Why does my cat urinate out of the tray?


One of the problems that most often concern those of us who live with cats, and that can even complicate good coexistence, is when the animal relieves itself in inappropriate places, such as on sofas, beds, etc. Why does he do this? Of course, he does not behave like this to blame us for anything or to get revenge, because he does not understand these issues.

The cause of this problem must be found elsewhere, so if your cat urinates out of the tray, in this article I will explain What should you do so that little by little it stops doing it.

Are you marking or urinating?

Male cats, especially if they are in heat, tend to mark their territory. For it, hold their tail up by shaking it a bit, moving their legs, and directing a stream of urine directly at the wall or other objects. Females can do it too, but this behavior is much more common in males.

These cats are very territorial and, unless they are chastened before the first heat, they will tend to mark their territory whenever they see fit, that is:

  • If there is a cat in heat in the area will do it to get your attention.
  • If the family has grown, either with a new animal or a baby, it may be to make it clear to the new »tenant» that this is their territory.
  • If you feel stressed, too you can routinely mark with urine »your domains».

In the event that the cat bends over and drops the urine horizontally, it is because it is urinating.

Why does my cat urinate out of the tray?

There are several causes why the cat does not want to go to its tray, and they are:

  • Disease: urinary tract infection (urine may be accompanied by blood), depression, Stress, anxiety. In these cases, it is convenient to go to the vet to examine it and, if everything is correct, ask for help from a feline ethologist who works positively.
  • Advanced age: If the cat is older, he can also stop relieving himself off the tray. Not because they suddenly want to misbehave, but simply because they can't move as fast as they used to.
  • Reject to tray: it is one of the most frequent causes. You may think that the tray is dirty, or that you do not like the sand, or where it is placed. My advice, based on my experience, is that you place it in a quiet room, and use as natural sand as possible. And, of course, do not forget to remove the stool daily, and clean it thoroughly once a week.

Black and white cat

We hope we have helped you to know why your cat urinates out of the tray. You will see how with patience and pampering gradually stop doing it.

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