At what age do kittens eat alone

Baby kittens eat alone from the month of life

When a cat is born, it will instinctively taste its first food: mother's milk. That will be the only thing you eat until your teeth start to come in, something that will happen after about four weeks. Only then will his mother gradually stop breastfeeding him.

So it is important to know at what age do kittens eat alone, and what food can we give them to be ready when the time comes.

At what age do cats eat alone?

The kitten should eat replacement milk

It will depend a lot on the race, but generally between a month and a half and two months they already have a strong enough jaw to eat. What happens is that at that age they are still too young to feed them depending on what, so it is recommended to offer them wet food to make it easier for them to eat.

In the event that you choose to feed them, it has to be a specific one for kittens, since the grain is much smaller. In addition, it is important that you do not bring cereals, since they can cause allergies.

How to know the age of a kitten?

To make this article more useful to you, I am going to tell you how to know the age of a young cat, since one of a week does not eat the same as another of a month.

  • 0-3 days of life: has closed eyes, covered ears and umbilical cord stump.
  • 5-8 days: the ears are open. It can start to crawl but little.
  • 2-3 weeks: begins to open his eyes, which will be blue (he will finish opening them towards the end of the third week). At this age the baby teeth come out, the first being the incisors.
  • 3-4 weeks: his canines come out, and he is already walking with courage, although he wobbles a little.
  • 4-6 weeks: The premolars, which are the teeth that are located between the canines and the molars, come out. The ultimate eye color will begin to show. At this age the animal lives like a mischievous puppy: it plays, runs, sleeps, and sometimes eats.
  • 4 to 6 months: makes normal life. You can have the first cell, and permanent teeth come out:
    • 6 incisors in the upper jaw and 6 in the lower jaw
    • 2 canines in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw
    • 3 premolars in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower jaw
Growing cat
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What does the newborn kitten eat?

As we mentioned, the kitten as soon as he is born he will instinctively look for a mother of his mother to feed on her milk. This should be your first food, as it is the most important. It is the only one that has all the nutrients you need to have a good start to growth and, also, good health.

And is that breast milk is actually colostrum for the first two days, which is a very rich source of immunoglobulins (antibodies that protect against viruses, bacteria, etc. that cause diseases) (to give you an idea: in milk the concentration is less than 1 gram per liter, compared to 40-50g / l of feline colostrum). If the puppy does not have a chance to drink itEither because the mother has died, is ill or does not want to take care of it - something that would be very rare, by the way -, will have a harder time surviving.

What can I give a baby cat?

This is how you have to give a kitten a bottle

My kitten Sasha drinking her milk, on September 3, 2016.

It is very common to find a kitten in the street, without a mother. My nephew found my cat Sasha in 2016 in a field, and I myself found my affectionate Bicho next to a health center. She was only a few days old; in fact, he hadn't opened his eyes yet; instead he was already a month old. But also, getting them out was not easy.

We had to be controlling ourselves a lot, trying not to get cold or too hot, and above all to eat well, otherwise they could have gotten sick. This is why when you meet a baby cat, it is very important that you give him replacement milk that you will find for sale in veterinary clinics or pet stores, and that you follow the instructions that are written on it to the letter, every 3-4 hours (except at night if he is healthy: if he is hungry he will let you know, do not worry).

If there is no way to find replacement milk, you can give him the following homemade kitten milk mix:

  • 250ml lactose-free whole milk
  • 150ml heavy cream
  • 1 egg yolk (without any white)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Make sure it is warm, about 37ºC. If it is cold or hotter, he will not want it, and that is not to mention that it would not be natural to give it to him like that.

How to wean a kitten?

Kitty should start eating soft solid foods around the third-fourth week of birth. At this age his eyes will be wide open, of a beautiful blue color, and he will walk with more and more security and confidence. Some are even encouraged to run, so they will no longer want to be in the crib / box.

If he is with the mother, she will take care of letting him know that she is no longer going to give him milk whenever he wants, that it is time for him to eat other things. But if he is not that lucky, then you will have to be the one who gives him milk and I think alternately. I'll tell you how I did it:

  • First week of weaning: 4 bottles + 2 servings of patés for kittens per day
  • Second week: 3 bottles + 3 servings of patés
  • Third week: 2 bottles + 4 servings of patés
  • From the fourth week and until he was two months old: 6 servings of patés, some soaked in milk

What does a one-month-old cat eat?

The one month old kitten eats milk and can eat patés

Taking into account that, in general, kittens begin to show interest in food one month after birth (although it may be the case that there are some who do not want to stop drinking milk up to two months), it is highly recommended that , after 30 days, you go giving them patés (wet food) for kittens. In order for them to also have a good development, I recommend that you choose a good quality one that has a high meat content (no less than 70%).

You can also give him feed soaked in replacement milk, but from experience I advise you to give him cans, as it will be much easier for him to eat them.

How to teach a cat to eat alone?

The kitten learns by imitating the mother and her siblings. If he does not live with them, other cats can be his teacher, but if this little one is the only feline you have at home, it is possible that at first you have to help him learn to eat.

If you find yourself in this situation, take a little food - almost nothing, like the head of a match - and put it in your mouth and then close it gently but firmly. On instinct, he will swallow and then most likely will eat alone.

From what age do I think cats eat?

It depends on what type of feed it is: if it is moist, in patés, you can eat from the third or fourth week; On the other hand, if it is dry, when you have to chew it, you will have to wait two months to start giving it, and even then you may have to soak it with water to make it easier for you.

Kittens can eat feed from a month and a half to two months

Importantly, do not be in a hurry to separate the mother from the kittens. She will know when her little ones can stop drinking milk - normally, at 2 months, but it may take a little longer, especially if they are large breeds such as Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest-. From 3-4 months, kittens can eat dry feed without problems, since their teeth will finish developing completely very soon: at one year of age.

As time passes quickly, we advise you to always have your camera ready to capture those funny moments from the tender childhood of your friend.

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  1.   Antonella Bazán said

    Hello, I have four kittens who have just turned one month old and one of them wanted to eat their mother's food, could that be a sign that they are ready to eat food and give up milk?

  2.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Antonella.
    Yes, indeed. Now you can start giving him feed soaked in water, or cans for kittens. But up to two months it is necessary for him to drink his mother's milk from time to time.
    Greetings 🙂.

  3.   sorry said

    Hello, I just adopted a kitten of about a month, they left her abandoned, she does not know how to eat anything or is interested in doing so, I offer her soaked feed and ground meat and nothing, I had to buy special milk for kittens and give her a bottle, What I know It makes it difficult for me since I work all day, what can I do to eat alone ??? She looks pretty healthy and super alert, the only problem is when it comes to eating, which depends 100% on me.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello leidy.
      At that age your kitten needs someone to feed her, at least until she is 2 more weeks old. You better ask a loved one to see if they can take over. You can try giving her wet cat food, or dry cat food soaked in milk, but she is still too young for her to eat alone.
      Cheer up.

  4.   Alejandra said

    Hello, I have a 2-month-old cat but she still doesn't eat alone. I put cat food soaked in water, cat milk and he is not interested in any ... I have to give my bottle and food. I'm already tired because I've been in this situation since I was 10 days old, and sometimes I don't have time.
    It helps I do not know what to do to eat alone I have also combined his food with cans for cats and he eats a little but not all.
    What I do??

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alejandra.
      Sometimes kittens need to drink cat milk longer. Have you tried giving him tuna? Being a soft food, it would not touch to have problems chewing it.
      In any case, a visit to the vet does not hurt, as you could have mouth or stomach pain.
      Greetings and much encouragement.

  5.   m. sun said

    Migatita gave birth on the 11th and I had 2 beautiful kittens I hope they are like her for 3 weeks she started wanting to eat soup and broth even though she has never let her mother suck her mother adopted my yorsai

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      At that age some begin to want to try another type of food, but up to 2 months or so they will continue to drink milk from time to time.

      1.    Sandra said

        Hello, my kitten gave birth to 5 kittens 15 days ago, they were in a box near the kitchen area, but now she wants to move them to a place under the bed, what could be the reason? Do you not like the space or is it because they are older?

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hello Sandra.
          You may not like the space. The kitchen is a room where people spend a lot of time, but nobody is under the bed 🙂.
          A greeting.

  6.   Nuria said

    Hello, a few days ago we met a cat of about a month or a month and a half, I started to give him the bottle every three hours but he only took it well the first two or three days and he doesn't want it anymore, we started with the pate and the kibble for cats and he eats it great the problem is that we do not know how often to feed him, if we are giving him a lot or a little

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Nuria.
      It is best to leave the feeder always full, since these animals eat a little many times a day 🙂.
      In any case, if you do not want to or cannot always leave it freely available, the recommended amount according to your age and weight is indicated on the feed bag, but more or less it would correspond to about 25 grams per day (there must be 5 servings every 24 hours).
      A greeting.

      1.    Francisco de la Fuete said

        5 servings of 25grs. daily aren't they excessive?

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Hello Francisco.
          Thank you for asking, because that way I could see that I wrote my comment wrong. I wanted to say, about 25 grams a day spread over 5 servings.
          Now I correct it.
          A greeting.

  7.   Yasna said

    Hello, I have a kitten that I abandoned his mother as a newborn, he is about to turn a month and fed him with evaporated milk, but since he does not want to drink, will it be good to start giving him a taste of food?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yasna.
      Yes, at that age you can start eating wet kitten feed, or feed soaked in milk or water.
      A greeting.

  8.   dew said

    Hello, I have 5 one-month-old kittens and they already eat alone and drink water, they do not stay still and come out of their box and their mother does not pay much attention to her, she wanted to know if I can deliver them to their owners. Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      Kittens must be with their mother and siblings for a minimum of two months. Even if they already eat alone and do not stand still, they need to know what the social limits are, including: how and when can I play with someone, how intense the bite can be, when I have to stop bothering the elderly, etc.
      Without this foundation, the probability that you will end up creating problems for your new family is very high.
      A greeting.

  9.   Lucia Strange said

    Hello, I have three one-month-old kittens and I don't know if I can start feeding them solid foods such as gatarina or croquettes ... I am also worried that they have fleas and they scratch a lot that I can make them or if I can bathe them with some depulgent. thanks and regards.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lucia.
      Yes, with a month they can start solid food, but it is better to start with wet feed or soaked in water.
      For fleas, their thing would be to wait until they were two months old, but of course, they will not be with them for a month. You can do the following: cut a lemon into slices and put it in a pot with water, until it boils. Then, pour that water (without the slices) into a basin, wait for it to warm and bathe the kittens.
      It is very important that you dry them well afterwards, especially if you are in winter, since otherwise they could get cold.
      A greeting.

  10.   Lucia said

    Hello this next month I would like to take a kitten that they have offered me. I do not know if I should accept it since I am not informed and I am afraid that the little one will have problems when separating him from his mother, he will stop eating or that he will have to drink milk and will not have his mother to breastfeed him.
    When can a kitten be separated from its mother?
    What do I think I can give you?
    Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lucia.
      Cats can be separated from the mother with two months. At that age they can already eat kitten food without problem.
      a greeting

  11.   George said

    Greetings I have a 2 week old kitten, what should I feed him? Already at that age do their needs alone?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Jorge.
      At that age you should take a bottle with milk for kittens, and from the 3rd or 4th week you can start giving it feed for kittens soaked in milk -for cats-.
      Still needs a little help to relieve himself, yes. After each meal, you have to pass a gauze or cotton wet with warm water to urinate and defecate.
      A greeting.

      1.    George said

        Thank you very much for the information.

        How long do I have to be passing the cotton to him?

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          For a minute it will be enough. Greetings and thank you.

  12.   Mariana said

    Hello, a week ago I found a kitten in my yard, I thought not to touch it because I assumed it had been taken by her mother. Shortly after, I saw the mother, who was territorial. I gave him wet food to be empathetic and friendly… he ate. A while ago when I met the kitten alone, he also growled at me. I don't want to separate them and I know that the cat is someone's pet. Could I pretend the kitten was mine despite her mother's suspicious teachings of humans? I have not wanted to disturb you in your feline fraternal dynamics ... What can I expect?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Mariana.
      You can earn your little one's trust by offering him wet feed, as it smells more than dry and is tastier for them. Little by little you will see how it will get closer to you.
      Courage, you will see that you will achieve it

  13.   sgialo said

    Good evening, thanks for this note, I just adopted a kitten that I found abandoned in the street completely alone, I took him to the vet and he told me that he was only 18 days old, I bought him his formula and I thought that he would not survive the first night, fortunately here is still a week with me, so I turned here for when I could eat solid food, greetings!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Thanks to you, and congratulations on the new member of the family 🙂

  14.   juliana said

    Three days ago a gambling den appeared in my garden. We took him to the vet and he told us he was about 20 days old, but he didn't explain that I should help him relieve himself. What should I do? the first night he pooped but he hasn't done it again

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Juliana.
      With 20 days you should eat every 3-4 hours, a bottle with milk for kittens, or failing that you have to mix a cup of whole milk (preferably lactose-free), an egg yolk (not the white) and a tablespoon of cream dessert. After each meal, you have to help him relieve himself by passing a warm gauze over his genital area, from the end of his tummy down towards the legs.

      At that age you can start giving canned kitten food, but it must be introduced little by little. Until he is a month and a half, he should continue to take a bottle.

      A greeting.

  15.   karina said

    Good morning! I have 4 one-month-old kittens, the mother died my little Sun. My question is if I can give them food, they take two bottles and the other two do not want to take it ... what do I do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Karina.
      I'm very sorry for the loss of your cat 🙁
      Your little ones with one month can already start eating solid food, such as wet food for kittens or food -for kittens- soaked in water.
      In any case, at least until six weeks of age it is advisable to have a plate with milk -for kittens- because from time to time they like to drink. Of course, from the 7th or 8th week they should only drink water.
      Cheer up.

  16.   Yeimy said

    Hello!! I have three one-month-old kittens, my kitten, her mother died and the gambling dens don't want to drink milk or eat anything, but my little daughter gave them some super soft bread that she ate and the gambling halls ate it immediately. eat bread? Or does it hurt to eat it? Since that is what the moment looks like 🙁
    Not to do ……

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yeimy.
      Well, it is not bad as such, but after a month they should start eating soft cat food, as I think wet. Of course, very soaked with milk or warm water, because if not, they will not eat it.
      Even so, in the meantime they get used to it and so that they do not go hungry, it is better that they continue eating soft bread. But go introducing the soaked wet feed little by little. You can also try dry kitten food, also soaked.
      Cheer up.

  17.   Suzanne said

    Hi! I have three kittens about a month old, their mommy died and I have given them skim milk because I have not gotten milk for kittens, I soak them concentrated in that milk and two eat well, but the other does not and cries a lot, and apart I think that they is doing bad because they have diarrhea now. What I do? I feel like I don't take good care of them.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Susan.
      Cow's or sheep's milk tends to be bad for cats. But when you can't find a specific one for kittens, there's no other choice but to make them ourselves ... at home 🙂. Take note of this recipe:

      150ml whole milk
      50ml of water
      50ml of natural yogurt
      Raw egg yolk -without any white-
      A teaspoon of heavy cream

      Mix everything well, heat a little until warm, and serve.

      Anyway, at that age you can start giving them wet kitten food, well chopped. Or even wet kitten food soaked in water.

      Cheer up.

  18.   plunge said

    Hello, I have a kitten that they gave me for a month or so, I wanted to know if it can already eat solid food (tuna, chicken, minced meat), or is it still very small, and if in case I can not give it, what foods recommends me. Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Dalma.
      Yes, with a month you can start eating solid kitten food, such as cans.
      And with six to seven weeks it will be possible to give him minced meat.
      A greeting.

  19.   Hector david said

    My kitten is 15 days old .. But his mother does not have what milk they recommend me

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Hector.
      It is best to drink milk prepared for kittens, sold in veterinary clinics and pet stores.
      If you can't get it in any way, you can prepare this for him:

      -150 ml of whole milk (lactose-free, preferably)
      -50 ml water
      -50 ml natural yogurt
      -Raw egg yolk (without any white)
      -A teaspoon of heavy cream

      Mix everything well, and heat a little, until it is warm (about 37ºC).

      Greetings, and encouragement 🙂.

  20.   Silvia Petron said

    Hello, I have a cat with her baby, the kittens are 1 month old and they come out and play. I wanted to know if it is necessary to give them food apart from the food that their mother gives them and if they have to give them water. Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Silvia.
      Yes, at one month old they can already eat kitten food. It is also highly recommended to start giving them water.
      A greeting.

  21.   daniel said

    Hello, how are you? I rescued a kitten yesterday and I am going to adopt her, she is still afraid of everything since she was almost run over, I don't know what to give her to feed since she had never had a cat, what would you recommend is about a month and a half, I hope your answer, thank you.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Daniel.
      At that age he can already eat solid (soft) food, such as cans for kittens or kitten food soaked in water.
      Greetings, and congratulations 🙂.

  22.   Jennifer said

    Hello, I have two one-month-old kittens that I have fed with milk for cats since they were born, I started giving them feed and Latin, one of them eats the feed well and drinks water but the other there is no way to eat anything, he only wants bottle I have tried running the milk in the feeder but neither, I hardly give a bottle to see if hungry he eats it but nothing. It is not scary that he is eating little and is not eating well
    that I can do?
    Thanks greetings

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Jennifer.
      Have you tried giving him wet kitten food? If so, try giving him chicken broth (boneless), or introduce (a little forcefully but not hurting) a little bit of wet feed. Open his mouth, insert it and close it. Keep it closed until swallowed.
      This is what I had to do with my kitten, and now she eats whatever they put on her. Loves everything: s
      And if you see that there is no way, take him to the vet to see if he has any discomfort that prevents him from eating.
      Cheer up.

  23.   mary said

    Hello . I have a kitten that is 3 weeks old and she has her 4 kittens but she has two days or more than when she feeds them it hurts and she complains about her pain, what can I do? Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Mary.
      If the kittens are 3 weeks old, they can start eating soft solid foods, such as cans of wet kitten food.
      You can give them a little - very, very little - with your finger, putting the food in their mouth, without pressing. You just open its mouth and feed it into it.
      In the event that they do not want it, and taking into account that the mother already begins to feel pain when she breastfeeds them, we must insist.
      Another option is to buy milk for kittens - sold in veterinary clinics - and try to get them to drink from the trough.
      A greeting.

  24.   Monica sanchez said

    Hello Leon.
    At two months, kittens can eat alone, feed or cans of wet kitten food. If you don't want it, you can soak it in water or chicken broth (boneless).
    A greeting.

  25.   Monica sanchez said

    Thanks to you, Luis. 🙂


    Two months ago I have in my care 5 kittens, their mother after they were born I abandon them but they are very elusive, they get scared of everything and every time I come to leave them their food they run everywhere, my question is can they eat cookies? '

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Guadalupe.
      With two months you can give him feed for kittens soaked in water. This way they will get used to drinking the precious food.
      In case they don't want it, give them wet kitten food, and put a plate of water next to them so they can drink whenever they want.
      A greeting.

  27.   Victor said

    I have a doubt, I have two kittens that are three weeks old (according to my mother), and according to what I read here they can already start eating soaked things, but according to my mother, not until their fangs come out (which she thinks they don't have). What I can do?
    The mother cat ignored them 4 or 5 days ago. And now we give you a dairy substitute for cats. We supply it with a syringe. should i change a bottle?
    When should I stop helping him go to the bathroom?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Victor.
      If the mother cat has been taking good care of them until now and there have never been problems, the fact that she already ignores the little ones is because she knows that they are old enough to feed themselves. Of course, I think wet for kittens or dry food for kittens soaked in water.
      With three weeks it is not necessary to give them a bottle.
      A greeting.

      1.    Victor said

        Thank you very much Monica

        1.    Monica sanchez said

          Greetings to you.

  28.   Julissa Fernandez Cueva said

    Hello, I have a 2-month-old kitten, I am worried that she eats too much and then beautiful, I serve her little and even so she continues to vomit, tell me is it normal? I don't know what to do, I'm worried because I adore my fluff

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Julissa.
      You may have intestinal parasites. My advice is that you take her to the vet for a treatment.
      A greeting.

  29.   Patricia said

    Hello, I have a cat that 40 days ago had puppies, I had to give her contraceptives because she had started to go into heat, until the operation is still breastfeeding the puppies, the fact that she takes pills will do something to them. ???

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Patricia.
      In principle I would say no, but it is better that you consult a veterinarian.
      A greeting.

  30.   Veronica said

    Hello!!!! They are going to give me a kitten of a month and a half and I was wondering if it is necessary to give her special milk for her in a bottle, even when she is already eating I think… ..?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Veronica.
      With a month and a half he can already eat solids (wet kitten food, or dry kitten food soaked in water).
      A greeting.

  31.   Carina said

    Hello, we adopted a kitten, they told us that she is 2 months old, but she weighs 250 grams, it is normal and it is normal that she does not play, she sleeps all the time, she only moves to eat her food and to go to the sandbox to relieve herself. I'll appreciate your answer. Carina

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Carina.
      The weight is fine, and it is normal for him to spend most of the time sleeping, but if he does not play almost anything, it is because something happens to him. You probably have intestinal parasites. You should take her to the vet to examine her and give her the most appropriate treatment.
      A greeting.

  32.   Evelyn said

    Hello, look, I have 5 kittens that are already a month old ... they have teeth and I decided to buy them kitten food ... some eat ... and the cat gives them milk the same ... it's okay for them to drink milk and eat one or another grain ... no They eat so much, they only eat some grains ... it won't hurt them right ... the granite that I buy from them is super small ... and they grab poop in the sandbox. Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Evelyn.
      If the mother still gives them milk, fine. But yes, with a month they already have to start eating somewhat more solid food 🙂.
      A greeting.

  33.   Rossana Parada said

    Hello, I have a 16-month-old cat, she has hypoplasia, despite this she leads a normal life, it will hurt her to drink milk, you must from time to time, greetings

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Rossana.
      Cow's milk can make cats sick. However, if it is lactose-free or specific for them, you can take it from time to time.
      A greeting.

  34.   Elia said

    Hi! Less than a week ago I adopted a kitten, since a friend's cat had kittens and she couldn't stay with all of them, I caught her when she started eating I think wet, but from things I've read, I don't know if we have done well to separate her so soon from his mother (about a month and a week ago), he sticks almost all day meowing, I don't know if something's wrong with him or he's just a baby, I'd like you to give me advice, thank you!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Elia.
      Kittens must be with the mother for a minimum of two months. With a month and a week they can eat cans of wet kitten food; dry feed still cannot be chewed well.
      If he cries it must be from hunger, or because he is cold. At this age they still cannot control their body temperature very well.
      A greeting.

  35.   WILLIAM said


    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello William.
      At a month and a half it is best to eat wet kitten food, at least for two weeks.
      At two months you can give kitten food, moistened with a little water or mixed with wet food.
      A greeting.

  36.   Armando Florez said

    Is it possible for a cat to get warm when she is nursing?
    The kitten has a 1-month-old kitten.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Armando.
      No, it is not possible. At that age he has not yet reached sexual maturity, something he will do at 5-6 months.
      A greeting.

  37.   delaila said

    Hello, I have a kitten of about 3 months, she already has complete teeth, but she observed that she does not eat by herself and her mother has just died, what can I do to feed her?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Delaila.
      At that age it is important that she already eats on her own. Give it a can for kittens, well chopped. Take some and put it in your mouth; then close it tightly. By its own instinct it will swallow.
      This alone should be enough to stimulate his appetite, but if not, do it more times.
      Cheer up.

  38.   Bastien said

    Hi, I have a big problem and I don't know what to do. My family and I picked up a cat from the street, she was pregnant and she had the cats in our house about a month and a half ago, last night the cat left and has not returned. I don't know what to do with the kittens, there are six of them and nobody here has time to feed them every two or three hours, it helps, I don't know what to feed them or what.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Bastien.
      At that age they should eat wet kitten food (cans), or kitten food soaked in water.
      If you can't take care of it, you can always put up 'kittens give away' signs. Maybe someone is interested.
      A greeting.

  39.   Astrid said

    Good night, I want to know what food in brands I can give to my two-month-old kitten and how I should teach him to relieve himself in the sand, thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Astrid.
      With two months, the ideal is to eat wet food for at least three months. It is more expensive than dry, but since your teeth are still growing it may be a bit difficult to chew.
      Another option is to soak the dry feed with water.
      Regardless of what you give it, it has to be kitty-specific.
      As for brands, I recommend those that do not use cereals, such as Applaws, Acana, Orijen, Taste of the wild, True Instinct High Meat, etc.

      Regarding your last question, in this article We explain how to teach you.

      A greeting.

  40.   Estefania said

    Hello, I have a kitten a month and 5 days old his mother died giving birth so I adopted him very small. My kittens drank special milk for kittens that could not be breastfed by their mother but a few days ago I switched to solid baby food, I have tried to wet it as a puree and introduce it little by little into her mouth, but she rejects it and I end up feeding her a bottle. What can I do to help him learn to eat on his own?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Estefania.
      I recommend patience and keep insisting. For example, you can give her a bottle in the morning, but then at noon try putting a very small amount of soft kitten food in her mouth. Keep it closed by pressing gently until he swallows, something he should instinctively do.
      Once done, the normal thing is that later he wants to eat by himself, but if you see that he still does not want to, give him another little bit.
      Little by little he should eat alone, but if the days go by and he doesn't, take him to the vet to see if he has any problems.
      A greeting.

  41.   Stephany said

    Hello, I have a 3-month-old Persian chinchilla kitten and she does not know how to eat, she licks the food and when she tries to catch it, it falls out of her mouth, I don't know what to do anymore ... I am very concerned that not being such a baby she feeds only on milk.
    I need help, thanks!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Stefanny.
      The first thing would be to look to see if you have any problems in your mouth, such as pain for example. So the first thing I would recommend would be to take her to the vet to have her checked.
      If all is well, try mixing wet kitten food (cans) with milk. Chop it up well so you hardly have to chew. If he still won't eat, take a little food soaked in milk and put it in his mouth. Then close it firmly but without hurting it.
      By instinct, she should swallow, and in doing so she would probably find that she likes it and start eating by herself.

      If not, try again putting a little food in his mouth. And if not, it occurs to me that you could give him food through a syringe (without a needle).

      Cheer up.

  42.   Loren Sugar said

    Hello, adopt a baby kitten, I took him to the vet and we bought him special milk but he sleeps all day and when we take him out of his house he cries a lot, he is about 30 days old.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Loren.
      At that age it is normal for them to sleep 18-20 hours. If he sleeps more, he probably has a health problem that requires veterinary attention. It's probably nothing, but when it comes to kittens that small, don't be overjoyed.
      A greeting.

  43.   johan andrew said

    Please, it is urgent, my kitten, the mother died when I had them and I adored one is 15 days old and has not pooped for 5 days but he eats well and sleeps normally, what should I do? let him complain

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Johan.
      Within 10 minutes of having eaten, you have to stimulate the anus-genital area with cotton moistened in warm water, since at this age he does not know how to relieve himself.
      To help her, massage her (clockwise circles) her tummy 5 minutes after eating.

      And if it doesn't, mix your food with a little oil (a few drops).

      A greeting.

  44.   Alejandra said

    Hi! My cat became a boyfriend and brought his girlfriend home and gave birth to 3 kittens. They have 20 days. Yesterday I opened a fish shop and brought a couple of steaks to give to the new parents in addition to the dry food. When can I give fish (I'll chop it up well) to the babies?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Alejandra.
      Well chopped up you can start giving them now, but it is better to wait until they have 10 more days 🙂
      A greeting.

  45.   Jose said

    Hello I have a problem. My cat had four kittens, they are 17 days old and the cat no longer wants to breastfeed them and I am very concerned because they are crying a lot, sometimes holding the cat by force and only then do the kittens eat. Or could it be that the cat does not produce milk?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Jose.
      At 17 days of age they can begin to eat solid, very soft food, such as wet kitten food. On this article it explains how to get them used to eating solids.
      Anyway, if they could drink milk for three more days, until they were 20, it would be a very good thing for them.
      A greeting.

  46.   Sandra said

    Good night, I have a kitten, she was sterilized on July 21, 2017 but she has a small ball in the part of the operation, it is in the stomach, it will be normal.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Sandra.
      If the cat leads a completely normal life, you are probably referring to the healed wound. Over time you will notice less.
      A greeting.

  47.   Brian Becerra said

    Hello, this does not have much to do with this but I hope you recommend that I live alone with my mother and in the morning I go to school and my mother works what happens is that my kittens (who are five) are already 4 weeks old and My mother looks sick since she does not want to eat and lately I do not want to breastfeed them and also the kittens escape from their box and begin to meow a lot and I do not know if at 4 weeks the kittens can eat. You can see that they do not want to leave their mother's tit, I do not know what to do, I am afraid that they will get sick or something happened to them and I am also worried about my cat's health

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Brian.
      Kittens at 4 weeks can already eat wet kitten food, or dry food soaked with water.
      As for the mother, she is best seen by a vet. He will be able to tell you what is wrong with it and how to treat it.
      A greeting.

  48.   Monica sanchez said

    Hi Allizon.
    With 20 days you can start giving them wet food for kittens, very well chopped, but in this situation the best thing to do would be to take them to the vet to avoid any more dying.
    A greeting.

  49.   Carmen said

    My kitten is one month and four days old. She is without the mother and comments but she does not poop, what do I do? ??

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi carmen.
      You have to pass a cotton ball soaked in warm water over his anus-genital area ten minutes after having eaten.
      If not, give it a little vinegar (half a small spoonful). That way he should be able to relieve himself.
      A greeting.

  50.   Hannah said

    My kitten had four kittens and everything was going well but to date her hair is losing it is normal or she is getting sick.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Hannan.
      No, it is not normal. I recommend taking her to the vet for examination.
      A greeting.

  51.   Yira said

    Hello, my cat tube 4 kittens, today they are 17 days old, they are fine, active, but I am worried that every day they wake up with their eyes glued to laganzas and well ...

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yira.
      You can clean them with a gauze moistened with chamomile infusion, three times a day.
      If they don't improve in a week, I recommend taking them to the vet.
      A greeting.

  52.   Monica restrepo said

    Hi! I have two kittens of about a month and a half and they do not want to eat solids, only a bottle, they cry like crazy but they do not even try to look for solid food ... they recommend me! Thanks!!!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Monica.
      I recommend buying wet kitten food. You take a little bit with a finger, and you put it in his mouth (firmly but without hurting him). After two or three tries, he should, by his own instinct, eat alone. If not, you can mix it with a little lactose-free milk.
      A greeting.

  53.   Luisa said

    Hello, I wish you could help me, my cat no longer wants to breastfeed the kittens and they are still 13 days old, I have to force her and they cry from hunger, what can I do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Luisa.
      Certainly, kittens should be drinking milk for at least one more week.
      If the mother does not want to give them, you will have to give them a bottle every 3 hours and stimulate the ano-genital area with a gauze moistened in warm water to relieve themselves.
      The best alternative milk is the one they sell prepared in veterinary clinics and pet stores, but if you can't get it, you can make this mixture:

      150ml whole milk
      50ml of water
      50ml plain yogurt (unsweetened)
      Raw egg yolk (without white)
      A teaspoon of heavy cream

      A greeting.

  54.   Francisca lillo said

    Hello, I have a 1 month and 1 week old kitten and he already eats solid food without problem but I am worried that his teeth will suffer some damage, since they are not yet fully developed. What I can do?
    Regards ?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Francisca.
      You can give him wet kitten food, or mix the kibbles with a little water. But don't worry about his teeth: if you see that he chews well, without complaining, no problem.
      a greeting

  55.   elizabeth cordova said

    Hello, my cat had 4 kittens, and every day a neighbor's cat that the days of having them I abandoned them, to which we put the puppies next to mine and I see that my cat is tired and gets angry at the time of breastfeeding them. There are 8 ... and they are left with open some already have 20 days I can help them aq they are not so hungry and my cat is calmer ???

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello, Elizabeth.
      With 20 days you can start giving them wet kitten food (cans), either alone or soaked in warm water.
      If they don't eat, take a little bit with your finger and put them in your mouth. By instinct they will swallow it. From there they will probably eat on their own, but it may be necessary to put the food back in their mouths.
      Do it firmly but gently, without hurting them.
      A greeting.

  56.   Nuria said

    Hello, my 5-week-old kitten, I am already giving her cat food, she drinks with cat milk so that I only feed her at night. But I see that for the day I would prefer that instead of the bibi. It can only be given once a day I think not yet? In the royal canin baby bag it puts 30gr every 24 hours
    Thank you

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Nuria.
      With 5 weeks you can already eat soft solid food, 2-3 times a day. Mix it with cat's milk until he is two months old.
      A greeting.

  57.   Brian said

    Hello, my joint is a month old and takes milk from a bottle. Is it time to stop giving it?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Brian.
      After a month you can eat wet kitten food (cans), but mix it with the milk, so it will be easier for you to get used to it.
      A greeting.

  58.   Paty said

    Hello I have a kitten of 1 month and two weeks and my doubt is that during the day it makes its pee and its poop super well in the box with litter but at night it makes me and I do not know why ... And the other was giving it milk without lactose and I took it off I realized that it was used many times a day and very soft ... Milk is necessary

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Paty.
      With six weeks no, no milk is not necessary 🙂. Of course, you have to start drinking water. You can soak their food in warm water so it doesn't taste too weird.
      A greeting.

  59.   Viviana Veliz said

    Hello, two weeks ago we found some kittens in an old armchair in the patio of my mother's house, we do not know when they were born or who their owner was, the mother gave them milk but apparently she stopped coming days ago and just today we realized of that because they only cry and hardly move, my father left them milk in a cup but one fell in and died, I don't know what to do because it seems that they are going to die

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Viviana.
      Kittens so young have to be in a comfortable and warm place, since they will not begin to regulate their body temperature until they are two months old.
      In addition, they have to drink lactose-free milk from a bottle every 3 hours, and someone has to stimulate them to relieve themselves. You have more information here.
      A greeting.

  60.   Marcela said

    I found three kittens of about three weeks. And they are with glued eyes and the infection is very ugly and I don't know what to feed them. Help!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Marcela.
      You can clean their eyes with a gauze moistened with chamomile infusion, three times a day.
      With three weeks they can eat wet kitten food (cans) mixed with a little milk for cats sold in veterinary clinics, or with warm water, every 3-4 hours.
      A greeting.

  61.   Florence said

    Hello, I have a 40-day-old kitten. I give him shaved milk with water only. And he pees but doesn't poop. I have had it for three days and I do not know if it is normal to only ingest milk, or if it is not. Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Florence.
      At that age he can already eat wet kitten food (cans), mixed with a little milk shaken with water, or with water alone.
      In any case, if he does not defecate, stimulate the ano-genital area with a gauze moistened in warm water 10 minutes after eating. You have to poop at least once a day.
      In case it doesn't, I recommend taking it to the vet.
      A greeting.

  62.   Maria Patricia Pena said

    Please help me! I adopted a kitten, about two months old, a week ago.
    In this time she has only wanted to drink milk. This week, she has only defecated 5 times (I adopted her on Wednesday, November 1 and defecated on Friday, November 3, Saturday, November 4, Monday, November 6 (2 times) and Tuesday, November 7 (1 I tried to feed her tuna, wet kitty wiskas, raw meat, kitty ricocat, but she doesn't want to taste any, nor did she drink water.
    I took her to the vet on Monday, November 6, they took her temperature, they told me that everything was fine and that she only seemed to be full, but not constipated, anyway she recommended mixing her milk with olive oil, I did, But it was only that day that he defecated twice and once more the next day (Tuesday).
    She plays a lot, she doesn't appear to be sick, but I am afraid that she will get sick because she does not defecate or eat solid food.
    Thank you very much!

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria Patricia.
      With two months yes, I should eat kitten food 🙁
      It is expensive, but I recommend giving him the Royal Canin Baby Cat. The kibble is very small and, being covered in milk, kittens tend to like it a lot. If you can't get it or can't afford it (actually, the price is quite high), look for croquettes like that, that have milk.
      Another option is to soak his food in the milk that you are giving him.
      Sometimes it is necessary to "force" them to eat. Take a piece of food - it has to be very, very small - and put it in your mouth. Then close it gently but firmly. By instinct it will swallow. And then it is likely that it already eats on its own, but it may take a few more times.
      Cheer up.

  63.   Agnes said

    Good Morning. Today four weeks ago I rescued two kittens that were about two weeks old (the next day they opened their eyes). Since last night they have not wanted to drink a bottle or eat concentrate soaked in milk, but they are interested in eating dry. They don't like to drink water, what should I do? Thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Ines.
      With a month of life they should already eat solid food. If they show interest in this type of food, that's a very good sign.
      Let them eat, but douse it with a little milk or water, even a little bit. Or else, put a trough for them so they can learn to drink water on their own.
      A greeting.

  64.   Lilly said

    Hello, I have a kitten that is almost two months old (2nd dec) and does not want to eat anything yet, I already tried to give him paté or soaked cookies and nothing .. I am worried because my cat (her mother) no longer who to breastfeed and is losing weight Another thing, is it normal that I have just started to defecate today? (Nov 25) What do you recommend I do?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Lilly.
      Try feeding her wet kitten food soaked in milk or warm water. Or, look for kitten food at a pet store that is soaked in milk, such as Royal Canin Baby Cat.
      Cheer up.

  65.   Pau (FR) said

    Hi! We adopted some cats a week ago. They have 2 months and 1 week, but they only want to eat special milk for cats, we tried to give them special feed for kittens and patés but they did not pay any attention, the only solid thing they get to eat in York Ham, we try to hide some pellets of feed in the York Ham, sometimes they ate them, other times they spat it out, but they still do not call their attention, I am going to try to soak the croquettes in special milk as I have seen in some comments. But if that doesn't work, I don't know what to do anymore! What do you recommend me to do? We are desperate for them to eat alone now, since we cannot spend all day with them because we work. All the best.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Pau.
      If I understand you. One of the kittens that I have in the garden also went through the same things as your cats.
      But it was solved relatively quickly by giving him a kitten food that contains milk.
      I'm not very much in favor of giving it this brand, but this is how it can help them get used to it: Royal Canin First Age. It is expensive for what it is (it has cereals and cereals are not very digestive for cats, plus they are very cheap), but good. As a first solid meal it might be worth it.
      A greeting.

  66.   Antonio González said

    Hello, a question I have 2 kittens and they are 31 days old and I do not know what to feed them and how many days I can touch them

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Antonio.
      You can give them wet kitten food mixed with warm kitten milk or water.
      You can now touch them.
      A greeting.

  67.   yamile said

    Hello I have a 27-day-old kitten, his mother abandoned him when he was 3 days old, I would like to know if I can give him solid food and until what age should I supplement his feeding with milk, since sometimes he rejects the bottle or bites it thanks

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Yamile.
      At that age you can already give him solid (soft) food. Soak it in the milk for up to a month and a half more or less, and then put the drinker with water so that it gets used to it.
      A greeting.

  68.   santy said

    Hello, I have a one-month-old kitten on 16/9/2018 she is 2 months old but now she eats alone, nothing happens if she eats alone I give her puppy cat food and the food I crush it all so it is softer and she also drinks formula nothing happens if you eat that food?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Yes, at that age they can already eat alone.
      A greeting.

  69.   Simona said

    Hello, 2 days ago I took a 2-month-old cat, I bought her wet and dry food to urinate, but she does not want to eat, she smells it and voila, even if she is hungry she does not eat, so I bought powdered milk that dissolves with warm water, I want to maintain that this milk is a substitute for breast milk and it is eaten alone from the bowl, it does not need a bottle or anything .. my question is. How can I teach him to eat solids and give up milk?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hi Simona.

      First of all, congratulations on that new addition to the family. Surely you are going to enjoy it a lot 🙂

      Regarding your question, at 2 months you can start eating wet kitten food. You have to chop it up enough to make it easier for him to chew.

      If you ignore or reject it, moisten it with the milk you are drinking. If he eats it, perfect. As the weeks go by, you have to add less and less milk.
      In the event that she does not eat it, and since, of course, it is very important that she eat, you will have to force her gently but also firmly. Take a little bit of wet food with the tip of a finger, and put it in your mouth. Since it may do its best to expel it, you will have to keep its mouth closed for a few seconds, until it finally swallows.

      After that, she may be eating alone, little by little.