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After having spent a few days, maybe weeks, looking for the ideal cat, the day is finally approaching when you can go find what will be, without any doubt, your new furry four-legged best friend. But, in the midst of this bundle of nerves that you feel when you know that there is going to be an important change, as well as pleasant, in your life, you have to take a deep breath and go buy the accessories for cats that will be so useful to us in the next years.

If it is the first time that you are going to live with one of these magnificent animals, my first advice is that go early to the pet store, since there are countless very beautiful things and it can be difficult for you to choose quickly. Although we give you a hand 🙂.

This is the shopping list that we advise you to take with you when you go to buy everything your friend will need:

Feeder and drinker


It's the basics. You will see that there are made of different materials: plastic, stainless steel or porcelain. Let's see how they differ:

  • Plastic: they weigh little and are very inexpensive. If there is something negative to say, perhaps it is that if the cat is going to be big, it will be very easy to knock it down, or throw the water or feed on the ground.
  • Stainless steel: they are somewhat more expensive than the previous ones, but more resistant and durable. You can see one in the image above.
  • Porcelain: they are the most recommended for large cats, but you have to be very careful that they do not fall, as they would break. They are the ones with a higher price.


Cat caves

Yes, you read that right: beds. Why? Well, cats don't like to always sleep in the same place, so It is highly advisable to have several corners so that the furry can rest. It is not necessary that they are all beds as such, but you can have a carpet in one place, and a cave in another.

There are many models, being highly recommended to purchase from several, since depending on the season of the year you will like more to be in one than the other.

Sand tray

Litter tray with lid

The litter tray, or sandbox, will be the cat's private toilet. There are them with or without a lid, and unfortunately we cannot tell you which is the favorite of these animals because Each one has his own preferences. However, we can tell you that the former are especially suitable for shy cats, but they are much more expensive than the others.

As it is impossible to meet the cat in a day or two, you can always use an old bowl while. If you see that he feels uncomfortable, or if he needs somewhere other than that, then you know that he prefers a tray with a lid. Place it in a room where the family does not have a lot of life, as they need to be calm while doing their business.

Sanitary bags

Sanitary bags

Although they are made for dog owners to collect their animal's feces, They are also very useful when it comes to collecting urine, in addition to feces, from cats. They are very economical, and having only one feline at the moment, a roll can serve you for 20-25 days depending on the bags you carry.

Brush or comb

Cat brush

The cat should be brushed daily. You have to remove dead hair, as this reduces the risk that the dreaded hairballs may form, which would cause constipation and vomiting, among other symptoms. But each type of hair has its own comb or brush. For example:

  • Cats with very short hair, or almost no hair: For these animals it will be enough to pass them a brush-glove from time to time.
  • Cats with short hair: For these animals, you have to buy a double-sided brush, in which there are rigid bristles on one and soft bristles on the other; or a comb.
  • Cats with long hair: To brush the hair of these felines, there is nothing like a card. It is similar to the brush, but where the bristles are, it is rectangular in shape.
  • For all hair types: the flea comb. There are two types: comb-shaped, or with a handle. The spikes are very close together, so it will help us to remove dirt and fleas.


Cat collars

Especially if you are going to go abroad, it is very, very necessary put a collar with a safety clasp and without a bell. These collars, in the event that the animal becomes hooked, will open, leaving it free. But in addition, it is advisable to also put a plate with your phone number, just in case.


Cat scratching post

Your cat is going to want its nails sharp. But of course, you cannot use anything for this purpose, you must use your scraper. There are many different models and prices on the market. If you can afford it, I recommend you buy one that reaches the ceiling, since cats like to be able to control everything from a high position; but you should know that anyone will have a great time.


Cat toys

If there are many types of beds and scratchers, there are a few more of toys: stuffed animals, balls, pens, laser pointers ... Ideally, the cat should have 4 different: two to play whenever you want, and another two that we will only take out once or twice a day. This way we will ensure that you do not get bored with them so quickly.

Lint remover roll

Lint remover roll

It is not an accessory that serves to take care of the cat, but it will be the most effective to take care of the furniture, especially during the molting season. The fluff remover roll or hair remover is the best tool that anyone who lives with a cat with hair can have. It is very easy to use, and does not require any maintenance. Pass it on the sofas and beds, and you will see how they are free of hair again.

And so far the list with the essential accessories for cats.

Enjoy your new life 🙂.

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