine. The only thing is that she is less affectionate than before the operation. Before she used to get on the bed and lay on my chest, now she doesn't do it anymore, they are supposed to be more affectionate, but mine is the other way around

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Solange.

      Maybe it just takes time. She recently had surgery.

      You have to be patient 🙂