What do I do if I find a cat at the door of my house?

Kitten sleeping in front of a door

Has it ever happened to you that as soon as you got home you have met a cat, or that you were quietly watching television and suddenly you began to hear a nearby meow and when you opened the door you saw a furry one? If so, surely you have doubts about what to do with it, right?

It may be lost, abandoned, or hungry. We'll see qué do if I meet a cat at the door of my house.

In the world we live in, and because of the way we live, more and more cats are forced to look for their food in the street. It is often thought that these animals already know hunting techniques from the first day they are born and that therefore it should not be difficult for them to find food, but this is not the case.

No one is born knowing. To learn, they need their mother to teach them, but this is not easy either: if the mother is a cat that has always lived with humans and has ended up abandoned, she will have a hard time teaching them, so that kittens being weaned, they will have no choice but to learn by themselves.

Cat looking if she can enter a house

Taking this into account, hunger is one of the main reasons why you can find a cat at the door. After searching the garbage bins and finding nothing, he will choose to ask humans. However, it is not the only one.

Another cause is that the kitten isé looking for his mother, or vice versa. In the world of the street, where there are so many dangers, cat families have a lot of trouble getting ahead. If you hear a cat or kitten meow, it is most likely looking for either their children or their mother, demanding your attention. In the worst case, he may be asking for urgent help after being run over.

And if it is winter, and you are in an area where it is cold, can meow in front of your door in order to find shelter. Yes, cats are cold too, and if they don't find a place to protect themselves they can die. Therefore, if you don't want to have it at home, but you would like to do something to help it, you can let it enter the garage -as long as it is clean and the chemicals are not within reach-, or make a house for it and accommodate it. with blankets.

Stray tabby cat
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What to do to help them?

You can do several things, which are:

  • Keep it: if it is a kitten or cat that seems sociable, that is, it approaches you looking for caresses, you can keep it indoors. Of course, it is important that the next day, when he is better, you take him to the vet to see if he has a microchip, which will mean that he has a family. If you don't have one, it is recommended that you post signs for 15 days in the "Found Cat" area, with your phone in case someone is looking for it.
  • Feed himIf you don't want to or can't keep it, you can always give it food and drink in a corner protected from the cold, rain and direct sun. He will appreciate it.
  • Take him to castrate: I know well that stray cats should be the responsibility of municipalities, and that they should create free spay and neuter campaigns more often than they do, but for now we have to solve the problem of the feline super-population or control us: individuals. Therefore, if you can afford it and, above all, if you wish, it is highly advisable to have the cat castrated, whether it is male or female. Veterinarians usually make a special price if it is a stray cat.

Small cat waiting on the street

What does it mean when a cat shows up at your front door?

If one day you realize that you have a cat on your doorstep that won't stop meowing, your heart may soften. Cats can leave their usual habitat and come to your home for a number of reasons. Before having a new cat, eIt is important to find out whatwhat kind of kitten he is and if he is safe to welcome him into your home.

Not all cats that show up at your door will be house pets that have just been lost. The three categories of cats can be: stray cat, wild cat or free cat.

A lost cat

This cat is a domestic cat and may have an owner. See if it has a chip, or a necklace or something that can identify that it has an owner. But, in some cases, he may have a microchip under his skin, this can be verified by a vet. Although he may also have had the misfortune to have been abandoned by his former family and He has found you because he wants to be part of yours.

Wild cat

A wild cat is neither domestic nor tame. He is not used to living with humans and therefore can have a more surly demeanor. Even if you let him into your house, he will not adapt well to living inside a home.

Tricolor stray cat
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A free cat

This type of cat can be tame, it is usually born in litters controlled by people who take care of its food in the open air or it may even have been abandoned and have to look for life.

Stray cat that is in the forest

Reasons why a cat may show up at your door

A cat coming to your door could mean several things:

  • Curiosity:A cat is an explorer and something near or inside your home may catch its attention.
  • Convenience: If they have food and water near your house, they will always be around that place hanging around.
  • Safety:If he is hungry, cold, thirsty or just wants a place to take refuge, he may be asking you ...
  • Superstition: There are those who think that when a cat appears in your home "out of nowhere" it can mean fortunes or misfortunes.

Steps to take when a cat appears at your door

Is it wild or street?

If it is a stray, meek or owned cat, it will enter your home without problems. A wild cat will prefer to stay outside. If the cat does not want to enter, just do not force it because it could become aggressive. You better buy him food or earn his trust before he enters your house.

Check for signs that it has an owner

Check for any signs that it may have an owner: necklace, chip, etc. Any indication that it belongs to someone. If you have other pets, do not allow them to get together to avoid possible infections or diseases. If you think it doesn't have an owner, take it to the vet for a health checkup. If it has a chip, the owner's information will come out and you can return it to him.

What if you can't find the owner?

If you can't find the owner's ID, don't assume the cat doesn't belong to anyone. Before accepting it as yours, do your best to locate the owners. You can ask around the houses or put up posters. Of course, if someone calls you saying that the cat is theirs, they must show you evidence to see that what they say is true and that it is not an opportunity to get a friendly cat.

Provide food and shelter

Offer the cat food, water and shelter so that they feel good being by your side. When he gains more confidence, he may want to be part of your family. Because remember that in this case, you have not chosen him, he has chosen you first!

Check for diseases and vaccinate him at the vet

Once you decide to keep the cat, then take him back to the vet to catch up on vaccinations and even have him sterilized or sterilized if you see it necessary. The veterinarian will give you the best instructions for their care taking into account their particular health.

Prepare your home

In addition to vaccinating him and worrying about his health, you will have to prepare your home so that your new cat is happy by your side. Prepare his bed, his litter box, fresh food and water and give him all your love whenever he asks.

I hope this article has been useful to you? .

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  1.   gem??? said

    It has been of help to me because once at night I met a little kitten that was at the end of my house, I went to sleep and the next day I asked my parents if we could keep it but they would not let me then look for google what I could do and against this. I fed him, took care of him, caressed him, played with him ... and now I have no problem. Although from that moment on I discovered that I wanted to be an animal refuge to save the lives of all kinds of animals. ??????

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      I am very glad that this article has been so useful to you 🙂

  2.   Maria Victoria Luna said

    An orange kitten has entered my house, other times it has stayed in the window or in front of the door. He doesn't look for food, he has more than one owner, they are my neighbors across the street. I have offered him food and he is not interested. I do not understand…

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Maria Victoria.
      It may be that you simply want some company, or want to browse around your house or around 🙂
      Anyway, I would recommend you talk to your neighbors to see if something happens to them.
      A greeting.

  3.   Sofia said

    Thanks for the info. I would just like to comment that the option of sterilizing female kittens seems good to me so that there are no kittens in the streets, however male cats are territorial and fight with other cats to defend the space, and a veterinarian told me that when being spayed they become calm so they no longer defend themselves when fighting with other cats and can be hurt. It would be interesting if you comment on this topic at some point. Thanks.

    1.    Monica sanchez said

      Hello Sofia.

      Certain. In fact, a vet told me the same thing once. But it is not that they do not defend themselves, but that they become more peaceful so to speak.

      Thank you very much for commenting. It sure will help someone.