Abdominal cramps

Like humans, domestic animals often suffer from abdominal pain and stomach cramps. Cats are just as susceptible to abdominal colic as babies and should be given close attention as it can cause extreme discomfort and can be potentially life threatening if not treated immediately.

But what causes this abdominal pain? Abdominal cramps, or colic, are generally the result of feeding your pet foods that are not recommended for cats, such as leftovers, sweets, or highly seasoned foods. In the same way, if your cat has ingested garbage, dead animals, or household detergents, they can also suffer from these stomach pains.

In addition, colic can be caused by infections, parasites, viruses and other diseases such as liver failure, kidney disease, ulcers etc.

If you begin to notice that your cat has the swollen and swollen abdomen, who has lost his appetite, who feels weak and has even collapsed from the pain he feels pay close attention because your kitten may be suffering from abdominal pain.

El treatment What will surely be done to your pet will consist of withholding food for at least 24 hours, so that his stomach is completely empty. Once this time has passed, your pet will be fed a soft diet based on rice and chicken cooked without fat.

It is very important that you visit your veterinarian at the moment you begin to notice the aforementioned symptoms because if these cramps are not treated in time they can cause serious damage.

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  1.   Rocio said

    Hello my kitten of almost three months could not make poop, I took him to the vet, he put serum on him and I sent him a laxative and I told him that from one day to the next he started to shake he ran and fell towards the sides, well not to extend the story poop in the early morning with a lot of pain he twisted they gave him like attacks he meowed he tried to walk he fell they gave him many cramps until he died I felt terrible for not being able to do anything else for he just rubbed his tummy caressed him. The vet told me that the safest thing was a virus transmitted by her mother during pregnancy. But I don't feel well I think that maybe I could have given him an antibiotic and maybe he would have saved him, although I can do nothing now. I would like someone to write to me if the same thing has happened to him to find out if there had been salvation for Marshall.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Rocio.
      I'm very sorry for the loss of your kitty 🙁. But if it was a virus transmitted by the mother, being so young, her body is sure that she was already born not too healthy.
      Much, much encouragement.


    Hello, my kitten has had a cough for a week and her lower belly contracts, this is almost always after eating. makes a lot of effort playing. I have checked the sandbox daily and if he poops and urinates twice a day. I took him to the vet and he said that this is because of hairballs that he must have stuck, I prescribe a laxative to give him every three days, but he doesn't really show improvement. Please, what recommendation can you give me or diagnose?

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria del Pilar.
      I am not a veterinarian, but if she has hairballs you can give her malt for cats. You put a little bit on its paw once a day and little by little it should get better.
      A greeting.