Selection of the best toys for cats

Kitten with her stuffed animal

Seeing a cat play is an incredible experience, very funny, especially when you share their fun. They are those moments in which your bond becomes stronger, almost without realizing it. And is that the game is fundamental for the animal, not only to discharge its energy, but also to interact with humans, with its family.

But shopping for cat toys can be a very difficult task. There are so many models! But do not worry. We have selected for you 9 toys with which both you and your furry will have a great time.

Cat toys

Robotic mouse


And let's start with the basics. What do cats hunt? Rodents, indeed. If they have permission to go outside, they will do it as they have always done, but those who will not be able to hunt their particular mouse as well. A mouse that is robotic and it goes on batteries. You may buy it here

Fun circuit

Interactive toy

Do you see your cat who has been very bored lately? Are you very nervous and want to be calmer throughout the day? Gift him this incredible interactive toy with which he will have to stretch his legs and sharpen his senses to try to catch the ball. It will leave you exhausted, but happy. Buy it here

Rod with stuffed mouse

Toy rod

There is nothing better than one rod with string so that the cat stops nibbling on the shoelaces. All you have to do is put it in front of him, move it around a bit, and you've already gotten his attention. Now for the best part: play! Move the rod little by little, or put it at your friend's height so that he has to stand up and pick it up. 5-minute sessions with these types of toys about 3 times a day are enough to keep you calm. Buy it here.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animal for cats

No, it's not crazy. There are cats that enjoy stuffed animals. Not only can they play with their tail, but they will also curl up in it to sleep. They make them feel safe, and especially if our furry has lost his mother it will do you a lot of good. This one in particular measures about 16cm high by 33cm long. It is highly recommended. You can buy it here.

Toys with sound

Toys with sound

The sound emitted by some cat toys is not very pleasant, especially if you are working, but it doesn't hurt that our friend has some, at least when it is a puppy that is changing teeth. Buy it here.

Pack of toys for your cat

Cat toys

If at the moment you do not have much money but you do not want to give up the fun with your friend, you can opt for the packs of small stuffed animals. Most of them squeak, or have a rattle, and are very inexpensive. The one I recommend includes neither more nor less than seven small stuffed animals, with which your furry will be able to exercise while throwing them into the air and then running towards them. Buy it here.



Cats like to hunt a lot, but if we make it a bit complicated for them they will have a better time. In this case, it is an interactive toy in which there is a mouse trapped inside, and the feline of course has to hunt it. But also, it is very interesting because also serves as a scraper. You buy it here.

Massager for cats

Cat massager

It is true that it is not a toy as such, but it is one of those accessories that complement toys. And, after having spent a few minutes having a great time with them, you need to relax. To do this, he has your caresses when you are with him, but when not, you can give massages while removing dead hair. Buy it !!

Hexbug Nano, a battery-powered cat toy

Battery Operated Toy

This is a slightly different toy than the ones we've seen so far. Runs on battery, and has a very hairy tail. There is it in several colors: green, lilac, green and blue. Get your cat to have a great time with the Hexbug Nano. You'll find it here

What You Should Know About Cat Toys

Kitten playing

Toys break down over time. When they start to do it, it is very important that you replace them with others, since they could end up being dangerous for the animal. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on these accessories for cats, but it is important that they are well controlled and observed from time to time to see the state in which they are.

Another important issue is that all its toys do not have to be left within reach of the animal, since you could easily get bored with everyone and one day stop playing with them. Ideally, you should have one or two that you can play with whenever you want, and two other saves that we will release only once or twice a day. In this way, they will be entertained for longer.

Have fun 😉.

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