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Cat with harness

Image - José Miguel

When living with a cat one of the most recommended things to do is teach him to go with a harness. This is an animal that likes to go outside for a walk to explore its territory, but of course, if you live in a city it is very dangerous to let it go outside, since its life could be very threatened.

To avoid this, it is essential to take him for a walk at least once a day in a quiet area, which is not very busy. Although of course, for that you will need a cat harness. Take a look at our selection.

Active Blue Cat Harness

Blue harness

A harness must be comfortable and resistant. The body of the cat is much smaller than that of dogs, so it can fracture more easily. But with this harness you won't have to worry. Is made of lightweight and soft mesh, and has a snap closure for easy opening and closing. It also includes a 120cm strap.

Harness measurements:

  • Neck circumference: about 28cm.
  • Waist circumference: 34-44cm.

Price: 16,36 euros plus shipping costs.

You can buy it here

Soft Dog Mesh Harness Vest

Pink harness

This is another very interesting and comfortable model for cats. You have it in various colors: black, pink, blue, red and purple, and also in various sizes, all of them adjustable. In the case of cats, they would be those of size XS, those of size S, or those of size M, whose measurements are:

  • XS: Neck 22cm; waist circumference 28-38cm.
  • S: Neck 26cm; waist circumference 30-42cm.
  • M: Neck 32cm; waist circumference 35-50cm.

Its price is around $4,47, plus shipping costs.

You can buy it here

Breathable harness

Breathable harness

Especially during the summer it is advisable to wear a breathable harness. With this model, in addition, it will be very comfortable. Unlike the ones we have seen so far, it has a very nice print that will remain on your back. Is made of high quality polyester, so it is very resistant and soft at the same time. You have it in black, pink and blue. You will see that there are several sizes, for cats XS, S or M is recommended. The measurements are the same as in the previous case:

  • XS: Neck 22cm; waist circumference 28-38cm.
  • S: Neck 26cm; waist circumference 30-42cm.
  • M: Neck 32cm; waist circumference 35-50cm.

It costs $5,84, more shipping jacks.

You can do with it by clicking here

Shiny velvet harness

Designer harness

If you want your cat to be very elegant with its harness, you cannot miss this model. Is made of soft microfiber fabric, and it is comfortable. She wears some rhinestones that look very nice. As if that were not enough, you have it in blue, black, pink and purple, and they all have a strap.

Its measures are:

  • Neck: 25cm.
  • Waist circumference: 38cm.

And its price $5,99 plus shipping costs.

Are you interested? Click here

Cotton harness

Cotton harness

Looking for a harness that is really comfortable and soft? Then this cotton harness is for you, well, your cat 🙂. Is made of high quality cotton, which makes it very durable and safe. You have it available in several colors: black, pink and purple, so you can choose the one you like the most. And, you also have it in various sizes, XS, S, M, whose measurements are:

  • XS: Neck 22cm; waist circumference 28-38cm.
  • S: Neck 26cm; waist circumference 30-42cm.
  • M: Neck 32cm; waist circumference 35-50cm.

It costs $4,38 plus shipping costs.

Make it yours by clicking here

Car safety harness

Safety harness

Although normally we would not take the cat out of the carrier when we go on a trip, the truth is that if we go by car and the journey is very long, the animal can get quite bored of being in the carrier. For these cases, a safety harness is highly recommended and very practical, as it will allow us to have the furry in the back seat very safely. This particular model also it is made of nylon, a comfortable but resistant material. It is indicated for cats (or dogs) with a minimum weight of 4kg.

You have it in two sizes: S and M (35-60cm).

It costs $11,95, plus shipping costs.

Do not stay without him buying it here

Denim harness with adjustable strap

Denim harness

This type of harness, although it may seem otherwise, is very comfortable. Is made of denim high quality, being a very modern and durable harness. And if that was not enough, it includes a matching strap. You have it in size S, whose measurements are: neck 26cm; waist circumference 30-42cm.

It costs $7,49 plus shipping costs.

You like? Click here

And now the million dollar question, which one did you like the most? 🙂

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  1.   Jose Miguel said

    Jaajjaja that is my cat, in the harness it has the shield of Boca juniors I took that picture of him !! my fat man is famous in the old continent….

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Lovely cat. We have already put your name under the photo 🙂

  2.   Claudia said

    Hello. I'm interested in a harness like the one in the photo. In Uruguay I can't. José Miguel, where did you buy it? I imagine that you are Argentine with the Boca Junior crest?!? Thanks